If you are hunting for a one-stop solution to be pioneer leader in OTT always, then VPlayed is your apt & perfect choice! Our top-notch OTT platform developers make your go-getter content strategies come alive into reality. The best alternative to dacast can be built in your preferred way to accelerate constant ROI with enhanced UX.

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Find Out, Why VPlayed Is The Best Alternative To Dacast

Dacast vs VPlayed: Choose Your Software Wisely!

Unlimited Features At One Time License Cost Solution

VPlayed gives you a complete bespoke solution for streaming original content & have total ownership within your VOD Platform at one-time license fee. As it is developed as a SaaP operating model, you can launch it quickly via an in-house team of expertise.

When you look into Dacast vs VPlayed comparison, you can have leading technology service integration altogether whether it is in cloud or on-premise hosting.

Customization No Yes [ 100% Customizable ]
Third Party Service Integration No Yes [ At any Scale ]
In-house Team No Yes [ 300+ Engineers ]
Hosting Saas On Premise / On Cloud
Cost Monthly Subscription One Time License
Ownership No Lifetime Platform Ownership
OTT Yes Yes
Video On Demand Yes Yes
Audio Streaming No Yes
Live Streaming Yes Yes
Support All Businesses No Yes

One Right Platform For All Streaming Needs

When it comes to professional broadcasting VPlayed offers outstanding streaming capacities, that can help you to be a powerful asset with industry players. VPlayed is the top alternative to Dacast foothold player as it encompasses world-class streaming networks.

Leverage best over-the-top services in contrast to Dacast competitor with HD quality audio playback supportive to all sorts of businesses.

Manage Your Content With Centralized CMS

Connect to your target market with VPlayed’s all-inclusive CMS solution. The distinct features like video scheduling, uploading, get lingual media support with a content partner portal that makes VPlayed stand out as Dacast alternative.

Considering content archive’s accessibility VPlayed comes to the rescue by offering a searchable library for all kinds of broadcasting media as compared to other OTT players, like Dacast.

Video Scheduling Yes Yes
Video Upload Yes Yes [Unlimited]
Content Partner Portal N/A Yes
Multi-language No Yes
Content Storage Yes [Charged] Yes [Unlimited Storage]
Content Types Yes [Only Video Content] Yes [Support Video & Audio Content]
Advertising Yes Yes
Catchup TV No Yes
Third-Party Ad Integration No Yes
SSAI (Server-Side Ad Insertion) No Yes
Coupons & Promotions No Yes

Unlock Your Revenue Models & Maximize Your ROI

The crown of VPlayed for recurring monetization plans focuses on Catchup TV which facilitates viewer’s discretion in contrast to other OTT giant’s revenue-generating dais. You can also deploy SSAI solutions to monetize ads within SVOD platform to grow instantly.

One of the key point that adds momentum to your video monetization platform will be 3rd-party ad integration. To top it all get maximized cash-in flow by offering attractive coupons on your most popular content.

Shield Your Content With DRM Security

With the help of cutting-edge encryption technologies VPlayed keeps your intellectual creations intact. An alternative to Dacast for your OTT business venture turns worthwhile with multi-platform DRM support added with supplementary security protocols.

To discourage content breaches VPlayed gives you assurance to restrict unwarranted snapshots. Along with this you can enable age-appropriate content using parental control solutions. For lifetime content security discard your worry with dynamic watermarks.

Multi-Platform DRM No Yes
Paywall Yes Yes
Screenshot Prevention No Yes
Parental Control No Yes
AES Encryption Yes Yes
Watermarks No Yes
Video Player HTML5 HLS
Customize Player Yes Yes [At Any Scale]
Adaptive Bitrate No Yes
Multiple Formats & Codecs Support Yes Yes
Player SDK Yes Yes
Multi-Device Support Yes Yes

A Better Player Experience Than Dacast

Observe & Track your OTT app performance with several hand-pick technologies involved in viewership data. A comparable alternative next to Dacast will be VPlayed’s best video HLS player that is reliably designed for content producers. They can set high standards in streaming audio & video media with robust secure walls.

Grab a customizable player that can be specially developed at any length & deliver smooth transcending. Furnish exceptional UX to your customers through adaptive bitrate technology assuring feature-packed SDK at all times.

Enriched Revenue And Engagement

VPlayed lets you have wider social marketing integration for enhancing your brand reach. In addition to this the leading platform of VPlayed strengthens the promotion strategy via marketing software integration solution.

Significantly, in contrast to Dacast competitor comparison your best ROI generation is extended via personalized recommendation engine with custom thumbnail solution.

Meta Data Yes Yes
Social Integration Yes Yes
Recommendation Engine No Yes
Lead Capture Form Yes Yes
Marketing Software Integration No Yes
Custom Thumbnail No Yes
Live Dashboard Report Yes Yes
Video Comparison Report No Yes [At Any Scale]
3rd Party Analytics Integration Yes Yes [At Any Scale]
Audience Graph Yes Yes
Custom Report Exporting Yes Yes

Track & Analyse Your Conversion Funnel With Analytics

The whitelabel OTT solution of VPlayed gives an in depth analysis of customer engagement and recurring trends of viewership that helps to captivate the right content. The success of a online video platform can be scaled with apt metrics that comprises effective reports utilized for key improvements.

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