Why Choose VPlayed To Build Your Religious Platform?

Simplify church streaming – from start to finish – with user-friendly, 360° religious software built by a team of 300+ pro-level engineers.

Build religious platform
100% Customizable

Customize every bit of your religious platform at any level. Right from new feature addition, or modifying existing ones do anything & everything.

200+ Third-party Integrations

Integrate third-party resources to scale up with blissful streaming experience globally. Extract surplus revenue from a fully-functional platform.

Lifetime Ownership

Own up your church streaming platform with a lifetime streaming value. As a religious spokesperson, you can shape your divine acumen any time.

White Label Solution

Build a strong brand identity by white labeling your streaming services. Enable exclusive network building on the platform with your church followers.

Increase Attendance With a Multipurpose Religious Platform

Keep your members engaged all the time – Stream on-demand sermons, live-streaming of church events, multi-device support, offline playback and more!

VOD Religious Platform

On-demand Sermons

Offer the best performing high-definition videos on your religious video platform
Pre-recorded Streams

Spiritual entities can plan their short broadcasts in advance and stream them from libraries.

Video Recommendations

Parishioners can stream similar videos to those that are frequently viewed by followers.

Offline Downloads

Allow users to enjoy downloaded videos and sermons to watch later without network.

Progressive Web Apps

Include best features of both worlds as users can add web pages on mobile home screens via PWAs.

Explore VOD

Live Streaming Worship

Experience the essence of group worship with live streaming for faith communities
Live To VOD

Record live-streamed videos & save as VODs. Share recordings who missed the event.


Offer your congregations with videos via multiple channels simultaneously.

Live Chat

Faith-streaming owners can connect with viewers via chats powered by church-based software.

Live Mobile Broadcasting

Engage audiences with live streaming services like conducting mass prayers remotely at churches

Live streaming religious platform
Explore live streaming

Engage With Your Community Instantly, Like Never Before

Develop a camaraderie, fellowship with group prayers or connect personally with private prayers on your religious streaming platform.

Group Prayer

Streaming of religious activities like conducting group prayers is now made comprehensive with your own online prayer platform

Group Prayer
Private Prayer

Simplify the delivery of private prayers for devotees in any region. Create personalized streaming services from your church.

Private Prayer
Special Ceremonies and Rituals

Organized ceremonies and rituals can be offered on-demand continuously via streaming technologies like church video solutions

Special Ceremonies and Rituals
Virtual Prayer

Illuminate your viewers with spiritual hymns and discourses right from the comfort of their homes. Cultivate a sacred atmosphere with a virtual streaming ecosystem.

Virtual Prayer

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A Religious Streaming Platform

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Manage Religious Content Easily With a Simple Video CMS

Get all-format compatibility and manage all your content in one place with an easy-to-use and powerful content management system.

Upload Recorded Prayers

Upload bulk videos of on-demand prayers and archive your collections with organized video CMS. They can all be set with multi-lingual support.

Multiple Format Support

The CMS technology from VPlayed lets faith streaming professionals to stream in numerous formats like MPEG, AVI, MP4, FLV, etc.

Video Scheduling

Procure high engagement rates by scheduling mass congregations, discourses in bulk via on-demand content management system.

Content Partner Portal

Onboard your content partners any moment to stream their set of faith-based content and view its performance from anywhere.

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Explore video CMS

A Video Player Tailored Exclusively for Religious Streaming

Deliver seamless, unfettered streaming with a specialized video player, designed for immersive event experiences.

  • Fastest Playback

    Enhance your followers' experience with a professional streaming software and HTML5 video player, delivering refined sermons for an enhanced spiritual journey.

  • Screencasting

  • Picture in Picture

  • Subtitles & Caption

Explore HLS video player
Video player for relegious streaming

Turn Videos Into Recurring Revenue With 9+ Revenue Models

Build a steady income stream with your religious videos and monetize at your convenience with flexible monetization options.

  • Pay Per View
  • Subscription
  • Advertising
  • Sponsorships
  • Donations
Pay Per View for Relegious streaming
Pay Per View
Charge only for what you stream
  • Engage your online congregation with pay-per-view access to exclusive spiritual content.
  • Experience powerful sermons, heartfelt prayers, and uplifting hymns through our religious platform on a pay-per-view basis.
  • Unlock premium content by purchasing individual sermons, special events, and inspirational teachings.
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Track Your Religious Streaming Attendance With Built-in Analytics

Monitor your content’s performance, members’ attention spans, drop-off rates, audience timeline – track everything at once on the built-in analytics.

  • Third-party Analytics Integration

    Analyze data of your partnered collaborator’s streams with essential metrics and understand its content performance.

  • Audience Timeline

    Capture an aerial view of user-level analytics with key indicators like number of views, clicks, revisits, within video assets.

  • Device Data

    Grab insights of disciple’s device they use to gain information about their niche preferences of watching your religious-based content

  • Network Data

    Get a glance on followership network data to see log files generated by users using mobile or web apps, information from social networks, purchases, etc.

Explore video analytics
Track Your Religious Streaming

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Our Clients Leverage VPlayed To Achieve Long-term, Sustainable, and Data-driven Growth

VPlayed team helped us in putting together a robust fitness streaming platform in a short span of time. It was great working with their knowledgeable engineering team who took keen interest in hearing our ideas and executed them to perfection.

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Juliana Wolfarth,
Product Manager, ZiYou
customer retention

VPlayed provided us with a customizable OTT solution for East Africa, including a payment gateway tailored to the local audience. The platform works perfectly for our target region, and we are thrilled with the results.

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Felix Mpfizi,
Chief Technical Officer, Mass Kom Group
increase in viewership

VPlayed’s flexible video management system and multiple monetization models enabled BS Value OTT to grow rapidly and become one of India’s top regional streaming platforms. We are excited about expanding our roadmap with the support of VPlayed team.

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RJ Vigneshkanth,
CEO, Black Sheep Entertainment
increase in revenue

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