Stream Your Live Video Content Smarter Than Ever

Deliver 4k viewing experience with wide range of online streaming possibilities

Features You Need for High Performing Live Streaming Platform

Capture, encode & distribute live content to a massive audience with rich infrastructure

Content Management

Vplayed employs High-tech content management library that provides unlimited storage. The on-cloud management system allows users to organize, segregate and sort data for productive streaming.

Content Delivery Network

Hook enormous audience globally with your live streaming platform through delivering live streams without buffering. Vplayed’s multiple content delivery network guarantees low latency delivery.

HLS Player

Host videos in a secured, & flexible manner. Vplayed employs high-profile cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure & Akamai cloud computing platforms that can engine high scalability in large volumes.

Adaptive Streaming

Automated adaptive bitrate streaming enables videos to change pixel quality corresponding to the bandwidth they are streamed in. This phenomenon ensures the over-all playback experience remain buffer-free.

Progressive Web App

Enhance your live video streaming using PWA technology which engages the users with an app-like user interface, home-screen linkability no matter if they are online or offline.

Faster Playback

Gift your viewers with multi-dimensional playback features to view live-streamed videos at their leisure time. Vplayed’s CMS lets live-streamed videos to be stored to the content library that can be accessed later as on-demand videos.

Scale & Extend the Reach of Your Video Content

Empower the performance of your live streaming service across any devices

branding Features
Video Hosting

Host your data on high efficient servers of your choice at your premises or on well-versed AWS cloud and obtain high scalable platform.

Multi-screen Platform
Social Media Integration
Marketing Suite & Branding

Deliver & Monetize Your Live Streaming Content Instantly

Magnify revenue and tap the most of your content’s potential with systemic monetization


Aggrandize the potential of your revenue map by running ads on pre-roll, midroll and post-roll options strategically positioned to not disturb video watching while gaining popularity.


Vplayed provides pre-streaming, full-screen sponsorship and broadcast sponsorship models tailored to meet the needs of streamers and their audience.


Also known as the transactional monetization model, this feature allows users to rent or download your videos in Electronic Sell-through (EST) & Download to Rent (DTR) models.

How Vplayed’s Live Streaming Works

Top-notch technology stacks that enhance the solution’s functionality & performance

Live Streaming Solution Architecture

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