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End-to-end streaming capabilities to broadcast high-quality videos over any platform

Video on Demand

Videoon demand

Video On Demand

Say no to buffer with refined transcoding, Cloud backup and stream in UHD quality. Know More
Live Streaming Live


Live Streaming

Go live on any platform with zero latency & in immaculate quality Know More
Audio Streaming


Audio Streaming

Podcasts, tutorials, music apps, lectures, prayers and everything you can imagine! Stream audios and reach across borders. Know More
Live Linear Streaming

LiveLinear Streaming

Live Linear Streaming

Stay connected at any instant with your viewers. Live linear streaming lets you stream without any layoffs 24*7. Know More



Televise your video to the internet with adaptive bitrate streaming to ensure you don't lose viewer count. Know More


We’d love to take care of your media content strategy to deliver a power-packed suite. Our in-house team, ever-evolving learning curve, and impactful infrastructure drives your platform to become a remarkable engageable and monetizable dais.

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An All-encompassing Media Streaming Solution

To deliver enterprise-grade, lightning-fast video & audio streaming from end to end.

100% Customizable

Vplayed gives you a choice of customising on any end - from designing UI to embedding backend detailings.

Multiple Video Monetization

Designed with an eye to proliferate ROI, Vplayed has equipped with subscriptions, ads, transaction and much more.

Security & Digital Rights Management

Fortify your data files intact from fringe factors on all fronts. DRM, access control and encryption prevents your app from security breaches.

Powerful CMS

Eminent content management system gives ground to rapid HD streaming. Channel streaming applications with zero buffer.

Worldclass CDN & Distribution

Deliver UHD streaming at minimal costs, and hit high reach by employing state-of-art content delivery network model.

Advanced Video Player

The HLS player developed by Vplayed gives you a thoroughly customisable, compact video hosting experience that makes streaming HD videos at ease.

Real Time Reporting & Analytics

Get instant updates on the climate your app resides in. From comparative study to current viewership stats.

Built-In Marketing & Social Publishing

Max out viewership reach with features like viral social outreach, content/target marketing, and suggest algorithms.

Monetization For A Profitable Business

Hightail your money making possibilities with Vplayed’s monetization capabilities


Provide premium members access to unlimited videos. SVOD paired with Vplayed’s technology, pitches in high returns


Transactional video services offers efficient ROI through services like Electronic sell through (EST) & Download to Rent (DTR)


Strategically placed on preroll, midroll or postroll according to the performance of videos brings out the most in revenue.

Coupons & Promotions

Bag astounding revenue by delivering enticing coupons and promotions relevant to your customers.

A wide spectrum of Use Cases

Carefully drafted attributes to make streaming reachable to all classes.

  • Broadcasters &
  • Movies & TV
  • Education
  • Sports
  • Enterprises
  • Live Events
  • Religious
  • Youtubers

Broadcasters & Publishers

Broadcasters & Publishers

TV Everywhere, For Everyone

A reliable solution where broadcasters can build their own platform to publish original content on the go. Stay connected to your audience via any device, from mobile journalism to TV subscriptions.

  • Mobile Broadcasting
  • Catch-up TV
  • Live to VOD
  • Multiple Monetization
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Movies & TV

Movies & TV

Entertainment on Demand

Providing movies and TV shows on the go is a proven affluence. Accommodate to the ever-changing screen areas that is viable on any OTT device.

  • Unlimited Video Upload
  • Builtin Marketing & Social
  • Multiple Monetization
  • Faster Video Playback
  • Multi-screen Platform
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Enlightenment Beyond Barriers

Vplayed builds customizable platforms that caters to the needs of tutoring by providing interactive solutions for everything from tutorials, tutor specifics to e-classrooms.

  • Interactive Video Quizzing
  • Scheduled Classes
  • Seamless Delivery
  • Built-in Monetization
  • Incorporate Caption
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Streaming Made a Sport

A ceaseless streaming solution built on adaptive bitrate technology, thus ensuring the games, podcasts and on-request videos can be streamed live with zero latency.

  • Global Reach
  • UHD Sports Streaming
  • Unbeatable Customer Support
  • Screen Board Overlay
  • Replay and Highlights
  • Automatic Archiving
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Entrepreneurial Streaming

An over-all experience provider with captivating detailings to tackle formal viewerships. Familiarise 3rd party acquaintance with your products through live or on-demand interactive demos, product detailings.

  • Internal Video Communication
  • Employee Video Training
  • Rock-solid Video Security
  • UHD Video Playout
  • Scheduled Live Streaming
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Live Events

Live Events

Instant-Effortless Streaming

Live streaming expands viewer base for any organisation and creates viral content that works best in the current environment.

  • Stage Productions
  • Conferences
  • Concerts
  • Breaking News
  • Unlimited Viewership
  • Anywhere Any Device
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Spread Faith the Technology Way

Let religious worshippers get a step closer to god at their place of convenience through streaming sermons, ceremonies and holy book readings.

  • Cloud/ On-Premise Hosting
  • Superior Reliability
  • Stimulated Live Service
  • Sermon Audios
  • Audio Extraction
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Gain Creative Freedom

A solution to construct definitive platforms where upsurging creative minds can build their own kingdoms and connect to their fanbase in a personalised manner.

  • Global Reach
  • Powerful CMS
  • Live & On Demand
  • Multi-Device Streaming
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