How Video on Demand Works? How to Build Your Own Video On Demand Website?

A typical evening of a random urban young adult is no longer spending them in front of the TV. Though these demographics still spend their evenings watching their favorite shows, the setup has shifted to on-demand streaming from the traditional media. The near future also indicates that the OTT platform might completely take over traditional TV. In fact, the said future is nearer than we anticipate.

The number of households worldwide that is projected to have subscription based video-on-demand services as their prime source of entertainment is a staggering 450 million by 2022 with a money value of 842 billion US dollars.

This paves a grand entrance for the hundreds, if not thousands of video streaming products across the world.

How Video on Demand Works Technically?

how video on demand works

The working of a video on demand website is completely a broad process which includes different stages of content streaming. Once the subscriber hits the required content on the VOD website or app, a compressed digital stream of bits representing the movie is transmitted from a server to the box or application on any device.

The streaming content is decoded back to analog audio and video and displayed directly on the set-top box linked with TV.

The process consists of different factors, namely compression, satellite distribution of content over the internet, video server and finally the set top box.

In order to transmit the content data, compression takes place in each line of the scanned images of about 700 pieces where each of them is measured for brightness, color schemes and picture element such as a pixel. Once the video content is compressed, it is distributed over a CDN (Content Delivery Network) in high-quality.

The geographical distribution of the content over the proxy servers and data centers result in performing the delivery of different content types such as live streaming and on-demand. The job of the video server is to deliver isochronous compressed digital video to end-users.

Finally, once the video content is processed, the STB receives the downstream data signal and the upstream data signal is strong enough to deliver high quality video content.

Now that you’re ready to set on a journey to build your very own VOD website and app, what are the major facets to look into?

Before venturing into building a video on demand website, it is a fundamental need to take the following factors into account as they decide the performance and efficiency of the video on demand app to be built.

An Indisputable Scalability

Scalability is the most important factor to deliver an overall pleasant video watching experience, be it on-demand or through live streaming. Any VOD website would function at a decent rate when it is provided bandwidth intensity. This ensures the streaming has consistent low latency and limits the packet loss. All these factors contribute to buffer-free video streaming.

Security Measures That Do Not Compromise

With never-ending hours worth of video content scattered online, security becomes an uncompromisable aspect in every way. Maintaining the exclusivity of your content is a key factor to make your video on demand website/app sustainable.

Pliable Features

At present, there are a ton of new websites being launched online to stream videos. To make a VOD website or app, a successful portal entails a tinge of exclusivity to its work model. Availing products that provide pre-built packages might cut down a dime in your budget, but they come at a cost of restricting your creative juices while building your brainchild. Thus, opting for a product that gives customizing options would be effective in the long run.

Stunning User Experience

Giving your customers the best viewer experience is what every content creator would aim to do. This overall great experience can be only be attained when every aspect of what goes into building the video streaming website or app is given equal importance; from UI integration to a customized suggestion of videos and buffer free streaming.

Adapt to Upcoming Technologies

TV was what modernization was raving about for the last two decades, and without notice, it fell out of style. The is bound to happen to video on demand website if there is no market research and updates in a constant pace.

Potential to Reach Globally

Creating a global audience has never been easier in the entertainment arena than the present. At the same time, the platforms that fail to go for a global approach have high chances of failing even before establishing its potential.

Vplayed: The Frontier in Video Streaming Market

Vplayed is a live and on demand platform that has all the above factors implemented to its utmost capacity, owing to the fact that these are the fundamentals of a successful streaming strategy. To give an insight of how Vplayed gives provisions itself with state of the art technologies, let’s dive into the technical stack of it.

Noteworthy Features That Vplayed Offers

Video CMS

Organize, share, modify and distribute video content at the right time. Optimized with video analytics reports within a dashboard to enhance the performance of the VOD services. Also, assist in the distribution of videos with encoding and decoding features.

Content Delivery Network

The primary focus of Vplayed is to be able to deliver the customizations of clients to the dot. Vplayed’s content delivery network access multiple cloud servers with no limitations, providing unlimited storage and fast delivery of data. The content delivery network also issues traffic reports on a regional basis, for tweaked up your streaming ability.


Vplayed primarily uses 3 media players – MediaElement.js, Video.js, jPlayer. The players function is HTML5 video player and provides consistent quality of streaming for all video and audio formats. In addition to this, Vplayed is also built in such a way that it adapts to any other player. This gives the users of Vplayed the choice of using the player of their selection.


A diverse set of monetization models such as Subscription, Pay-per-view and Advertisement video on demand to leverage higher revenue.


Vplayed ensures the VOD website and app are completely optimized for the required business value with the customization of features, functionalities, different Monetization models and technologies to bring out the best platform.


Analyze the performance of every video content with deep insights within a dashboard that illustrates the end-to-end performance. Monitor on-demand videos in real-time and abstract the reports for early decision makings.


With a meticulously conceived security stratagem, Vplayed’s 3 tier security elements make sure your content is safeguarded.

DRM System – A system set up to protect the copyrights of content on digital platforms. DRM invigilates the usage, modifications made and patterns of distribution to ensure and enforce the legal policies.

SSL Certification – This certification provides secure communications by encrypting the content that passes through the certified systems and devices on online websites/browsers.

Access Control – Monitor and control the traffic your content receives and manage your audience in a refined fashion by tracking the IP of the devices.

Password Protection – Through password protected entries, manage user authorization efficiently.

What to Take Away From This?

Now that you’ve been through a detailed cognizance of what sort of work goes into building a video on demand website, you are fully saved from the hefty errands you might have otherwise run for. Take on the video streaming market with an organized overtone.


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