We understand you’re looking for your best bet for all your OTT-rich streaming needs.. To get ahead of the competent curve, VPlayed facilitates you to have a cutting-edge branded platform that gives better alternatives to choose along with more control in the hands of professional broadcasters than other players like Uscreen.

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Unveil, Why VPlayed Is The Top-Most Alternative to Uscreen

Uscreen vs VPlayed: Comparative Features Having A Face-off

A Complete Toolkit To Build A OTT Experience

VPlayed is a customizable OTT solution which enables video owners, distributors or media publishers to build their own audio/video streaming platform gaining a 100% sureshot alternative to Uscreen’s pack of benefactors offered.

When it comes to pricing factors, VPlayed delivers you with a complete streaming infrastructure built with microservice architecture & a complete ownership all in one-time cost in contrast to Uscreen

Customization No Yes
[ 100% Customizable ]
Third Party Service Integration Yes Yes
[ At any Scale ]
In-house Team Yes Yes
[ 300+ Engineers ]
Hosting Cloud On Premise / On Cloud
Cost Monthly Subscription One Time License
Ownership No Lifetime Platform Ownership
OTT Yes Yes
Video Streaming Yes Yes
Audio Streaming No Yes
Live Streaming Yes Yes
Support All Businesses Yes Yes

Impactful Streaming Environment In Contrast To Uscreen

While differentiating the reviews of Uscreen with VPlayed for an alternative video platform, you can highly distinguish your unlimited curated content into the top levels of video services that is empowered at every industry you choose to rev up your ROI

Now you can be one amongst the top players in the audio industry by having the best alternative to Uscreen. Deliver varied genres of potential content where users can relish all the way through.

Superiorly Organize Content With CMS Solution

Now to store, manage, organize & present on demand or live streaming content is made simpler for maintaining efficiency while streaming & you can tentatively look for another alternatives instead of Uscreen

On one hand top competitors provide you with a video uploading & storage facility just like Uscreen, but streamers prefer to have unlimited options for it. Get an alternative like VPlayed that suffices them, in addition to a separate portal for content partners.

Video Scheduling Yes Yes
Video Upload Yes Yes
Categorization & Filtering Yes Yes
Content Partner Portal N/A Yes
Multi-language Yes Yes
Content Storage Yes
[Unlimited Storage]
Content Types Yes
[Only Video Content]
[Support Video, Audio]
Subscription Yes Yes
[Keep 100% of Revenue]
PPV Yes Yes
[Keep 100% of Revenue]
Advertising No Yes
Catchup TV No Yes
Third-Party Ad Integration No Yes
[Server-Side Ad Insertion]
No Yes
Coupons & Promotions Yes Yes

Grow Video Business With Turnkey Monetization Plans

Bring-in loaded sum of revenue with these spectacular 6+ monetization models where you can set your own price tags to your videos. Earn 100% profit share & drive your digital video business better than Uscreen’s offered packages.

Tap a major share from your online video platform using curative content streamed through advertising-based model, third-party ad integration, etc. Even though coupons & promotions are given in Uscreen, it steps back with others & you can cover with alternatives like Catch Up TV, SSAI models via VPlayed.

Secure Your Data With High Levels Of Privacy

VPlayed protects your intellectual assets with globally-supported encryption technologies. With AES Encryption, Screenshot Prevention you can have best in class secure standardization either in website, OTT app or for any device. Now switch to VPlayed from Uscreen to have crucial elements that prove to be the ‘backbone’ of your platform.

Capture the biggest audience by assuring the safest streaming environment for kids and young adults by having a compulsory guideline measure using industry-grade solutions.

Multi-Platform DRM Yes Yes
Paywall Yes Yes
Screenshot Prevention No Yes
IP & Device Restriction Yes Yes
Parental Control No Yes
AES Encryption No Yes
Watermarks Yes Yes
Video Player HTML5 HLS
Customize Player Yes Yes
[At Any Scale]
Adaptive Bitrate No Yes
Multiple Formats & Codecs Support No Yes
Player SDK Yes Yes
Multi-Device Support Yes Yes

Experience Fastest Playbacks Compared To Uscreen

Drive the future of technological supremacy with one step further for eye-gluing experience from customizable HLS player at any scale. Give your users an unprecedented cross-device HQ view playability.

Along with player SDKs have the best for live streaming for you to go global without foreseeing adaptive bitrate and multiple codec support, unlike Uscreen.

Nurture Leads With Effective Marketing Conversions

Get a comprehensive suite of marketing software with built-in integrations like social integration to create a loyal following base with fully optimized pages and scale your video business.

Considering the subsequent alternative to Uscreen will prove to your advantage as key tools like recommendation engine & custom thumbnail are vital resources for you to retain your audience.

Meta Data Yes Yes
Social Integration No Yes
Recommendation Engine No Yes
Lead Capture Form Yes Yes
Marketing Software Integration Yes Yes
Custom Thumbnail No Yes
Live Dashboard Report No Yes
Video Comparison Report No Yes
3rd Party Analytics Integration Yes Yes
[At Any Scale]
Audience Graph Yes Yes
Custom Report Exporting Yes Yes

Analyze Audiences To Upgrade Content Performance

The success of a platform is dependent on real-time analytics that are fresh, and actionable scaled with lightning-fast metrics.

Although Uscreen offers its customers with audience graph data & custom report export, some of the prime data such as live dashboard report, video comparison report can be leveraged from another alternative for creating a huge difference for furnishing needs in upcoming trends.

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