Multi-faceted Sports Streaming Platform

Stream on any medium. Upgraded for your convenience.

Video On Demand / Live Streaming

Vplayed aces the game in creating websites that host on-demand and live-streaming functionalities both on their own or combined together

TV Everywhere

High pixel rate, Customised lineups and Smart search options - enhance TV watching experience of your customer base with diversely accommodate solutions.

Live Mobile Broadcasting

Broadcast live content on mobile phones without any hassles at maximum quality.

Video Monetization & Advertising

Advertising and branding strategies provided by Vplayed clubbed along with the assorted monetization yields high-returns.

On Demand Capabilities for Seamless Sports Streaming

Transcode, backup, host and stream your content in impeccable quality

100% Customizable

Design, brand and run your website on your terms of creative freedom backed by our off-the-edge technical stack

White label (Your Brand)

Vplayed builds & delivers websites/apps under whitelabel discipline giving web owners their right to autonomy.

Faster Transcoding

Live or on-demand, Vplayed covers all video types under the spectrum with speedy transcoding to ensure buffer to become non-existent.

Backup streams

Let your viewers enjoy streaming while you relish the benefits of auto-backup system and guaranteed protection against data loss

On Premise & On Cloud Hosting

Host your content in secured, highly protected servers at your own premises or on cloud of your choice with effulgent scalability.

Top-notch Video Player

HLS player, a thoroughly customisable video player that enables HD streaming with no time lag makes streaming on any device a piece of cake.

UHD streaming

Vplayed employs AWS cloud to transcode and store video files for ultra HD streaming on the go that allows viewers, on-field like experience.

Multi-screen Platform

Vplayed’s accommodative bitrate streaming technology enables viewing live streams and on-demand videos on any platform

Insightfully Designed Solution for Sports Streaming

Unparalleled Live Sports Streaming Software with Effective Marketing Features

Social Interaction

Go a step ahead in your game. Integrate chat functionality in your streaming solution and create an ecosystem where your audience can socialise.

Video Analytics

Create higher engagement rates with affirmative real time analytics and individual video performance reports.

Marketing automation

Automate your marketing campaigns through segmenting, scheduling and tracking through Vplayed’s technologies for flourishing campaigning.

Metadata Optimization

Make your videos appear on search engines by optimising metadata. Our behind-the-scenes work reflect greatly on your website traffic.

In-House Search Engine

In-house search engines fueled with algorithms to display results corresponding to the meta tags & genres elevate overall site engagement.

A Wide Spectrum of Monetization Models

Explore the likelihood of Vplayed’s monetization functionalities

Pay Per View

Transactional video services offers efficient ROI through services like Electronic sell through (EST) & Download to Rent (DTR)


Ad monetization strategically placed on preroll, midroll or postroll according to the performance of videos brings out the most in revenue.

Coupons & Promotions

Strategically placed enticing coupons and promotions relevant to customers bags astounding revenue.

Know How Vplayed's Sports Streaming Works

Top-notch technology stacks that enhance the solution’s functionality & performance

Key Feature

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To Build a Sport Streaming Platform With Buffer-free Viewing, Monetization & Analytics.

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