Why To Choose VPlayed’s Streaming Platform?

Get to privately-label your video platform with unparalleled streaming technology

Branding Freedom

Set a standardized brand with white label videos so that audience can associate with streaming business & empower your near future

Fully Customizable

Customize every white label streaming service & align them to drive results from your platform as per your business niche needs

Time to Go Live On Market

Save valuable time by prepping a whitelabel OTT platform quickly within a month & make it running on an upticking marketplace

Lifetime Ownership

Own up your pre-built streaming infrastructure forever to get best means of ROI & expand your business anytime without any hassle

Customize Whitelabel Streaming Solution with Absolute Ease

Streamline own whitelabel video platform operations without the need to reinvent the wheel

Stream On Multiple Devices

Allow users to watch concurrent streams simultaneously in desktop, android, ipads, tablets, & other connected devices

Video API Access

Gain a dedicated video infrastructure that’s built with SDKs & is made available across screens & platforms.

Fast Integrations

Faciliate any kind of service integrations from 3rd party or key add-ons together at one place for your platform

On Premise/On Cloud

Apply flexible streaming deployments readily either on premises or on cloud for your platform integration

Low Latency Streaming

Curb delays in streams at unmatched speed, reliability ensuring high-quality playback that impacts viewer experience

Branded Video Player

Customize your player with endless features according to your business needs for ideal viewer experience

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A Premium White Label OTT Platform

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Centralized CMS for Video Management Needs

Manage live & VOD valuables within your whitelabel environment all at one place

white label video CMS
Bulk Upload

Upload as many content you’d like to discarding storage worries in your whitelabel video platform

Metadata Management

Enabe a search-friendly option in your own-built whitelabel service by optimizing key meta tags

Custom Thumbnails

Create incredible thumbnails so that potential viewers in your platform are made to click your videos & can enjoy

Video Scheduling

Get your videos auto-scheduled at any date or time that you want to choose. Videos can be set according to geo locations.

Drag and Drop

Incoporate drag & drop components directly in devices or use 3rd party tools such as Dropbox, Google Drive to unlock limitless possibilities


Add multiple languages for your customized platform so that audiences are comfortable in viewing your competent videos

Grow your Income with Infinite Revenue-Making Possibilities

Online business owners can now find numerous profitable ways to elevate

Subscription video on demand

Get subscription on demand whitelabel OTT solution to profit with recurring video fee on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis

Advertising-based video on demand

Add skippable or non-skippable ad-based on-demand videos within the streams to encash them at strategic view points

Transactional Video on Demand

Charge users with exclusive fee per video either on rental basis or gain lifetime value via transactional video on demand

Premium video on demand

Production houses can now quickly gain best returns by converting their theatrical releases into whitelabelled premium VODs.

catchup tv
Catch-Up TV

Scale up returns from catchup TV where users have missed their episodes, or series, to deliver never-to-miss experiences

video coupons
Coupons & Promotions

Coupons & codes model will help to gain value for your whitelabel VODs as users utilize seasonal vouchers in commercial content

It's All Included With a Complete White Label OTT Solution!

Extended services to cover all possibilities in every inch of your platform

video streaming security

Keep Your Streams Confidential Encrypt the entire whitelabel OTT platform

  • Multi DRM Support

    Multi-DRM in your whitelabel video streaming platform creates a lot of difference to protect your videos from unwarranted use.

  • AES Encryption

  • Restricted Access Control

  • Geo-blocking

  • Watermarking

  • Screenshot Prevention

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A Whitelabel Solution for Varied Business Streaming

VPlayed lets you remain competitive & relevant in digital realm with major industries

Media & broadcaster
Media & broadcaster

VPlayed provides digital broadcasters the leverage of acquiring a white label video streaming platform & customize playbacks on any device

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Enterprise Video Streaming

Mighty entrepreneurs & corporate businesses can flexibly add their workplace events & increase brand visibility via white label ott solution

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Sports Streaming Solution

Rely VOD or live streams across platforms as sports spokesperson with an independent approach to entice fanbase directly

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Education Streaming Solution

Online educators can conduct own live conferences, one-on-one tutoring, lecture capture sessions in a self-branded platform of yours

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Religious Streaming SOlution

Faith leaders or religious groups can whitelabel VOD services and simulcast or connect live with followers whenever they want to remotely

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Fitness Video Platform

Expand your entertainment business to reach a global audience with a powerful OTT platform, fueling your success in the entertainment industry.

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Sports Streaming Solution

Rely VOD or live streams across platforms as sports spokesperson with an independent approach to entice fanbase directly

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