All You Need In a movie streaming Solution

To build your best-in-class movie streaming platform for stunning viewer experience.

100% Customizable

Design, distribute, monetize and market with detailed customizations and all-in-one technicised features.

Mobile App

Build streaming apps with formidable responsive pages, zero loading time and magnificent operational efficiency.

Fastest Player

Equipped with adaptive bitrate, Vplayed’s video player, puts an end to buffer no matter what the end user’s bandwidth is.

TV Everywhere

Let your viewers enjoy stunning visuals irrespective of their choice of location/devices with refined user access, lineups & search options

Comprehensive Movie Streaming Features

To create highly secure, multi device compatible movie streaming platform for web & mobile

Powerful CMS

Manage content efficiently and deliver at high speed through striking features like scheduled posting, auto archiving & more

Multiple Payment Gateways

Integrate any payment gateway of your choice to your app at ease, from online payment systems to barcode transactions.

Go Unlimited

Power up media streaming by featuring unlimited content on your application without any hassles.

Multi-Device Streaming

Convene unending high definition streaming choices on any device and on any platform with low latency.

UHD Video Quality

Accelerate the performance of your mobile, web apps with HLS player, a thoroughly customisable, efficient video player that enables HD streaming in an instant.

On Premise / On Cloud Hosting

Content storage at your own premises or on cloud of your choice! Whatever may be your choice, Vplayed ensures highly scalable delivery.


Fortify your data files intact through DRM, access control, encryption, watermarking, password protection and single sign-in security pursuits.

Recommendation Engine

Vplayed’s AI driven plugin lets users experience personalised watch experience based on their platform behavior

Built-in Movie Streaming Marketing Capabilities

All the marketing properties a movie streaming platform can need. And more.

  • Video Content Management

    Deliver noiseless content with pristine quality. Optimised in terms of SEO and meta data, solutions built by Vplayed has consistently shown high success rates.

  • Video Analytics

    Create high engagement rates with affirmative real time analytics, individual video performance and viewer diagnostic reports

  • Video Portal

    Ladle out to your viewer base with a video portal of impeccable scalability. Vplayed’s movie streaming software is suited with a colossal CDN to stream and store unlimited data.

  • Social Publishing

    Make streaming a fun and interactive activity with social publishing feature that allows commenting, sharing and favoriting on videos.

  • In-House Search Engine

    Vplayed’s search engine displays results calculated with auto suggest loaded with names, genres and other relatable terms.

A Stream of Salient Monetization Features

Vplayed’s brings you the best tailor made monetization possibilities

Pay Per View

Cash out for every view for every video. Also known as Transactional video services, this feature yields efficient ROI through services such as Electronic sell through (EST) & Download to Rent (DTR)


Upgrade your viewership base with subscription programs, providing premium members access to unlimited videos. SVOD combined with Vplayed’s technology, pitches in high returns


Preroll, Midroll or Postroll - Ad based monetization integration strategically placed according to the performance of videos churns out the maximum revenue.

Coupons & Promotions

Coupons and promotions placed with an eye for successful response rates, and relevant to customers bags astounding revenue.

Know How Vplayed's Movie Streaming Works

Top-notch technology stacks that enhance the solution’s functionality & performance

Movie Streaming Solution Architecture

Let's Get Started! Vplayed Has

To Build a Custom Movie Streaming Platform With Video CMS, 6 Monetization Models & DRM.

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