Diverse Attributes for Enterprise Video Platform

Flourish your pursuit with evident enterprise video streaming possibilities

Internal Video Communication

Be in touch with your clientele base through improved engagement and discern instant feedbacks.

Employee Video Training

Train your employees/ interns online in a self-paced or instructor lead oriented learning; for groups or for individual viewing.

Multi-screen Compatibility

Convene unending high definition streaming choices on any device and on any platform with low latency.

Global Meeting

Schedule meetings across continents without getting worked up on the generic technical glitches. VPlayed’s IP networks are optimised to be streamed and connected on any device.

End-to-End Enterprise Streaming Solution

Stream videos on steady grounds with extensive delivery, transcoding and security backing

100% Customizable

Provide stunning and unique features in your own workflow. VPlayed believes in authenticity and delivers 100% customisable solutions.

Live Mobile Streaming

Broadcast live content on mobile phones without any hassles at maximum quality.

Secured Platform

Stay intransigent in terms of security. DRM, Access control, Encryption, & single sign-in security pursuits gives you the space to safeguard your data.

Cloud Encoding & Transcoding

Eliminate process time through on cloud transcoding. AWS elastic encoder safeguards and provides unlimited storage with zero data loss.

HQ Video Delivery & Distribution

VPlayed’s high bandwidth is provisioned to handle high traffic in servers and stream uncompromising HD streaming.

Permanent Backup

Acquire the calibre to restore your data in case of any mishaps. VPlayed’s permanent backup system allows restoration hassle free.

Scheduled Live Streaming

Target rich content to larger audience at a copious time frame through scheduling your live streaming.

Simplified End-to-End Support

Compromise and entrepreneurship do not go hand in hand.Communicate with our team of techs 24*7, all round the clock to clear the air.

Know How VPlayed's Enterprise Streaming Works

Top-notch technology stacks that enhance the solution’s functionality & performance

Enterprice Streaming Architecture

Let's Get Started! VPlayed Has

To Build a Custom Audio/Video Streaming Platform With Monetization Options & CMS.

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