Why VPlayed Is The Right
Alternative To Brightcove

There’s no one-size fits all approach here at VPlayed. We offer a powerful, scalable, 100% customizable, end-to-end Brightcove alternative, built by a team of 100+ qualified engineers.

100% Customizable

100% Customizable

With VPlayed you can personalize the look and feel of your white-label OTT platform to resonate with your brand. Customize every single element of the interface.

100% Customizable

100+ Third-Party Integrations

Streamline your workflows with 100+ dynamic third-party integrations. Track every single activity. Stay connected, and consistent with VPlayed OTT.

100% Customizable

Complete Ownership

Unlike Brightcove, VPlayed offers complete ownership over your custom-built OTT platform once it is built. You are the sole owner. No strings attached.

100% Customizable

Microservice Architecture

Unlike Brightcove, VPlayed’s all-in-one OTT solution is built on state-of-the-art microservice architecture. It results in improved productivity, scalability, and faster time-to-market.

VPlayed vs Brightcove — A Side-By-Side Comparison

Check how VPlayed stands over and above Brightcove in every aspect.

Streaming Features  Premium Video Monetization Platform
White Label
Content Partner Portal
Live Linear
Server Side Ad Insertion
Screenshot Prevention
Parental Control
Adaptive Bitrate
Recommendation Engine
Video Comparison Report
Hosting SAAS On Premise/On Cloud
Hassle Free Brightcove Migration
Within No Time

You Don’t Have to Worry. We’ll Migrate Your Data to VPlayed

  • Content Migration
  • Customers Data Migration
  • Users Payment Migration
Switch to VPlayed
100% Customizable

Why VPlayed is the Top Alternative to Brightcove: 6 Solid Reasons

VPlayed is the more than a Brightcove alternative. It offers comprehensive features, flexible pricing plans, and superior customizability – in every way possible.

Centralized OTT CMS for Streamlined Content Management

  • Bulk Upload to easily upload multiple videos in one go. No more ‘Upload failed’ message!
  • Drag-and-drop functionality to conveniently customize any element of your CMS.
  • Pre-schedule your uploads.New uploads anytime, to save time and maintain consistency.
  • Custom thumbnailsto increase click-through rates. Boost views and drive more engagement.
  • Multi-codec streaming toconsistently deliver a high volume of streams in the highest quality of experience.
Explore Video CMS
Video CMS Platform

Entice Viewers with Adaptive HLS Streaming On HTML5 Player

For endless high-quality streams & flawless playback

4K, 360° & VR Support - Discover the finest details in every minute on your Brightcove alternative with buffer-free video playback.

Embed Player to get your video on any channel with an embed code in just a click's effort.

Picture in Picture - Multi-task all the time! Let the video play on a floating window as you run through your inbox.

HLS & Dash Adaptive to experience buttery-smooth online video streaming in Full HD resolution on your custom OTT platform.

Cast-to-screen Support - Start binge-watching at any moment with cast-to-screen support.

Explore HLS Player
Video Player HTML5 HLS
Customize Player No Yes
Whitelabel No Yes
Adaptive Bitrate Yes Yes
Multi-Device Support Yes Yes

Make Informed Decisions with Data-Driven OTT Video Analytics

Gain maximum insights and understand the pulse of your audience

Live Dashboard Report Yes Yes
Video Comparison Report No Yes
3rd Party Analytics Integration Yes (Limited) Yes (At Any Scale)
Audience Graph Yes Yes
Custom Report Exporting Yes Yes

Live Dashboard Report to get real-time insights into viewers' activities. Track session duration, user behavior, etc.

Seamless Third-Party Analytics Integration to track every traffic source on your Brightcove alternative with ease.

Cross-Device Insights to get a crystal-clear picture of your customer's journey and their modes of content consumption.

Engagement Graph to understand the audience better and create niche, user-specific content on your Brightcove alternative.

Revenue Report to know where the money comes from and where your money should go.

Explore Video Analytics

Awards & Recognition

Recognition by industry for consistent efforts and global talent

    Awards & Recognition

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