Stream Religious Services in Any Mode

Reach your audience on any platform with VPlayed’s all-inclusive religious streaming opportunities.

  • Sermon Audios

    Audio streaming sermons has higher engagement rates. Simpler and more efficient, VPlayed’s cloud is compatible to stream AAC, MP3, WMA or any other audio file of your choice

  • Live & On Demand Streaming

    Don’t miss out on the benefits of both on-demand and live streaming. Live content can be stored in Content library for viewers to watch it on demand.

  • TV Everywhere

    Avail godly services in high pixel rate, with remarkable viewing experience. Customised lineups, search options and push notifications makes VPlayed’s OTT platform one of its kind.

Characteristics for speckless Religious streaming

Stream sermons in high definition with uninterrupted live religious streaming services.

Church Video Streaming Solutions
100% Customizable

Make your VOD Platform user friendly for all age groups with VPlayed’s simplified 360 degree customising options

Superior Reliability
Live Linear Streaming
White label

Ideal features That Elevates Your Streaming Software

Crafted to suit the needs of religious streamers, worship events for a global reach.

Adaptive Bitrate streaming

Ensure buffer free streaming for all users connecting via various bandwidths of 3G, 4G or wifi through adaptive bitrate streaming.

Cloud/on premise Hosting

Build your solution using private on-premise servers, or giant clouds such as Amazon Web Services

Customizable video library

VPlayed’s custom build content management library makes maintaining your data take a professional stance with future compatible technologies.

Private messaging

This feature enables worshippers to private chat with pastors or religious heads to request prayers, and also chat in groups if required.

Unlimited Bandwidth

VPlayed provides its customers with unlimited storage and bandwidth allocation.

Auto Archive

Render clutter-free video suggestions and enhance your server performance with auto archiving feature.

Audio Extraction

Extract audio from your recorded on live videos and store/stream them separately in any audio format


Screened password protected sign-ins, Data Rights Management,Encryption and watermarking ensures your data is highly secured.

Know How VPlayed's Religious Streaming Works

Top-notch technology stacks that enhance the solution’s functionality & performance

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To Build a Highly Scalable Religious Streaming Platform That Has a Global Reach.

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