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What Is TVOD? Definition Of Transactional Video On Demand

The number of video outlets has increased dramatically in recent years. Since there are so many VOD platforms in the competitive edge, the revenue approach is equally diverse. On certain platforms, the steady standpoint mentions about the revenue flow which is generated through video advertisements, monthly subscriptions, and keenly through transactions or PPV model.

TVOD which is also known as PPV can assist with individual videos to be sorted & allow consumers to either rent or buy. These video monetization platform are commonly known as AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD, respectively. Some of the key VOD players in the market are Netflix, Prime Video, Roku, & HBO. 

The scenario with cable or telecom operators face a double-edged sword, in the form of new technological landscape of OTT.  As a result of this, operators need to device a strategy that they have been looking for, in case of diminished profitability.  

Some platforms earn money by charging customers with a monthly or annual subscription fee (SVOD), while others make money by casting instream ads several times. They are streamed throughout a viewer’s experience (AVOD).  

Today, we’ll be taking you through how transactional video on demand will refine your strategies of revenue upscaling in the world of video streaming & know about its whereabouts in this blog post. 

Let’s get started.

Generally, TVOD models have the ability to generate volume revenue business making it a clear-cut path for immediate scale-up.

For example…. 

iTunes make revenue share from a consumer while renting 2 or more films in a month, as compared to Netflix providing its entire catlog on monthly basis.. 

An interesting fact crosses us which says..

On an average,

“TVOD providers with a multi-country presence, advertise a lower percentage of EU27 and European films: 11% and 25% of all brand promotional spots, respectively.” Source:BroadbandTVNews

What is TVOD?

What is TVOD

The definition of TVOD or transactional video on demand is a business model that involves  charging customers a one-time cost for a set number of views. Usually, when it comes to Electronic Sell-through platforms, owners have full-fledged right to  actually own the entire movie, as such.

Moreover, talking about its viability its known that whether be it a single view, or a set period of time or infinite views  “transactional” comes before “video on demand.”  Furthermore, the TVOD video streaming business is directly opposes to the what SVOD model. Users choosing the offered services pay individual fee for each bit of content that they wish to view. 

Next, let’s jump in to see some of its advantages….

Benefits of TVOD

TVOD offers a number of unique features that ad-based and subscription-based models do not. It’s potency is nothing to ridicule at, all the more if it is better used as a supporting monetization model. 

Quite the contrary, despite its low popularity among viewers, TVOD offers a huge financial aid to build lump sum revenue. But what’s more to look at it.. 

TVOD full form - transactional video on demand

Coming up next, let’s venture some of its benefits of TVOD over other models.. Also, we can have a look at a few examples:

  • One of the most obvious advantages of TVOD over other monetization strategies is that it allows publishers to place a paywall around their content.
  • Although there are various monetization techniques to monetize original material, TVOD allows you to make the most money from it. Indeed, it uplifts your revenue ladder. 
  • While you have complete control over its distribution network, the added takeaway lies with zero risks of piracy & copyright infringement of TVOD services.  
  • If you are looking for generating hiked revenue & profit most of it , then I ll suggest you to hybridize TVOD with other top video monetization platforms.
  • Lock your premium content behind a paywall while hooking your audience to your free material is the most effective strategy to generate long-term revenue.

In terms of relatability of these benefactors, let’s explore some of the..

Thinking Of Starting Your Own Transactional Video on Demand Service?

Examples of TVOD Platform

iTunes, Amazon’s video shop, & Sky Box Office are some examples of TVOD. 

These TVOD services offer a diverse selection of TV shows, movies, events, and other content at individual viewing fees, letting customers to either rent or buy an electronic copy of content that they can watch anytime they want, forever. In short, you have given complete freedom to consumers to utilize the content once you get complete profit share out of it… 

Also these most-popular TVOD platforms examples lets it rule in terms of monetization, is that it perfectly makes the most pricey category out of all 3. Thus, it carries a quite a big shot to hit upon, while bringing out the shellings earned from this best video monetization platforms.  

Types of TVOD Monetization Model

tvod examples

The meaning of TVOD is suitable for highly differentiated and compelling content. This is because users are open with the idea to pay a premium fee for videos that are offered in a unique value. 

Ideally, audience prefers to enjoy content that furnishes to their tastes. In that category you can deliver content with comparative types of TVOD. Here they are: 


Another category within TVOD platforms tell us about PPV or pay-per-view. In this it allows viewers to pay a sum for a one-time viewability for watching a show, event, etc. In general this payment model is reserved for sports, concerts, or entertainment.  


EST or electronic sell-through is one of the subcategories of TVOD. In this model, viewers are charged with only one-time fee for limitless viewability of certain piece of content. They can view at their own discretion. 


DTR represents download to lease, wherein a piece of content is accessible to look for a specific timeframe at the cost of a one-time expense. It is another subcategory of Transactional VOD, and the most widely recognized model is the exemplary web-based film rental.

A happy news for content aggregators comes with this satisfying fact …

Did you know: “ The business revenue income in the TVoD which also means Pay-per-View section is estimated to reach with a ground figure of US$10.42Bn in 2022! ” 

Moving on let’s see.. 

How Is TVOD Different From Other Monetization Models? 

Subscription-based Video on Demand (SVOD), and Advertising-based on demand video (AVOD) or Premuim-based video on demand (PVOD) are the three main models that can be leveraged by video streaming owners, creators, broadcasters like you in many distinctive ways. Even though, all are equally popular and are found amazingly good for making money, it is understood that requirements of your user-base decide which can work best for your streaming business. 

Further down the line, we’ll give you the brief of all 3 top monetization models.. 

  • SVOD

In subscription video on demand (SVOD) a large library of video content is created for a big set of targeted audience and give them the access for a longevity period in order to make consistent & healthy revenue. 

  • PVOD

Likewise, Hollywood Studios are analyzing another alternative of TVOD, called as Premium Video on Demand. In this model, recently movies that arrived at the box office would be delivered within the premium weeks of theatre release at a more exorbitant cost on Blu-Ray. 

  • AVOD

There’s also a stated fact that, viewers are shifting away from platforms that use AVOD (advertising as a form of video monetization), & what AVOD is?, in order to request streaming companies to rely more heavily on alternative revenue streams.

Distinctions between TVOD and SVOD model

svod tvod

TVOD’s full form is nonetheless than Transactional video on demand which seems to offer a good deal in terms of quality-graded, in a one-time fee content. On the other hand, SVOD platforms can assist your audience to go for monthly or yearly subscription package having differed genre of content. 

Secondly, in the case of TVOD having unbeatable marketing efforts, you can vouch on having new customers. Having said that, SVOD means retaining the existing ones since the pieces of your content would have reached much superiority.

Next, important aspect to ponder upon is about TVOD can be best-suited for newer platforms who have started out their journey in this industry. Finally, the key point that’s literally defines what does TVOD stand for, indicates through royalty rights ranging high for video owners.   

In the end, only one question is most essential and that would be…

Is it Worth It to take up TVOD?

By now, it should be obvious that TVOD is a significantly stronger monetization alternative than many people think. As we all know the importance of a video helping to rise your revenue scaling having constant growth, it’s essential to plan it for fetching them in leaps for generating bountiful ROI. And, given the turbulence in the online video market, it’s safe to predict that TVOD will only gain in popularity.

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