What is OTT TV? A Beginner’s Guide to Over The Top Television

Published On August 24th, 2023 3578Tech Talk
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Well… Once you know what is all about Netflix or Amazon Prime video, you’ve got a fair idea on what is actually OTT TV all about!! Yes, you guessed it right… It relates to the world wide web.. A new dimension to new way of watching television.. But here’s the thing which separates from the usual way of exploring it..

The new curve of defining entertainment is about watching videos at your own convenience..  But, if you’re here, I’m guessing you’re seeking for a more detailed explanation of what OTT is, isn’t it!!

If you want to understand how does Over-the-top TV’s operability, & what’s the key reason to be successful in these years, understanding giants emerge, is quintessential for you.. Here’s everything that you’ll need to know about them… 

What is OTT TV?

OTT platform term is used for over-the-top television which is related with watching movies, web series or any TV-oriented video content put over online. The biggest advantage of using is that user can control what exactly they need to watch, the duration plus pausing & resuming favorite shows. Earlier the scenario was quite different than using OTT live TV.  People use to subscribe to a traditional cable or satellite pay-TV services for viewing the list of favorite series & movies on their TV set-top box at home  

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How does OTT TV work?

The technology of OTT-connected TV is said to be young since it has laid its innovative pathway over a  last few years… All thanks to Smart TVs.  All television sets nowadays even are made device-friendly as they come with OTT-ready remotes whether consumers are using media services or not.   

But how do OTT platforms actually work and how does it reach the end-user? 

So, let’s know the future of OTT consumption below… 

We all know that OTT content is distributed all over the world… But not really know what’s its delivery process???

There are two prime ways of disseminating over-the-top media content:  

  • Through devices like OTT devices such as Laptop, Ipad, gaming consoles, etc
  • Through an OTT app such as Disney+, Hotstar, Hulu, etc  

These devices are usually shaped just like small router boxes with which users can connect to their TVs and facilitate content deliveries over the internet. Some of the most popular OTT devices include Apple TV Box, Roku Streaming Stick, & much more. 

Each device has its own set of development stacks for creating apps, & gives you an alternative way of delivering content through a dedicated OTT TV or even other connected devices for that matter.  Users can freely download their favorite videos on their TVs, without a second thought…

Now let’s see… 

How is OTT TV used today?

Seeing its improvements in technology, consumers’ viewing habits, and overall adaptation OTT TV isn’t the same. As of today, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are in higher dominant positions when there’s a prevalence of entertainment providers, yoga specialists & gym studios. 

That’s because they have heavy-loaded content as well as the market has skyrocketed in all means to utilize space availability online. One share of profitability can be given to delivery means as all OTT content relies on an advanced backend structure that includes an OTT TV player, inbuilt CMS, analytics solution & much more.

Let’s look into some of its.. 

Prime benefits of OTT TV

Studies indicate that over-the-top consumption is going to be an added perk for business owners by 2027. Consequently, the global revenue from OTT TV episodes and movies will total up to $224 Billion.  

This development has been fueled by a rise in the number of firms investing in OTT TV as there’s an increase in demand for many reasons. And, some of them talk about individuals staying at home for a variety of reasons.

  • Cost-Effective with Pricing

Users who utilize over the top services do not have to get the necessity to pay a television operator’s brand to watch videos. They can freely access the majority of the information available on the internet. Users just need to sign up for and pay for a monthly subscription to utilize an OTT app. They can then watch many videos for flexible charges.

  • Complete Control

OTT TV lets you have complete control over your revenue thoroughly. Moreover, Over-the-top applications facilitate you to monitor content, target audience, brand, revenue, & data. It allows to possibly decide on price fixing or pick a subscription-based model etc.  However, we can consider YouTube as the opposite example of it where the platform algorithmically defines the entire process. 

  • Quick Playback

Perhaps some of your users wouldn’t be so aware of what is over the top tv & they might be interested in exploring top-preferred moments in it over and over again. And for that, they might opt subscription package on time regardless of any limitations. Or in the case, of any previously aired content to be watched again, you can provide them with instant playbacks through the catchup TV model.       

  • Cohesive Transition

OTT provides a smooth transition from traditional TV much more simplified than conventional media broadcasting. When a brand decides to move from the stereotypical way of showcasing OTT content, it obtains the ad advantages of utilizing break-free content. Thus, it stays data-focused targeting in the arena of the online environment. 

  • Variety of Showcasing  

When it comes to opting for a variety of content typically traditional TV cable companies tend to offer only a few or a limited list of shows & films on a channel.  Whereas OTT suggests an array of a variety of unique media such as video or audio that can’t be fetched on traditional television. Also, users need to have an authorized entry by subscribing to view that original content. 

  • Expanded Reach 

Businesses choose best OTT platforms to significantly extend their audience reach. So, it becomes necessary to provide advertising as a direct means to the customer. There isn’t any kind of restriction on what users are watching and where they are. The best part of OTT is it allows to target them at any part of the world. Delivering what consumers prefer watching helps content owners to detect their preferences & serve accordingly. 

  • Service Provider with Preferable Choice 

Consumers can select any kind of video provider they chose. All is required is to set up a dedicated application of OTT by employing pre-installed solutions. Over-the-top facilitates the flexibility to adjust according to the user’s niche requirements for maximum uptake of services. Gone are those days, when the only dedicated brands of cable operators use to be chosen by specific demographics in certain locations.    

  • Multiple Devices Compatibility 

A major drawback found with cable TV is it’s bound to a traditional television set. On the contrary, users utilizing a wide range of OTT devices can choose TV services of any kind. For instance, it’s possible for them to access content right from mobile, laptops, smart TV, gaming consoles, and much more, avoiding the biggest hassle of cables and related technology.  

How to Make Money From OTT TV App?

There are many creative methods to generate revenue with OTT. To help you with advertisements, subscriptions to transactional video monetization model you can ensure which fits the right one for your target audience. Each of them provides a lot of video monetization opportunities. 

Let’s see some of them below… 

SVOD ModelSubscription video on demand allows you to have an ad-free experience with this model ad probilitibity is acquired from subscribers for the long term. The biggest perk comes to vicinity when users can obtain access to a great library set of videos with a constant recurring fee. Sources let us know that Netlfix through its stakeholders has informed us about its expected rice to add 2.5 Million net subscribers during the first quarter. Other SVOD services-based examples include HBO Go, ESPN+, Peloton, etc.  

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AVOD ModelAdevertsing-based video on-demand model providers generate revenue by collaborating for ad space to outside vendors or organizations. This model is flexible in both ways in terms of viewability. One probability defines about viewers who don’t have to pay anything but watch ads to view their desired content. Another probability lets viewers skip ads as providers can prevail over the option, according to business needs. Daily Motion & Pluto TV come under this category. 

Hybrid Model – The infusion of all monetization models from 3 major revenue models talking about the hybrid money-making model. For instance, a platform can be adopted by placing ads with the AVOD model in various places inside the content. Whereas users tend to adopt the SVOD model in which they can have an option to bypass all ads once they pay a premium price for it. Also according to analysts, it indicates hybrid revenue model would reach a round figure of 273 Million users by 2025.

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How To Get Started With Your Own OTT TV App

OTT TV gives an unimaginable opportunity that’s like a dream come true when it comes to growing its customer base… A decade ago it was just a theory… But now content owners or broadcasters like you can monetize their content from anywhere at any time.. Getting started with your own OTT app development gets much simpler than you think…

At VPlayed, you can put your worries about technical knowledge or coding.. You can create your own streaming service with cutting-edge technology backed up with end-to-end encryption. In short, you can get it mapped out all that you need to get it done from technical streaming expertise. 

All business niches from entertainment filmmaking to elearning institutions, enterprise-grade corporates, etc will be able to access audiences in much more superior ways to monetize content where that where previously unavailable to them. All thanks to OTT TV.  VPlayed gets you covered all covered under one unified OTT TV solution with the best hands-on approach.

Do you have any idea about starting an OTT tv app for your brand?

Have I delayed to Get Into The OTT Industry? 

Not really… We may say that’s quite the contrary because the OTT industry as such is still budding and stays unsaturated.. Creators and content publishers of all kinds are trying to make a big difference by knowing what OTT means in TV. Here are the key reasons you should consider setting up your business in OTT and they are:

  • Firstly there’s an increasing demand for OTT TV which consistently keeps rising 
  • Many large media brands are yet to make their shift to the technology, which means the competition isn’t to steep or high 
  • Another reason tells us about the market where you can stay ahead of the competition and establish oneself as one the eminent industry leaders quite soon 

We know that entering a new market is filled with a lot of challenges. But, having said that, it will pay you off in the long run!

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Shwetha is an avid content marketer who has a flair for simple, lucid and detailed information about digital products and solutions in OTT & IPTV to captivate audiences in the new digital era. She is a keen explorer of new genres in the English language and Fine Arts


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