How To Sell Videos Online: Guidelines For Selling Streaming Videos

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This blog comprehensively explores the intricacies of selling videos online, addressing key questions such as:

  • How can one effectively sell videos online?
  • What are the optimal platforms for selling videos online?
  • Why should you consider selling your videos on the Internet?

Media consumption has witnessed a significant surge since the onset of the pandemic, sustaining this trend for nearly two years. Different generations exhibit diverse video consumption habits, but one constant is the diminishing prominence of traditional mediums like satellite televisions.

Over the past two decades, the online content market has successfully delivered value and also entertainment to a global audience. This evolution has created lucrative business opportunities for content owners and also media broadcasters across various industries. 

Among these opportunities is the potential to sell your video content online and also generate revenue. However, for content owners, the challenge lies in understanding how to effectively monetize video content to reach a global audience and also derive profits out of it.

Explore these aspects further in the upcoming sections of this article.

The Importance of Selling Video Content Online

The most critical question that should come to mind when marketing your videos online is the ‘Where can I sell my videos?’. 

Well, there are numerous options before you. We will see them all one by one. 

But what is online content monetization all about? Where did it all begin?

The urge to consume content anytime, anywhere, has led to a radical shift in selling online videos. 

As a result, there has been a tremendous change in the dynamics of the video streaming business. 
OTT services facilitate media streaming irrespective of the geographical location across platforms such as Mobile, Smart TVs, Gaming Consoles, etc.

Notably, this has bypassed the conventional distribution channels in general and also theatres in particular. 

The statistics below indicate the monstrous growth of video-selling platforms worldwide. 

  • Sources let us know that the market for OTT platforms is projected to reach $332.52 Billion by 2025, with a 16.7% CAGR starting from 2018. 
  • In addition, Statista confirms the growth of 56% who claimed to watch more videos on online video platforms via television, whereas 52% had a greater inclination to stream videos on their devices. 
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How To Sell Video Content Online? The Definitive 7-Step Guide

Let’s explore a step-by-step guide on how to sell videos online effectively.

Selling videos online is a more complex process than it may seem at first. It involves more than just filming, uploading and also sharing videos with viewers.

Here is the simple steps to sell videos online, Just follow with this step by step guide

  • Define Your Target Niche Clearly
  • Build a Content Strategy
  • Choose a Platform to Sell Videos Online
  • Manage All Your Content With A Video CMS
  • Pick a Suitable Monetization Model
  • Promote Your Video Selling Platform
  • Plan Of Action For Future Goals

Lets see each steps in details

sell videos online

1. Define Your Target Niche Clearly 

Begin with rule number one: precisely identify your target audience, the individuals you intend to sell your videos to.

Select a VOD platform provider that offers maximum flexibility and customization options for constructing a video streaming app.

Conduct a SWOT analysis of prominent players in your industry. Explore their specializations, target demographics, and the niche they have chosen for selling videos online.

  • Profitable Niches in 2024

In 2024, profitable niches for selling videos online include fitness and health, sports and athletics, online education, & media and entertainment. These sectors offer diverse opportunities for content creators to monetize their videos and also cater to various audiences’ interests and needs

  • Fitness and Health

Explore the opportunity to sell fitness content online from various settings such as gyms, homes, or fitness studios. This presents a mutually beneficial scenario for fitness enthusiasts, coaches, and also content creators.

  • Sports & Athletics

Leverage online streaming to broadcast games and matches in real-time. Sports teams can answer the question of ‘where can I sell my videos’ by streaming live events, whether on a local or national level, including league games or test series.

sell content online
  • Online Education

Witness the transformation in learning and also training methods through independent educators offering online classes. These educators now provide accreditation with a competitive fee structure, facilitating virtual upscaling, especially in the post-pandemic era.

  • Media & Entertainment

Explore the option of building an entertainment-centric platform similar to Netflix or Amazon Prime. Adopt a subscription-based content monetization approach to provide access to a vast content library.

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2. Build a Content Strategy

Conduct detailed research on several topics and also draft a well-laid content strategy. Get inspiration/references from social platforms like LinkedIn, Youtube, or Facebook. 

Are you planning to create courses on eLearning, blended learning, virtual classroom, etc.? 

Then, websites like Skillshare and also Udemy are your go-to places to craft your content strategy.

If you’re into media and entertainment, browse through the Netflix or Amazon Prime Video catalogs.
Certainly, there’s no paucity of references.

3. Choose A Platform To Sell Videos Online

The VOD platform is the single-most crucial aspect of any video-selling site. 

Hence, choosing the right VOD platform provider is vital to your success in the streaming industry. 

Choose a platform that offers the following benefits – white-labeling, easy-to-use CMS and interface, HTML5 video player, multi-DRM solution, advanced AES encryption, etc. 

For example, a platform like VPlayed checks all these boxes. 

At VPlayed, we have helped hundreds of video streaming businesses like yours sell their videos online. VPlayed offers a fully-functional, 100% customizable, white-label VOD platform, and video monetization platform with 150+ features and also integrations.

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4. Manage All Your Content With A Video CMS

The video content management system is the software that enables you to centralize, manage, and deliver your videos securely online.

Therefore, it is essential to pick the best online video platforms provider that offers both self-hosted and cloud-hosted CMS in their package.

Thinking Of Starting Your Own Video Monetization Platform?

5. Pick a Suitable Monetization Model

As we spoke about the best means of elevating your video’s value, in this segment, you can learn more about top video monetization platforms using models such as SVOD, AVOD, TVOD, or a combination of three.

In this part, let us explore the top video monetization models – SVOD, AVOD, TVOD, PVOD. 

You can determine which model would serve you best and also decide your subscription plans accordingly. It is also recommended to consider hybrid monetization models—a blend of two or more conventional models—to widen your audience base.

  • SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand): Pay a monthly or annual fee for unlimited access to a catalog of video content, as seen on services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, and Disney+.
How Do I Sell My Videos Online
  • AVOD (Advertising Video on Demand): Watch video content for free with ads, thereby leading to more revenue for content providers. Examples include Hulu, Peacock, and Tubi.
  • TVOD (Transactional Video on Demand): Rent or purchase individual videos or bundles for a one-time fee through services like iTunes, Google Play, and also Vudu.
  • PVOD (Premium Video on Demand): Pay a premium price to watch newly-released movies at home before other distribution channels. Examples include Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV.

These models offer viewers diverse options to access and also pay for video content, allowing content providers to generate revenue through various means. 

6. Promote Your Video Selling Platform

Merely distributing and monetizing videos is not enough to build a profitable video-selling business. 

So, what else should you do?

Actively promote your videos online to earn more visibility and also gain traffic. 

You can use the following techniques to do the same.

  • Optimize your videos for streamlined viewing
  • Craft click-worthy thumbnails 
  • Factor-in SEO 
  • Make effective use of social media 
  • Share your uploads

7. Plan Of Action For Future Goals 

Last but not least. 

Have a clear plan of action to chase down your future goals.

After a solid start, if you aim to diversify, you can start by expanding to devices such as mobiles, smart TVs, and also tablets. 

Above all, the ultimate goal should be to make your content accessible across devices at all corners of the globe.

Why Should You Opt for Your Own Video Platform to Sell Content Online?

For those venturing into OTT video monetization, a crucial question arises: “Where should I monetize my videos online?”

“Where do I monetize my videos online?”

video selling platform

While many businesses resort to creating YouTube channels and also enabling monetization through ads (pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads), this approach may not be the most efficient one, particularly for larger content owners or business owners with niche-based audiences.

The solution lies in a custom-built video monetization platform such as VPlayed, offering a dependable and sustainable option in the long run. VPlayed empowers you to craft exceptional viewing experiences for your audience globally, anytime and also anywhere.

At the core of every successful business is customer satisfaction, a principle that VPlayed prioritizes. In contrast to leasing-based online video platforms, VPlayed’s custom-built OTT platform is self-hosted, providing you with lifetime ownership. 

With a one-time investment, you purchase the platform and own it perpetually, free from usage fees or recurring charges. This ensures a cost-effective and also reliable solution for monetizing your valuable content.


Monetizing videos online can indeed present challenges, requiring content creators to deliver high-quality, engaging content amidst a sea of competition for viewers’ attention. However, success in this endeavor is achievable by building a loyal following, consistently creating engaging content, and also exploring partnerships with advertisers or platforms that offer revenue-sharing options.

Therefore, opting to build your own self-hosted video monetization platform rather than relying on third-party platforms is a strategic choice. This approach allows you to distinguish yourself from the competition and maintain full control over your streaming business. 

Ready to take charge of your video monetization journey? Consider investing in your own platform today and unlock endless possibilities for growth and also profitability.

If You Already Have an Idea About Launching a Monetization Platform, Schedule a Free Demo and We’ll Get You On The Road To Streaming Success!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. How do I sell my videos online?

To sell videos online, you will either have to build or lease a monetization platform. If long-term success is your aim, building your own monetization platform is highly recommended. This way you can have complete control over your business — ensuring a smooth and sustainable monetization process.

2. How do I choose the best platform to sell my videos online?

Choosing the ideal platform to sell your videos online entails considering factors like your target audience, content type, and monetization needs. Assess the platform’s user-friendliness, payment options, and scalability. Ultimately, choose a platform that is aligned with your vision, unique selling proposition, content, and long-term goals for a sustainable video-selling business.

3. Can I sell my online videos on multiple platforms simultaneously?

Yes, you can sell your videos online to multiple platforms simultaneously, making it effective for various business purposes. To ensure compliance, review the terms and conditions of each platform to avoid exclusivity agreement violations. It’s crucial to have a well-defined strategy for managing sales, payments, and enhancing the overall customer experience.

4. Which monetization model suits the best to sell video content?

The most suitable video monetization model for selling videos depends on factors like content genre and your specific target audience. When selling videos online, it’s crucial to select a monetization model that aligns with your audience and content genre. Additionally, you can also consider factors such as subscription-based models, pay-per-view, or ad-supported options to find the best fit for your video content sales strategy.

5. What are the benefits of selling video content online?

Selling video content online offers numerous benefits — broader audience reach, passive income, and flexible work arrangements. Moreover, it facilitates direct customer engagement and the creation and sharing of unique, valuable content. This way individuals and businesses can tap into a thriving online video market and establish a more direct and profitable connection with their audience.

6. Where can I sell my videos for money?

You can sell your videos for money on platforms like VPlayed — who let you build and launch your video selling website and sell your videos directly to the target audience. Alternatively, you can also consider selling ad space on platforms like YouTube or marketing stock footage on the internet.

Vignesh D

Vignesh is an online video platform expert at VPlayed. I specialize in leveraging cutting-edge technology to optimize online video experiences. Outside of my professional endeavors, I enjoy delving into the latest advancements in movie streaming platforms and sharing my insights through blogging and discussions.


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