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Highlights of attributes that augment your video making business

Manage Manage Videos with VOD CMS solution

Unlimited Upload

You can upload any number of videos at any duration without worrying about peak storage. Make your unlimited uploads effortless with our VOD software.

Custom Thumbnail
Multiple Video Format Support
Video Scheduling
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VOD CMS platform

Stream World-Class Videos Across Millions

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

VOD streaming software ensures buffer-free experience. The bandwidth available will not matter anymore.Enhance your on demand streaming profile with optimized HQ videos to implement flexible bitrates via ABR technology & take away bandwidth worries.

Faster Playback
Transcoding System
HLS Feed
Offline Download
Multi-screen Delivery
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VOD Streaming

Measure Every Move & Maximize Revenue

Real-time Traffic Updates

Get live reports about useGet live traffic reports about users from your on demand streaming platform with deeper understanding of numbers that matters most.

User Behaviour Analysis
Current Viewership Status
Average Time on Site
Consolidated Data Report
Revenue Report
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VOD analytics

Secure Your VOD Content Against Piracy

Shielded with encryption, DRM and access control to safeguard video platform against unauthorized access.

DRM System

Data Rights Management serves as security support to your crucial VOD content. We furnish this with our standardized license policies encrypted within your media platform. Curb piracy by restricting subscribers from unauthorised content distribution.

Exhaustive Access Control

Access control bears an explicit user authentication system, classified one-stop sign-in API integration & IP restriction to stimulate alerts when unsanctioned access occurs.

End-to-end Video Encryption

Video DRM solution provides secure streaming support for professional broadcasting. The key exchange mechanisms using HLS protection added with AES, RTMP Protocols stay unrivalled in the market.

SSL Certificate

SSL lock system creates virtual padlock network in your streaming pathway and ensure secured file-transfer with screen logins. This standardized certification safeguards visitor connections.

Screen Capture Restriction

We control unethical screen capturing and defeat it with its chain distribution process. This ensures complete safety with the copyrighted content properties for our clients.


Restrict distribution of your whitelabelled VOD platform content to specific geo regions. Now avoid compliances and related costs by giving the client complete control over the distribution area of the content.

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Powerful Marketing Features to Grow Your VOD Business

Increase your business efficiency with in-depth analysis and automated marketing workflow.

Social Media Integration

Promote interactive on demand streams & make it more engaging easily. Let users build communities while commenting, sharing & marking videos as their favorites via your subscription VOD streaming business.

VOD marketing
Recommendation Engine

Combination of content or collaborative-filtering, low-rank matrix factorization added with deep learning is used by VPlayed’s recommendation engine. Get an engaging sequence of VODs that keeps your subscribers riveted.

video on demand recommendation engine
Metadata Management

In VOD stream video marketing platforms, content is the king with best preset tags and definitions. Optimize search engines with display calculative results & auto-suggest names, genres & other relatable terms.

Video SEO optimization
Marketing Automation

Wash out humanly errors and technical glitches with automated marketing solutions carrying effective streamlining of workflows. Design it to automate tasks by collating data with specified criteria and tasks.

video on demand marketing
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Monetize VOD Content & Captivate Your Revenue + Growth

Broadcast, Entertain and Earn high profits with VPlayed's ROI centric features

Video monetization models
Subscription VOD

Go for Subscription-based Video On Demand (SVOD) swing with monthly or yearly subscriptions. Gain recurring viewer base through well-planned subscription models.

Transactional VOD
Advertising VOD
Third Party Ad Integration
Server Side Ad Insertion
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How VPlayed's Video On Demand Work?

Top-notch technology stacks that enhance the solution's functionality & performance.

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