Drive Up Your Brand Value

Features that help you build effective branding for better customer engagement


Undertake complete ownership of your branded video platform. VPlayed will create a VOD streaming platform which will be owned by you 100% at the time of delivery.

Customizable Player

Build a unique player that suits your business needs. Choose own features, video monetization model, distribution network & other customizations to get the best ROI.

Meta-Data Management

Make your platform SEO-friendly by easily managing meta-data i.e. meta-title, meta-description, schema, etc. for all your video content and other web pages.

Video CMS

Content management made easier with our versatile CMS. Upload, edit & organize videos from our dashboard which provides numerous possibilities for you to manage your content.

Grow Your Audience Base

Improve viewership with social media and online marketing techniques

Multi-platform support

Utilize video marketing methods on all social and other online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email, push notifications, etc. to expand and reach your potential target audience.

Social Interaction

Easily connect with your audience on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram with custom shortcuts that let you share information and content directly from your dashboard.

Social Publishing

Build relationships by publishing content, updates & receiving feedback directly from viewers and potential consumers, helping you create better content and build brand value.

Recommendation Engine

Generate better recommendations for your audience by utilizing VPlayed’s recommendation engine. Increase viewer engagement and provide a seamless cross-video transition.

Reviews and Ratings

Enable productive criticism from your audience to formulate user-friendlier marketing strategies. This will increase your ROI and help you engage with your customers.

Email Notifications

VPlayed allows you to send email notification easily right from your dashboard. Emails are a great way to engage with customers and inform them about upcoming events, increasing audience engagement and traction.

Multiple User Engagement Tools

Lead conversion methods that’ll turn your audience into paying customers

  • Call-to-Action

    Easily create effective call-to-action buttons that captivate and engage viewers. Customize CTAs according to your likeness including colour, placement, content, etc.

  • Lead Capture Forms

    Create your own database of customers with Lead Capture Forms enabled in VPlayed’s solution. Retarget and convert potential customers and enhance your business.

  • Video Email Marketing

    Video emails have proven to capture more attention then text emails. Enable video email marketing practices and watch amazing increases in engagement and brand value.

Power-packed Security Protocols

End-to-end security measures to ensure maximum protection for your platform.

  • AES Encryption

    Advanced Encryption Standard ensures that your video content remains safe and secure and within the confines of your platform and cannot be accessed by hackers and pirates.

  • DRM Support

    Each feature of our solution is protected with Digital Rights Management, ensuring the security of proprietary content against copyright infringement from anywhere inside the platform.

  • Access Control

    VPlayed access control features let you create firewalls between your content and viewers and deploy anti-piracy measures to ensure authorised and secure access to video content.

  • Advanced Watermarking

    Personalise your videos with custom watermarks which can be added directly from the platform dashboard. Add up to 4 watermarks to truly create a personalised watermark template.


Better Analytics Data. Better Marketing Strategies

Build stronger marketing plans by analyzing live data on-the-fly.

Live Content Dashboard Report

Real-time support from VPlayed analytics which helps you initiate strategies on-the-fly to increase engagement and viewership.

Audience Timeline & Engagement Graph
Custom Report Exporting

Custom Player Highlights

Improve consumer experience with customizable video player

Embeddable Playlists

Instantly upload and embed groups of videos as playlists. It improves your video organization and saves immense amount of time selecting and uploading individual videos.

360° Video and VR Support
Subtitle Settings
Customizable Thumbnail

Multiple Monetization Models

Transform your collection of videos into a money-making business


VPlayed supports monthly payment plans which provide access to all or a group of videos at a relatively nominal price.


Provide free access to all or part of the video content and generate revenue via VPlayed-supported ad servers and partners.

Server-Side Ad Insertion

SSAI helps in bypassing ad blockers and providing a seamless ‘ad-stitched’ video experience.


Pay-per-view or transactional model enables you to outright sell videos to customers for a certain price.

Third Party Ad Integration

Call ads from any third-party ad server. VPlayed is compatible with all ad services for easy monetization.

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