Our OTT solution offers customization to your streaming platform that takes brand building to the next level. An experienced team of professionals helps you find the winning formula to improve user experience and generate consistently high ROI. Apart from being the most preferred alternative to Vimeo, we build platforms for the entire spectrum of streaming needs.

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Find Out, Why VPlayed Is The Best Alternative To Vimeo OTT

A circumspect comparison between VPlayed and Vimeo

Flexible And Cost-effective Platform

VPlayed is a fully customizable solution for streaming that you can own at a one-time license fee. Built as a SaaP model, it can be launched quickly by an in-house team of professionals with extensive experience in leading technology service integration.

In contrast to Vimeo, you can choose whether to host your content from cloud servers maintained and upgraded by us or servers maintained in your premises.

Customization No Yes [ 100% Customizable ]
Third Party Service Integration No Yes [ At any Scale ]
In-house Team No Yes [ 300+ Engineers ]
Hosting Saas On Premise / On Cloud
Cost Monthly Subscription One Time License
OTT Yes Yes
Video On Demand Yes Yes
Audio Streaming No Yes
Live Linear No Yes
Live Streaming Yes Yes

An Adroit Platform For All Streaming Needs

VPlayed offers award-winning capabilities in an entire gamut of use cases that could help you be a potential alternative to the industry leaders in the niche. When you weigh against competitors like Vimeo, VPlayed builds VOD Platforms with the best-in-line technologies to enable consistent live and video streaming with unsurpassed HD quality.

Unlike categorised services, VPlayed has designed high-performing streaming websites and apps for a wide variety of industry leaders in education, fitness, live linear, sports, corporate collaboration etc. Our one-time license fee is a cost-effective alternative to SaaS based models like Vimeo.

Upload & Manage Content Easily With Inbuilt CMS

Get your streams to the right audience with VPlayed’s scheduled video uploads managed seamlessly by an inbuilt CMS. A targeted search of multilingual audio and video content with categorization and filtering supports easy content navigation through your online video platform. Content storage over the cloud is unlimited as compared to Vimeo and its other alternatives.

Video Scheduling Yes Yes
Video Upload Yes [From $99 for 10 hours] Yes [Unlimited]
Categorization & Filtering No Yes
Content Partner Portal No Yes
Content Types Yes [Only Video Content] Yes [Support Video & Audio Content]
Subscription Yes [$1 Per Subscriber] Yes [Keep 100% of Revenue]
PPV Yes [Pay $10 Of Revenue] Yes [Keep 100% of Revenue]
Advertising No Yes
Third Party Ad Integration No Yes
SSAI [Server Side Ad Insertion] No Yes

Customizable Revenue Models That Support Your Content

Compared to Vimeo, revenue models are not solely based on subscription and views on your OTT platform. VPlayed offers 6 different monetization models including subscription video on demand.

Being a SaaP model customizability is a byword. Subscription plans enable regular cash flow and repeat customers where you get to retain earnings with no deductions.TVOD or Pay-per-view models suit all streaming niches as it attracts potential subscribers. Choosing to keep your platform free for your subscribers is possible through the 3 ad-based alternatives available in VPlayed.

End-to-End Security Including DRM

Ensure efficient security from the player frontend and right up to the backend dashboard. As an alternative to Vimeo, VPlayed enables parental control for a safe viewing platform for children with tailored content. By using IP restrictions, access and compliance costs for specific geographic areas can be controlled. Using the paywall provides an additional layer of security while ensuring that every view of the content earns for you.

Screenshot prevention and watermarking protect against unauthorized access and redistribution of your content to 3rd party websites. VPlayed uses the latest encryption technology to deliver secure and robust streaming.

Multi-Platform DRM Yes [Only for Premium] Yes
Screenshot Prevention No Yes
IP & Device Restriction No Yes
Parental Control No Yes
Watermarks No Yes
Video Player HTML5 HLS
Customize Player Yes [Limited Section] Yes [At Any Scale]
Adaptive Bitrate Yes Yes
Player SDK Yes Yes
Multi-Device Support Yes Yes

A Player Designed For The Ultimate User Experience

VPlayed’s HLS player delivers an exceptional user experience through uninterrupted streaming enabled by technologies like transcoding and adaptive bitrate streaming. Boost engagement with a broad section of demographic compatible to play on multiple devices even while offline. This is ensured through our unique multi-format and codec support built into the OTT app.

A white label OTT solution like VPlayed provides a customizable player that can build visibility and ROI for your brand. With a feature-rich SDK, a unique player can lead you above competitors like Vimeo.

Enriched Revenue And Engagement

Through social media sharing and recommendation engines, VPlayed extends significant ROI generation. Metadata is managed at the backend and is optimized for user engagement.

Lead capture forms collate vital user data that is pivotal to drive engagement and sales. Quality leads can be managed with effective market automation to multiple channels online. Hook potential and repeat customers with custom thumbnails for videos that are not supported on SaaS platforms like Vimeo.

Meta Data Yes Yes
Social Integration Yes Yes
Recommendation Engine No Yes
Lead Capture Form Yes [Only for Premium] Yes
Marketing Software Integration Yes [Only for Premium] Yes
Live Dashboard Report Yes Yes
Video Comparison Report No Yes [At Any Scale]
3rd Party Analytics Integration Yes [Only for Premium] Yes [At Any Scale]
Audience Graph Yes [Only for Premium] Yes
Custom Report Exporting Yes Yes

Drilled Down Reports On Trends And Analytics

VPlayed supports a deep understanding of user engagement and viewership trends that help generate the right content. The performance of a platform can be measured with metrics that constitute the analytic report which can be exported in customized formats for better analysis and improvement.

In addition to the natively available analytics, VPlayed becomes the top alternative to Vimeo’s OTT platform by enabling analytics integration with third parties at multiple levels.

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