What Is Video Streaming & How Does Video Streaming Work?

What Is Video Streaming?

Streaming video content from a physical or virtual server to a user’s device using the internet is termed video streaming. Online video streaming platform is a continuous process wherein the audio and video are transmitted for an optimized user experience. Streaming Online Video offers an uninterrupted viewing experience.

How Does Video Streaming Work?

Recorded video is stored on a cloud server by the streaming a video service provider.  When a user clicks on a video in the online video player, the cloud server receives the request to transmit video content to the user’s device.  The video file is broken down into streaming audio and video data packets containing bite-sized data.


How To Create A Video Streaming Platform?

There are a plethora of features that a video streaming platform must-have, but there are a handful of key features that a business should not forgo. Some of them are 1. Cloud Hosting And On-Premise Hosting 2. Third-Party Service Integration 3. In-Built Video CMS 4. HLS Video Player 5. Multiple Monetization Models 6. Security

Want To Launch The Next Video Streaming Platform?

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