How To Setup Your Own Video Streaming Server In 4 Steps?

Streaming videos in this automated digital world at times become a herculean task for content owners, distributors, broadcasters but not for dedicated streaming servers. When your business relies on it, it only makes sense to have complete control over the streaming process, right?

Today, we will uncover some of the detailed concepts of how multilevel-purposed video servers contribute as a key catalyst of the success growth rate achieved from your very own video streaming platform.

Let’s say when your video organisation needs to broadcast desired content for your audience to watch in the same way that YouTube does, you’re probably looking for how to build a robust video streaming server which provides quality broadcasting experience.  

Moreover, when video streaming is a major activity for you there’s a good possibility you’re thinking about setting up an in-house server. Pretty much then your business, while dependent on it, would make sense to hold ownership over the streaming process from beginning to end. 

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What is a Video Streaming Server?

The process of converting or encoding best videos into a data format and then sending it over the internet as a stream of data from a server to a viewer’s computer is known as video streaming. Unlike downloading, streaming does not require users to save the entire file to their hard drive before viewing the content. Instead, people can begin watching the video almost immediately while the file transmission is in progress. Streaming has the disadvantage of requiring a solid connection to enable smooth, high-quality playback with minimal or zero latency, making it buffer-free.

1. Start With Setting Up A Server

The amount of bandwidth in the server that you require in terms of port size is determined by the self hosted video streaming quality and the number of viewers.

2. Data Of Viewership At A Particular Time

Your server will be able to accommodate higher quality and more simultaneous viewers with a bigger port.

3. Required Storage Space For Media Content

Due to high-resolution & multi-camera photos it necessitates to have enormous file sizes, there is a growing demand for high-capacity storage devices as well as high-performance storage.

4. Complete Control Over Accessibility

You’ll also have access to enterprise-grade video security and privacy capabilities to protect your priceless assets and maintain complete control over who has access to your video material.

What’s There to Look Out For in a Video Streaming Server?

Video streaming has a key component which acts as the lifeline in the entire infrastructure. It deals with this robust video streaming server. When you look for business, it makes sense to keep ownership over the end-to-end streaming process. To make it easy we’ll break down with general process that can be covered in this section

how to build a video streaming server

1. Centralized Power Of Streaming With Robust CPU

The integral component of your chosen streaming solution within the  video  server runs on a robust CPU(Central Processing Unit). You might ask “how my dynamic content comes into the picture”. Let me tell you that even though your web server manages aspects of geo restrictions, CDN, & others in business, the resolution of the video is set by the server itself. 

Next, the question arises, how does this fact relate to your business? 

Build video streaming app that is well-designed, which can seamlessly detect internet connection’s stability at your client’s side. If your client is unable to handle the video stream, your application can adjust its video resolution by reducing buffers, improving UX. 

Want To Set Up Your Own Video Streaming Server For Your Business?

2. How Much Space In RAM Is Needed For Me To Stream

To the best of my knowledge, I think nothing might work below 16 gigabytes! Usually, when a video has been streamed each time, it definitely would need to get uploaded to memory. And, whenever the same video is streamed multiple times, simultaneously then it’s pretty much obvious that it will get uploaded to memory time & again.

Having said that, to determine if you need more RAM or not, you can simply follow this drill.

  • Note the size of 30 secs your video ( if video is in HD, it should come around 30MBs)  
  • Number of users accessing your streaming service continuously 
  • Multiply them both & if you find its greater than 12GB, you can upgrade it to 32GBs
  • Similarly, if it’s more than 28 GB you can have a RAM of 64GBs, so & so forth. 

3. File Occupation Inside The Disk That Impacts On Server

When it comes to estimating the space availability on a disk, it might take a while. Finding out the size of your videos & building a video server which has the capacity of streaming it, comes as a key priority in the first place.  

Furthermore, this step is bifurcated again by having videos at different resolutions. By this you can have multiple video copies created with varied  levels of quality.   

Next, ensure to have “empty space” on your disk, for your OTT app to use it for caching, just like in the case of RAM. Also an SSD can improve your app speed by storing your videos & serving as application cache. Additionally you can use the usual hard-disk for bulk video store due, impacting lowered costs. 

4. Port Size Of The Bandwidth Matters In Playability

Bandwidth port size is entirely based on peak streaming demand. Usually an HD video’s rate of consumption is 1MB per second. Let’s presume, if you are given 1GB per second port, then it necessitates to handle almost 1000 HD streamers simultaneously. 

In this regard, if you estimate having more than 800 HD streamers continuously, it is better to upgrade your post accordingly as a safe zone.  You can develop a centralized video server that is dedicated for advanced streaming & is equipped with reduction of network traffic congestion ensuring smooth playability. 

Why Do You Need A Video Streaming Server?

Servers are pivotally known to stream media content using the internet various connected devices like smartphones, laptops, Web, etc. The process of disseminating information or data of any kind through specialized video software, is speeded up with our rapid-fast servers ensuring smooth streaming delivery.

Build video streaming server

Indeed it creates a reliable environment which assists content owners, aggregators, or media influencers to connect with their audiences more in a convenient manner. Here are some of its major factors outlined in detail:

1. Multiple Format Viewability 

It is obvious that different modules are required to be patched together which means that the server needs to be bought. To stream videos, the encoder will assist in generating in multiple formats where the HLS video player helps to deliver the final output.  

2. Maintenance Is the Key 

System is the backbone of your entire streaming infrastructure and so, it is important to maintain by avoiding any kind of errors or bugs that you might encounter. 

3. Secure Path Delivered 

Looking at the safe pathway of streams, it isn’t necessary that controls will be used by other streaming providers. As an example, controls like cryptography or AES 128-key encryption will assure safety from vulnerable attacks.  

4. Powered Compatibility 

Types of network infrastructure, will highlight the importance of compatibility concerns. Therefore, it becomes necessary to have added support with major CDN providers which is another server component taking care of continued HQ streaming. 

5. Strategized View Regions 

There is always an option for you to set up restricted watching environments in a limited number of servers.  The best of cloud stream technologies is harnessed when they autoscale and balance the right amount of load at a very short duration.

How To Build Your Own Video Streaming Server in 4 Steps?

Like any other techy computer, a server requires its own technical know-how. So make sure you are choosing the right partner that serves your needs in order to build an advanced video streaming server that capacitates streaming efficiency. Here are some important aspects covered below.

create own video streaming server

1. Start With Setting Up A Server

At the time of creating your high-tech server you will need to have consider few check pointers such as video streaming quality, number of viewer’s expectation engaging with your videos, upkeeping of your video streams for later use, & most importantly will it be open to the world or you would stream it privately. 

2. Software Configuration For Streaming

Now your server is set to run up. Let’s get started with setting up your streaming software. You can use the open-source realm (Open Broadcast Studio). Choose your operating system to download the relevant version, for customising the video streaming platform that meets your needs. After you’ve finished setup, click ‘Start Streaming’ to start sending your stream to the server. 

3. Step Up To Have Your Own CDN

By utilising a network of proxy servers, a CDN will improve the viewer’s experience by reducing the physical distance between the source and the user and ensuring faster loading times for your content. You’ll need an origin server, points of presence (PoP), an ISP, routing, and caching software to set up your CDN. Read more on How CDN Works

4. Develop An Integral Media Player

While making an efficient video streaming server you need to ensure protocols that will handle audio/video portions within the player.  VLC, an open-source media player that supports RTMP, can be used to watch and monitor your stream. Connect to your stream by going to ‘Media’ and clicking ‘Open Network Stream’, then inputting the stream key.

The next segment talks about what kind of streaks are necessary within a well-defined video server… Let me show you some of its glimpses.. 

Top-graded Features Of An Advance Media Streaming Server

Start streaming with eye-glued video experience to have an end-to-end server solution that’s developed with carrier-grade features, & functionalities for specific broadcasting needs. Take a look at some below!

develop video streaming server

1. Multi-lingual Support

When it comes to expanding your video streaming business what are the options that you can acquire a new customer base? To ensure this your video streaming server needs to be compatible across a wide range of devices & browsers. 

2. Scalability To the Core

By managing traffic and monitoring server usage, it is possible to scale to millions of concurrent users. The system will scale up and down in real time based on demand requirements. Thanks to this fully automated approach.

3. Latency Paired with its Efficacy

Using key protocols like WebRTC to reduce latency would encourage zero delays for staggered and unnatural interactions. This is entirely dependent on how well video files are encoded and transcoded.

4. Customizable At Your Will

Being unique is the only way to set yourself apart from the competitors. Allowing for a high degree of customisation without rehauling the entire streaming architecture allows you to develop your solutions according to your needs with no limitations.

5. Dependability Is Removed

When you want to customize a solution to meet your specific demands, you’ll need complete control, such as source code access, to add new features, modify current infrastructure, and so on. You can entirely eliminate the dependent scenario & own it subsequently.

6. Freedom of Innovativeness

Continue to provide consumers with unique modes of streaming, such as real-time and on demand, by utilising decentralised peer to peer technology. This will have a significant impact on how video is distributed over the internet. Keep an eye out for the newest innovation!

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Media Streaming Server?

The premium support of having programmed video streaming server is to have a distinguished platform where you can create a video streaming website to categorize, manage & stream live with on demand videos. All of it can be done without any dependability under your own streaming equipment. 

Also, you needn’t have to face any unaware technical mishaps which earlier used to be out of your vicinity & control. In other words, streaming needs can be met easily & stay hassle free!!

1. Enable Instant Viewing

There are a number of best online video platforms that provide instant access to movies, even when its consumers are on the road. Perhaps you could use this to your advantage and charge a set monthly price in exchange for full access to their programming.

2. No Need To Allot Download Time

People may now view their favourite episodes without having to wait for downloads. All thanks to the advancement of streaming platform connectivity.  To view any episode, all you need is a stable internet connection, no matter wherever your users are.

3. Get Rid Of Minimum Memory Space Concern

You don’t have to worry about running out memory space because there are no file downloads involved directly to your device every time. This is with the advancement of cloud technology where your content remains online after file compression during the transcoding process.  

4. Assure With Immediate Playbacks

If webmasters wanted to share a video with their visitors back when the internet was in its infancy, they had to put a link on their website. Videos had to be downloaded and viewed later by the visitors. At present, video streaming services has revolutionised, allowing for instant playback.

5. Overlook Streamflow For Ideal Practice 

Refinement of streaming workflow is quintessential and adds value to your video business. This is achieved by the transcoding process which is done along with live encoding. This enhances the quality of streams which are delivered at every device used by end-users. 

6. Availability Of Content For Users  

Stream & deliver your OTT platform videos wherever you want. You can now easily make a video or audio streaming platform more than one device and destination across any streaming protocol like CDN, RTSP, etc. all in a centralized streaming server.

To Conclude

At first glance, running your own video streaming server may appear to be a good idea. Although, in reality, it necessitates a significant investment of time and resources put in for the best way of how it works, greatest results and, will provide an incredible outcome. However, I understand why you’d want complete control over your video streaming process. 

VPlayed gives you the best of both streaming worlds with its open-source nature. You’ll be able to personalise it to maximum,  white-label video it, making it adaptable, and flexible streaming platform without any botheration of technical details. VPlayed offers the most powerful video transcoding solution on the market, as well as the experience and technology needed to meet your ever-changing streaming requirements.

If You Already Have An Idea To Create a White Label Video Streaming Platform, Schedule a Free Demo And We’ll Get You On The Road To Video Streaming Success

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

The technology that transports content streaming from the source to the customer is utmost important than ever, especially as more people view high-definition video on their mobile devices through a custom-built video streaming server. In any use case or nature of your business, you need to upload & send videos without any worry of compliance, security or data ownership issues.

You have many choices for setting up a secure video streaming server, getting the videos up and running, depending on your business needs. To have exact components for your video streaming business requirements, you can now research on various platform providers in the market & choose individual components required. Some of them like CDN networks, adaptive bitrate protocol, streaming protocols like Apple Fairplay & more.

Creating a video streaming server will necessitate a great deal of technical know-how, so working with potential developers is quintessential. The main procedure will be broken down into basic steps such as prepping up the server by installing it, configuring streaming software, building CDN infrastructure, adding streaming media protocols & much more.

The cost of streaming is governed by a number of things, but ultimately, streaming setup will be determined by your individual demands and business streaming goals. Considering streaming server costs, live streaming equipment costs, & professional service charges are the three key elements to consider.

A media streaming server assists anyone who wishes to broadcast live or on-demand video to their audience over the internet. It delivers data to other devices over a network with technology such as codecs, broadcast-quality features to index, store & stream effortlessly.

Shwetha is an avid content marketer who has a flair for simple, lucid and detailed information about digital products and solutions in OTT & IPTV to captivate audiences in the new digital era. She is a keen explorer of new genres in the English language and Fine Arts


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