Why Choose VPlayed To Create an Android TV App?

Key factors that determine the success of online streaming business


You can deliver 100% customizable android TV apps with enhanced feature set & specifications using new-gen techstack for a profound viewing user experience

Brand Visibility

Get to have a perfectly enhanced layout & theme of apps set from the best android TV app developers in the market

Upscale Revenue

A full-proof strategy for turning your streaming business into a prospective mode via android TV development cycle is just what you’ll need

Ecstatic Features To Launch Android TV Apps

Refine the mode of delivering entertainment with online videos directly to every device

In-app Purchase

Allow users to leverage their entitled android TV app world-class commerce needs & make seamless payments

Smart Recommendations

Build an android TV app with a facility to add a list of upcoming AI-powered content as users can get notified

Offline Download

Business owners can easily benefit from android tv app development by letting viewers download content without internet access

Secure online video subscription platform
Parental control

When you develop an android TV app make sure to enable parental control for restricting kids to access improper content

Catch-up TV

Let users catchup their favourite TV shows or movies on demand if they have missed out for a long time

Multi-language support

See an increase in global viewership via the android TV app maker by enabling multilanguage support

Centralize Content With a Robust Video CMS

Make your assets accessible to have scalable workflow management solution

Video CMS Solution
Editorial CMS

Get a cutting-edge digital transformation by managing from bulk ingestion to editing videos

Metadata Management

Make an android tv app, discoverable & indexable on seach engines with the use of meta tags

Video Scheduling

Schedule your videos in an organized library as per geo locations irrespective of date & location

Personalization & Recommendation

Let users have customized recommendation videos based on their interests, or similarity between watched content

Explore video CMS

Streamline Content with Smooth Delivery Network Worldwide

Integrate CDN to enhance with a steadfast video content performance

Multiple Codecs Support

Multiple codecs such as H.263, AVI, H.264, AVC m3u8, can make the content compatible

Streaming Protocol

Enhance viewer experience at the most efficient way with different types of streaming protocols

Custom CDN

Make an android tv app to stream other web content at a faster rate via bespoke CDN

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Ensure to stream android tv app content with nil worries of bandwidth input at flexible resolution

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Video CMS Solution

Launch Easily & Proliferate With
Your Branded Android TV App

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Streaming Content Monetization Is Made Supreme

Upscale Android TV app revenue with hassle-free paid streaming models


Get the most lucrative model for publishers & target larger userbase to profit with high revenue-per-user


Create android or smart TV app to run AVOD ads on them & earn more effortlessly


Allow viewers to purchase preferred content which is premium/seasonal content they’d like to view

Hybrid Model

Earn from a combined set of monetization models to boost your entire video app library

Protect Your Assets Within Secured Digital Platform

Grab nuances of creating android TV app in safe streaming ecosystem

  • Multi DRM Platform

    Multi-DRM supports to prevent unauthorized use & leakage of content while developing an android tv app infrastructure

  • AES Encryption

  • Password Protection

  • Screenshot Prevention

Explore DRM & Security
Video Analytics

Measure Android TV App Performance At Minute Level

Drive more number of views with the highest engagement occurring best reporting practices

VOD player
  • 3rd Party Analytics Integration

    Allow your partners to view reports on content views & provide them with dedicated access

  • Live Dashboard Report

  • Custom Metrics

  • Detailed Revenue Reports

Explore video analytics

Start Building Your Brand & Grow 3x Faster With Lossless Monetization

  • Get a 100% customized platform
  • Launch mobile & TV apps at once
  • Pay once; use and own forever
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