End-to-End Content Protection for All Streaming Needs

Employ a higher protection standard for securing your essential audio and video content

DRM Attributes That Protect Your Content

Highly effective DRM features and protocols for all devices and platforms

AES Encryption


Powered by AES, Vplayed renders a strong, symmetric encryption algorithm which ensures your copyrighted content is protected from end-to-end.

Dynamic Watermarks

Add watermarks on your videos to ensure propriety and brand name remains intact. Our dynamic watermarking is a great way of achieving the same.

Single Sign-On

Initiate SSO system to authenticate user credentials quickly and provide customers with ease of use by utilising only one set of login credentials for any website.

Login Protection

Protect your videos with any kind of login protocol so only paid members can gain access. This way you ensure that your videos aren’t viewed or pirated by anyone.

Paywall Integration

Add another layer of security for your videos by integrating a secure paywall. Users are not allowed to view videos till the payment transaction is completed through the paywall.

SSL Certifications


Ensure secure cryptographic key exchange with SSL certificates by creating a secure connection between servers and browsers when personal information is being transmitted.

Password Protection

Protect your entire platform from unwanted/unpaid users. Vplayed’s password protection protocol is the best form of immediate defense against rogue hackers.

Secure Video Storage

Our DRM extends to your storage so you can store videos safely. Videos are encrypted without compromising playback quality, leading to lower storage costs.

Robust In-Player Safeguards

Player-compatible digital rights management platform for secure video streaming

IP Blocking

IP blocking targets specific groups of IPs and restricts them from viewing your content. This can be implemented over any demographic.

Access Management

Manage access permissions and visibility on a user level with Vplayed’s administrator dashboard. Password-protect your content with top-notch access management.

Secure Offline Playback

Ensure safe downloads over mobile devices so you can rest assured that your content is secure against piracy, even when downloaded offline.

Screenshot Prevention

Prevent anyone from taking a screengrab of your platform even when video is not playing. Complete security ensures no backdoors or loopholes.

Compatibility With Multiple DRM Platforms

Flexible in integrating with top-of-the-line third-party digital rights management platforms

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