Streamlining Recurring Revenue With a Competitive Edge

Build a large audience with SVOD USPs to stream unlimited content consistently

OTT Video Delivery

Build Your Own Branded Platform Own your stellar videos & define it as a brand

  • With fully branded experience, build a corporate identity by adding your own logo, photos, labels, & colours to your video subscription website and apps.

  • Build ultimate subscriber experience by streaming premium content at your own leading subscription management platform. Deliver sustainable value in successful recurring video business.

Retain 100% Of Your Profits No need to share your revenue

  • Hold personalized ownership and don’t give room for commission agents to take a slice from your income. Become the sole entrepreneur of every penny that you earn without giving any charges to VPlayed.

  • Leverage on source code support from VPlayed to reap the benefits by ever-scaling business tech solutions.

OTT Video Delivery
OTT Video Delivery

Take Full Control of Your Platform Forever Independent growth for lifelong upscaling

  • Having ownership in its entirety is something that solves your need once & for all. With unique video subscription services you can own it all for life long to always have sustainable benefits.

  • To cap it all, cash-in your profits by strategizing, controlling activities & analyzing content outcomes.

Find No Limitations to Streaming Target any base with powerful apps

  • Deliver videos wherever your subscribers want it. A full set of online apps for Mobile, Web, Television & other device types can be provided inside your subscription platform.

  • Followingly, other compatible devices/platforms where audiences can avail your streams are iOS, Android, AppleTV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast & Browser.

OTT Video Delivery

Build a SVOD Platform That Opens Up Wealth of Opportunities

Content subscription strategies with zero payment thresholds

Deliver Flexible Subscriber View Plans

Please your niche audience to have continued growing subscriptions based on your content to offer variable plans & explore your platform vividly.

Initially Furnish Free Trial Delights

While you plan to start a subscription based service model, let viewers take a free tour to explore your popular content for the time being before they take up the subscription.

Bring In Cash via In-app Purchases

To have sustainable monetary profits in-app purchases can add value in the realms of SVOD which is a great plus as it carries potential to catch the app economy’s attention.

Offer Content With Special Coupons

Always remind users about the savings they would retain while utilizing coupon codes to gain attractive redemptions. Provide coupons in video subscriptions at any special times of the year

Long-lasting With Predictive Streams

VPlayed enables you to gain profitable shares via recurring money flow through video streaming subscriptions and have direct automated payments.

Welcome/Withdraw With Timely Plans

Flexible time-bound packages can be offered to users by enabling auto upgrade or downgrade of plans. Customize package renewal plans for users to make their suitable decisions.

Notify with Failed Transactions

In any case if your subscribers fail to facilitate payments on time, you needn’t worry anymore! Now get payment failure notification feature & intimate users to have intact communication.

Transmit Your Subscription Content Powered By HLS Player

Stream subscription on-demand videos for buffer-free views

Improved Quality of Experience

With our cloud video encoder, auto-optimize your bitrate ladder for unparalleled adaptive bitrate streams that can give flawless outputs even at excessive bandwidths.

Discover Art of Speedy Streams

Deliver subscription video streaming in a smooth pace with jet-speed playbacks providing accurate & high-quality view experience at any given time.

Cast With Smart Alternatives

Cast live streams and subscription on-demand material like TV shows, Movies, Games to any device like Smart TVs, Mobile, and engage every audience.

Streams Accessibility In Varied Devices

Enable cross-viewing compatibility and let your viewers reach you through any medium using multi-device development for Desktop, Smartphones, Tablets, and TVs.

Increase Overall Watch Time

To watch any foreign or regional content on any device, allow your loyal users to avail subtitles along with respective fonts. OTT subscription packs also give multilingual capability.

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branding Features

A Complete SVOD Platform To Manage, Engage & Measure

Exclusive availability of potential performance Indicators In SVOD streaming

  • Manage
  • Marketing
  • Measure
OTT Video Marketing

Advanced Inbuilt Video
Content Library Compile & stream every content In real-time

Bulk Upload

At a single shot, you can upload multiple videos, transfer them into your video CMS & can readily share them to your targets.

Content Partner Portal
Live to VOD
Multi-Lingual Support
Video Scheduling
Explore video cms
OTT Video Marketing

Targeted Video Streaming
Strategies Make your videos effective with personalized marketing

Centralize Your Video Workflow

Content owners can plan their creation & market them using distinctive site mapping. To earn better search results for your subscription videos, site mapping can assist you to compile your videos & showcase in one place.

Stream Branded, Ad-free Events
Marketing Automation
Bigger Audiences, Bigger Reach
Powerful, Reliable Live Streaming
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OTT Video Marketing

Analytical Content
Performance Data Get end-to-end insights with quick feedbacks

Real Time Traffic Analysis

Business intelligence can be geared up with actual time traffic analysis. Managing streaming subscriptions gets efficient with dynamic data study & trend forecasters that make an impact in your video business.

Viewers Device Data
Audience Behaviour Analysis
Content Access Data
Revenue Report
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Streaming Infrastructure to Secure Videos from Piracy

Reinforced video security backed by standardized protocols

DRM Security

Now your intellectual property stays intact against copyright infringement through advanced Digital Rights Management solutions delivered via VPlayed.

AES Encryption

Advanced Encryption Standard protocol ensures you have secure means of video streaming by encrypting your videos & not letting hackers barge-in to steal them.

Paywall Integration

You can now ensure a layer of content integrity by initiating secure checked paywall. Until the payment transaction has been made, users won’t be allowed to view videos.

OTT Mobile App
Authentic Access Control

Create firewalls between your content & bypassers with adequate access control features & ensure to give safe content access to only platform members.

Secure Video Storage

You can preserve your precious video assets safely with DRM storage extension, that facilitates you to have distinguished storage costs.

Advanced SSL Certification

With standardized SSL certification you can ensure cryptographic key exchanges transmitted with sensitive data are in safe connection amongst servers & browsers.

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