How to Sell Video Online

How to Sell Videos Online: Guidelines For Selling Streaming Videos

Media consumption has duly increased since the outbreak of pandemic.. Since then, it comes to no surprise that it has an upsurge for almost 2 years.. We note that different generations consume videos in their own way.   

Moreover, in the live videos streaming market, online content has consistently been selling value to many folks. It creates business opportunities for content owners, media broadcasters  in diverse industries. 

Access to monetization tools make your video selling journey in online space unbelievably easy! 

The Importance of Online Selling 

When filmmakers, content aggregators come a long way in making their business & research about ‘where can I sell my videos, it shows us the video effectiveness covered in a decade. We have moved away from DVDs to digitainment & transformed the VOD streaming platform sector, bringing up in exclusive heights..

Moreover, the urge to consume content anytime, anywhere has led to a radical change in selling online videos. As a result of this, there has been an occurrence of astounding pace which has changed the dynamics of the video streaming businessline. 

OTT services has assisted video streaming media to facilitate movies to view them irrespective of geographical locations using electronic gadgets such as Mobile, Smart TV, Gaming Consoles etc. 

Notably, this has bypassed the traditional distribution channels in theatres in particular. Within an increased medium of internet bandwidth, broadcasts have drastically landscaped the scenario of selling videos to the world, bringing a new skyline to visual media. 

The power of video watches indicates via the stats below which is taken as an estimate from the year 2018 to 2025 worldwide: 

  • Sources let us know that, the usage of video market for an example of OTT solution, is projected to reach $332.52 Billion by 2025, indicating a CAGR of 16.7% started from 2018. 
  • Additionally, statista, confirms the growth of 56% claimed to watch more videos on online video platforms via television sets where as 52% had greater inclination to stream videos on their devices. 

Now let’s have a look at: 

How To Sell Video Contents Online With 7 Steps?

sell videos online

It goes without saying that video selling platforms have proved to furnish with lavish money-making opportunities. No wonder, why more & more people choose to evolve on jumping trends & make money while starting to sell videos online. 

But how to get started??

The key is to dive on these trends & make money selling videos while choosing a niche, creating high-graded quality content for particular target, & staying consistent. 

To help you with the process we’ve outlined as easy-to-follow roadmap, in order to discuss them in detail. 

1. Choose Any Particular Niche 

Initially at the start you will need to identify the target market. With a vague idea of what you are really planning to sell will help you with deciding whom you are going to sell from your best VOD platforms. The best thing to do is to do a SWOT analysis about key players in the market. Then, find out what they are specialized into, whom they are focusing on & what niche they have chosen for selling videos online

sell content online

 – Fitness and Health 

You can now sell workout content online from home with the support of your favorite trainer which gives a win-win situation for busy gymists as well as fitness streaming coaches.   

 – Sports & Athletics 

Online streaming for starters helps to possibly catch games & matches in real-time. As sporty teams you can know your answer of where can I sell my videos from local coverage by sports streaming them as a live event whether it is national league or test series.    

 – Online Education

Independent educators are changing their mode of learning & training via online classes. They now offer accredited with a fee that’s comparable & can be used to upscale virtually, especially after the outbreak of pandemic.  

 – Media & Entertainment 

Another way to sell videos online is to build entertainment-based platform like Netflix or Amazon Prime. These platforms use a subscription-based monetization approach for providing access to large library of content. Filmmakers sold their content majorly at online sector with the help of blend of ads when theatres where world got shutdown past year.  

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Next we’ll see more about.. 

2. Build a Content Strategy

Get to research with several topics to post about. Social media platforms are a great source to get inspired. While LinkedIn or YouTube are one of the examples you can think of.. Do you plan to create courses on eLearning, blended learning, etc. Then you checkout websites like Skillshare, Udemy, etc to start with deciding on your topic.  

3. Choose Your Video Platform

Without monetization, no one will be aware of your lovely video, and it won’t bring you any cash. Therefore, how to sell videos on your website & gain profitability? Here are some popular video monetization platform strategies helping you to scale up business: 

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4. Manage Your Overall Content in a CMS

The question arises, about where to sell streaming videos for user’s consumption.. This is when you can find videos to upload, manage & stream within the CMS. You can let your current as well as future users to access the library when it comes to streamlined technology needs. 

Thinking Of Starting Your Own Video Monetization Platform?

5. Aim For Video Monetization Methods

Like we spoke about what’s the best means of elevating your video’s value, in this segment you can know more on top video monetization platforms using models such as SVOD, AVOD, TVOD or a combination of three.. 

You can sketch out which one would serve the best & how much you will charge. Based on that you can have realistic estimate to provide your valuable content with flexible payment plans. 

How Do I Sell My Videos Online


While best platforms for selling videos online is opted mostly with SVOD platform model, it may not sound that familiar, we’re sure websites like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime do ring a bell..  While SVOD stands for subscription based video-on-demand & it allows people to watch tv series, tv broadcasts on demand with a recurring fee. 

The revenue bar behind subscription video on demand service is crystal: Charging a consistent fee, either it’s monthly, quarterly or annually. Despite setting a challenge to set off as the next Netflix, or Hulu, it’s perfectly achievable using own set to sell video content online. For instance, let’s take a look at Float left that develops subscription-based apps for Glo to stream on Roku, Fire TV, or Android TV app.     


Advertising in an online video selling platform helps advertisers to simply access instream advertorials for their viewers. If you are one among them, then this could work well if you target large set of audience. 

Ad based revenue model can be in different formats such as pre-roll, mid-roll & post-roll ads, display ads that take over the webpage, companion ads that is streamed next to the video, video overlays where ads are shown on top of the major video, & interactive ads which is utilized in all creative scenarios, while users interact with the video  


On the contrary of SVOD, while your findings pertain to ‘how do I sell my videos online’ you can think of generating surplus revenue at one shot. Transactional video on demand is one such payment structure that involves a ‘one time buy’. Customers can make a single payment to access specific content which is it is called as ‘pay-per-view’. 

And just like SVOD, TVOD is also projected to have a sharp rise of $10.42 Billion in 2022 which can have a strong take away to sell streaming videos online, where people are willing to pay the fee easily.  


Premium video on demand which is also known as PVOD is the term that’s given to acquire a longhand opportunity within your best website to sell videos. It is the term being used by top production houses, studios or box office to sell consumers with early rental of a film. It has its exclusivity as subscribers are asked to pay above-normal price to get the film a lot earlier than the usual duration. 

It usually works with the exchange of specific period (like 48hours) to watch it within let’s say 30-day timeframe. The clock get’s ticks once the users press to play the content. To site an example, during early 2020s at the time of lockdown, Military Wives took a shot in testing waters with a PVOD release just after it’s major release in cinemas with a fee of £15.99. 

6. Promotionally Ramp Up Your Platform

Get your videos seen in your best video selling platform by understanding the concept of selling content online. A useful resource, just in case of promoting your brand is what are really looking for. After the creation of your content, use social media to add these as a link to your website for your customers to follow you. 

Not only it stops there, but your followers can interact online, share their opinions & mention your brand’s handle in posts publicly. Once you have launched your campaign, you can sit back and watch the sales rolling in & achieve best ROI.  

7. Plan Of Action For Futuristic Goals 

There is much to get started with, if you’re looking for further diversification of the platform in with respect to how to sell video content. Developing apps for devices such as mobile, TV or tablets can be the start in expanding your business, Moreover Smart TV apps gives you an added advantage here. Ultimately, the goal should be to make your content accessible at all corners of the globe.  

Why Should You Use Your Own Video Platform?

video selling platform

Now the question is about where do you need to upload videos? In general businesses tend to create a YouTube channel & check how to sell video content in much cheaper (or sometimes for free) manner. The real fact lies when it comes to beginners who actually monetize videos which is kind of stating the core of selling videos online. YouTube is mostly based on advertising revenue model which isn’t favorable always to you & your niche-based audience. 

Generally speaking, these platform’s flexibility is limited and may get expensive while think to move away from publishing free content and scale virtually.. 

Yet, to help you to create a wonderful video experience for your viewers, anytime anywhere is made possible with an independent video business that you can own at the very start. Furthermore, it makes your content standout & sets a difference from the rest. Brand your precious videos the way you’d like to create a pleasant & constant viewing experience, as a contrary to other competitive players in the market. It all starts from watermarking logos by default with font, texture, colour & other mediums you choose.  


Last but not the least, when you look for how to sell streaming videos online you certainly give away the rights over the content once you depend on a free video hosting platform. Nevertheless, when concerning rights over your videos, it is always better to be owned by you, in order to make it more strategic when it comes to content monetization.  

And what’s more you have in the boilerplate is focused with unlimited flexibility, better SEO rankings & clarity on hosting your content. Along with that your intellectual property stays intact with you, but into dependent on other resource which gives you the pathway to grow & flourish. So, while making it appealing with your platform out-of-the-box solutions decide to while label your services which meets the end goal in mind & all starts with the best option that fits best for your business..

If You Already have an idea about launching a Video Monetization Platform, Schedule a free demo and We’ll Get You On The Road To VOD Streaming Success!

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