Explore Dynamic Solution for Educational Content To Next Level

Get everything needed to take your lessons to the world on one platform and build an end-to-end educational streaming service.

100% Customizable

Build a personalized online education platform according to your set preferences and leverage the art of customization with key elements.

3rd Party Integration

Enhance the transfer of knowledge further by facilitating third-party providers to introduce collaborative tools.

Lifetime Ownership

Create a virtual OTT platform for education and own it for a lifetime to constantly monetize in millions. Implement new competent methodologies at any time.

White Labelling

Deliver educational streaming that reflects your brand value in your private-labeled platform. Build a sense of authority & trust amongst your audience

Stream Online Education Across Live or VOD Learning Experiences

Support distance learning in flexible modes within the online education platform

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On-demand Learning

Offer the best performing high-definition video solution to your students
Progressive Web Apps

Allow learners to easily add their web pages on mobile just like a native app through PWAs.

Offline Viewing

Expand the reach of your audience by delivering access to courses even offline.

In-app Purchase

Enable smooth buying process of educational streaming courses via in-app purchases.

Multi-device Support

Let learners switch devices to consume content easily without blinking an eye online.

Explore VOD

Live Streaming Classes

Real-time user interaction with live chat, reactions, and more.
Live To VOD

Tap into live-to-VOD archiving to make them available for on-demand playback later viewing.

Live Notification

Create a push notification strategy for retaining your learners with new arrivals using native app alerts.

Live Chat

Create an engaging live education-based training atmosphere for you to communicate with users.

Live Q&A

Run live Q&A sessions with students in your own video education platform effortlessly.

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Explore live streaming

Deliver Exceptional Education Content on Your Video Platform

Engage learners with cutting-edge video streaming and impactful teaching methods for maximum knowledge retention.

Virtual Classroom

Deliver the best quality education to students in an online video platform with tools like video conferencing, digital whiteboards, sub chats, participation controls, etc.

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Lecture Capture

Record classroom lectures as videos & make it available to your knowledge-seekers to review it after the class for them to learn in a variety of ways.

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One-to-one Tutoring

Empower your elearning business with potential mode of one-to-one tutoring. Tutors can teach specific subject to learners with undivided attention

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Flipped Classroom

Eduprenuers can provide access to educational streaming services like pre-recorded tutorials, videos. Students can independently use them.

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Launch Easily & Expand Comfortably
With an Education Video Platform

Schedule a demo with product experts & we’ll put you on the road to online education success.

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Manage Online Educational Videos Easily with a User-friendly CMS

Effortlessly upload, distribute your content and monitor your student's activities in one platform – tailored for online tutors and edu-tech organizations.

Upload Your Course

Upload list of lessons all at one go in educational video platform and organize them within the unlimited storage library.

Content Partner Portal

Add a content partner to your online video education platform with just few clicks. Get control for uploads, logins, registrations & revenue sharing.

Personalized Thumbnails

With custom thumbnails you can add visual data to represent course content and increase user engagement along with CTR.

Video Scheduling

Keep your trainees interested with scheduled sessions beforehand at any moment. This can help you to sketch out your teaching calendar.

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Explore video CMS

Deliver Education Content Anywhere With Seamless Video Playback

Stream with endless high-quality content on a feature-rich HTML5 player on your video education platform.

  • Video Playback

    Share knowledge to the world which is powered by an advanced HLS video player. Lecturers, learners can remain focussed throughout content renditions.

  • Teach with Multi-language Subtitles

    Play your video courses along with added subtitles that are supported in multiple languages. VPlayed offers impressive translation & localization options.

  • Picture in Picture

    Let your audience watch two education videos simultaneously in your platform. They can drag small video window to any corner of the screen.

  • Screen Casting

    Allow students to engage with your material in a self-paced way. They can pause videos multiple times to absorb the content and rewatch portions.

Explore HLS video player
TVOD Video On Demand Player

Monetize Live & On-demand Educational Videos Online

Generate recurring income and establish a steady revenue stream for your educational streaming service with genuine monetization.

  • Subscription
  • Advertisement
  • Pay Per Course
  • Sell Online Course
  • Premium Access
Video Analytics
Unlock unlimited learning with subscription!
  • Monetize plenty of courses via subscriptions on monthly, or annually with a fee.
  • Give access to subscribers for couses wherever they are on any device like mobile, laptop, etc.
  • Provide access to working professionals with hands-on exercises covering deep knowledge.
Explore SVOD

Monitor & Track Student Activity in Real-time Video Analytics

Get in-depth analytics data on educational videos for more engaging viewer experience

TVOD Video On Demand Player
  • Detailed Reports on Student's Engagement

    Get complete insights on learner’s period of engability such as time, clicks, in a program within a video platform fostering high-tech education.

  • Track Location of Students

  • Real-time Analytics

  • Revenue Analytics

Explore video analytics

Trusted by Global Leaders in Education

Join the ranks of top Edu-tech brands who trust VPlayed for their streaming needs

Join Hundreds of Fast-scaling Educational Platforms

Check how content owners leverage VPlayed to achieve – long-term, sustainable, and data-driven growth

VPlayed’s flexible video management system and multiple monetization models enabled BS Value OTT to grow rapidly and become one of India’s top regional streaming platforms. We are excited about expanding our roadmap with the support of VPlayed team.

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RJ Vigneshkanth,
CEO, Black Sheep Entertainment
increase in revenue

VPlayed team helped us in putting together a robust fitness streaming platform in a short span of time. It was great working with their knowledgeable engineering team who took keen interest in hearing our ideas and executed them to perfection.

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Juliana Wolfarth,
Product Manager, ZiYou
customer retention

VPlayed provided us with a customizable OTT solution for East Africa, including a payment gateway tailored to the local audience. The platform works perfectly for our target region, and we are thrilled with the results.

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Felix Mpfizi,
Chief Technical Officer, Mass Kom Group
increase in viewership

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