Video Cloud Streaming – What It Is & Why You Need To Know In 2024?

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With an increase in popularity of video streaming business, corporate businesses are looking out for the most reliable, secure as well as scalable cloud video streaming. With the professional-sticken video hosting infrastructure, brands can now qualitatively focus on airing good video content without the worry of technical challenges in between. 

As we all know that due to current COVID scenario, across the globe, people have been increasingly consuming a lot of content than ever before. As a result of it more companies have launched & scaled upon cloud video on a day-to-day basis. 

This is only possible with one singled-out reason.. 

Thousands of data sets need to be stored at one place, and the need of internet creates a single physical infrastructure at every point. Video cloud comes into play while helping save lot of money with the equipment that it takes, & provide best convenience to the enduser. 

Moving on..

In this post we’ll look into what is all about cloud video streaming, how does it work, getting to know some of its important advantages. Then we’ll wrap up with some of its features required in a cloud video streaming.   

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What Is Cloud Video Streaming?

Simply put, cloud-based video streaming or cloud video streaming is a technology that allows users to consume digital video content over the internet without downloading it first

Users produce video content and upload it to the cloud servers of a network provider. After that, it is encoded into a useful format that viewers worldwide can simply watch live or on demand.

It makes high-quality streaming possible at a much lower cost than traditional video streaming methods. 

As such, cloud streaming is gaining much traction among businesses and individuals to share their content with the world.

Are You Planning For A Cloud Video Streaming For Your Business?

In general businesses tend to simply upload videos & provide broadcasts to audience at a much larger scale via a cloud video streaming. They can streamline the entire distribution of video processes, reduce costs, assures smooth playability via transcoding, CDN issues, secured video streaming & more. 

How Does Cloud-based Video Streaming Work?

cloud based streaming

Advanced cloud streaming totally relies on a network of cloud servers that are inclined to video hosting files which later is delivered promptly to its viewers. When broadcasters readily upload files to cloud video streaming servers, through the cutting edge streaming technology files are encoded & then transcoded into a variety of formats. Then, they are all set to be distributed for playback.  

Cloud video streams are efficiently created after an integral process i.e. video transcoding in multiple renditions. A single video file without taking resources any resources away from initial process of encoding ensure that the video quality is not compromised at any point of time. That way broadcasters ensure that their content is shareable with any kind of device their audiences use.

With cloud-based video streaming, content owners like you can quickly host their content, along with storage facility in order to stream on-demand or live events to their viewers, as per their consumption demands. 

Furthermore, let us explore some of its benefactors below.. 

What Are The Advantages Of Cloud Video Streaming?

As cloud video streaming are gaining more popularity, lot of small or medium businesses are coming forward to initiate streaming services & utilize their potential. This becomes critical to have seamless delivery of videos come what may. 

However, it isn’t necessary for each provider to build the sophisticated infrastructure & its intricate designed functionalities with such mediums. Henceforth, cloud based streaming works as an asset for them. 

Let’s look into how volumes of content can be managed to have seamless delivery within a streaming cloud videos.. Here are some of the reasons that make you to speed up your successful streaming game! 

1. Cost-Friendly

The only thing that you need to invest on is with storage & bandwidth requirements. As you venture into cloud streaming solutions, it becomes easy to manage with the expenses instead of investing in a large pond of amount upfront. 

2. More Accessibility

The target audience can view videos at their own convenience, at any place. Only one thing is required to access the content is to do with stable internet connection. The videos on these platforms are kept easily accessible either from work, or on-the-go, etc. 

3. Zero Purpose For Individual Infrastructure

There is need for you to create an in-house hardware infrastructure or server for storage purposes. Depending on your business needs, you can start your streaming service with content within hours or days using cloud interface. 

4. Handling To Scale At Max Level 

By scaling on cloud, the major advantage of using online video platform is that it can increase bandwidth to provide better streaming performance & viewing experience. With the growth of business, you can easily leverage on storage integrated with additional features in no time.   

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5. Boundless Storage Capacities

They have the possibility to store unlimited data in a much cost-effective way. Some of the added features of storage include content scheduling, bulk uploading, archived assets as VOD from live streams in order to make your data storage potentially limitless. 

6. Top-level Security

There are various security compliances that is associated & inbuilt in cloud streaming. You can shield your prestigious content with features like AES video encryption, DRM protection, access control against unauthorized users & more. 

7. Everlasting Continuity

It is a necessary feature for every cloud-based video streaming services. Original content assets needs to be converted into multiple quality of videos in different bitrates. This can ensure the content is delivered to every device that has varied bandwidth & internet availability for smooth playback. 

8. Focused CDN Solution 

Create vast differences by choosing to have one of the top criteria in majority of streaming platforms. And that would be CDN which ensures smooth playabilty with minimalist to zero buffered loading. There are top video CDN providers who provides top-level CDNs that reduces streaming issues across any vast geographical spaces. 

Now let’s look more closely at..

What Features You Should Look For in Cloud Video Streaming Platform?

The ideal cloud videos will surely provide its tightly-knit streaming service with varied quality and get into the depth of functionality. So it goes without saying that platform services will offer its customers with everything they need & ensure video broadcasting success at online. That includes the following features: 

  • Cloud Transcoding

When you are looking to prepare your video to be hosted the best cloud video streaming suit helps to be optimized well for the web. As the part of process these would be transcoded, so that they’re ready to deliver it to variety of end-user devices, &  simplify video streaming workflow. 

  • Video Content Management System

When video files are ingested to the platform broadcasters need to organize, manage, monetize & share the content file. And that’s where all-in-one video content management system would include to enable them to make the most from their quality content which is stored on cloud.  

  • Video Streaming CDN

Definetely video content that is within a video streaming server, is invaluable for content broadcasters, & so they’ll certainly need cloud streaming website which can safely store all of these. Later these are distributed to geo network of proxy servers & provide high availability of content to its end users worldwide. 

  • Live Recording

While on-demand content is generally uploaded for constant content availability, content aggregators need to record their live events for showcasing the same a little bit later. Moreover, live recording shouldn’t impact largely on the concurrent streams & ensure high-quality viewing experience deliberately.

  • Cloud Storage

You needn’t worry about data storage while your business grows, It allows to increase capacity to store along with server hardware & added features that’s provided by cloud streamers. It is integrated with your new IT systems & is held as a prime feature in cloud-based video management. 

  • Video Analytics

Businesses can now know how their content is faring amongst their targeted viewers. Video analytics help them to create focussed strategies around it. Some of the details to mention would be total views, brower watched on, average watch percentage in country, average watch time, etc in order to outshine your line of business competitiveness. 

  • Cloud Security

If you want to know which is the driver for cloud adoption in the video streaming market, then it comes to video security. Ultimately, depending on cloud providers you opt, your videos can always benefit from the security & data protection practices, since you are leaving it to your control to manage them all with expertise. 

  • Video Player

Your content can stay supportive with many video formats as HTML5 video player makes it compatible with neary each device in order to enlarge audience’s viewing experience. HTML players can help to easily embed videos whether it’s a social media post or from websites. On the whole, it prevents your audience to leave the website, as people click on your videos affecting SEO. 

  • Video Monetization

Beyond cost saving on streaming infrastructure, a platform should be established with numerous monetizing options. Some of them common revenue-generating models include subscriptions, ad-based video monetization, pay-per-view, Catchup TV, Coupons & Promotions, Video Paywall, etc.

Next comes with the comparison between….

Video Streaming On Cloud VS On-Premise: 6 Considerations

Earlier in the past, the upfront costs & maintenance costs that were needed to initiate an on-premise setup widened the competitiveness between mid-sized or big businesses since they were in short of budget. Having said that, it’s of no surprise that cloud has removed these restrictions, as everything is at online endeavors. 

With that let’s take a glimpse over what’s the real impact made while investing a cloud video streaming & made a smart move, considering the rest.. 

1. Scale Up Investment On What You Use

When you set up a live streaming platform, you really don’t have to bother about the server crashes or buy extra equipment for “just in case” scenario. Finally, you can scale up your resources for what you pivotally need to speed in order to meet the demand

2. Minimal Installation & Maintenance

If you choose to start with a live streaming cloud service, on-premise there is no difficulty in the process of installation & maintaining it. The provider usually is prepared with their own tech team to configure & broadcast in stead-fast way, so that you don’t need to take the trouble of understanding technicalities. 

3. Make It Compatible To Other Software 

It is now easy to make it streamable across other applications, due to its compatibility feature. All it needs, is a matter of few clicks. For an instance, if you are readily integrating your video platform, you can stream your content across any platforms & connected devices without any struggle.  

4. Cloud Lets Your Content Stay Secure

There are significant solutions for privacy & encryption since there is regulated means of channelized streaming. Any sort of content can be added to the platform, without the botheration of guarding it constantly from unauthorized users. Whether platform is integrated on-premise or at cloud, your videos are vitally important & always remain confidential. 


As we know there are multitude of cloud based streaming for content businesses to choose & leverage with its newly-packed features, you can quickly take a glance of them individually. Ultimately, broadcasters, content providers or professional streamers like need to determine their business hosting needs & weigh several options accordingly. 

If You Already Have An Idea About Cloud Streaming Video , Schedule A Free Demo And We’ll Get You On The Road To Video Streaming Success

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What Is A Cloud Video Platform?

Video streaming in an online platform assists to stream & store data of any type in the cloud. A cloud streaming service will let host video, deliver it whenever you want at reliable means. Some of the popular cloud video streaming services include Netflix, Hulu, etc. You can let your videos be scalable and be the best fit for any audience across web, mobile & TV screens.

2. Why Is Cloud Video Streaming Beneficial For Business?

By scaling on cloud streaming platforms you can get a chance to increase the bandwidth of media playbacks that tends to provide better video streaming performance in addition to viewing experience. Also another advantage that most enterprises get is with network capacity of handling video streaming due to heavy traffic. That’s where streaming on cloud is found as the best resolution to monetize effectively.

3. How To Choose The Cloud-Based Video Streaming Solution?

It is necessary to find a cloud-based streaming provider who can assist you to have specific streaming workflow where your business needs are met appropriately.  Some of the essential components include: customizabilty at maximum level, see if it provides multi-device support across major platforms, in-built video player, robust CMS to manage assets, get to grab special insights from the centralized dashboard in order to understand audience viewing trends & much more.

4. What To Look For In Top Cloud Video Streaming Platforms?

In the cloud video streaming market there are key features which can help users to seamlessly share their content with the world. Some of them comprise of: livestream recording where viewing isn’t compromised at any time when it comes to quality, HTML 5 video players are compatible across devices, virtual universal viewability in multiple formats, keep every data secure against unauthorized breaches & making it more quick-responsive within the streaming service, & many more.

5. What Are The Benefits Of Cloud Video Streaming?

The best cloud video streaming is much more a cost-effective solution. It is because you don’t have to invest in the complex infrastructure that is required in-house & run the server. Also additional hardware comes with it which makes it quite a large investment that you would comes across. Alongside, video streaming has made its way largely into every industry with many businesses leveraging the same without having any technical expertise on, to run it. Also many customers find the need to scale up their videos which is accelerated by platform’s speed & its efficacy.

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