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How to Create a Multi-million Dollar OTT Platform in 2022?

Are you looking for the perfect guide on “how to start an OTT platform? Follow these basic steps to create your own platform and monetize your content online.

Now is the right time to build your own OTT platform as there are no limitations to the distribution of the OTT content with more content creators turning to OTT production for increasing their audiences up to 30% and their revenue growth.

For all your thoughts on ‘how to start an OTT platform’, here is a 360-degree view on why it is the best idea to get started today.

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What is an OTT platform?

The acceleration of OTT streaming has catapulted video delivery over the internet. With the rapid pace of OTT services bringing substantial changes, there is a considerable impact in the world of media.

“As the OTT revenue is set to approximately hit 167 billion dollars in the year 2025 across the globe, the OTT is touted to be the suitable way to gratify the consumers.”

Based on the type of content delivery and monetization models, the OTT channels are categorized strategically for progressive streaming. OTT services are classified based on their content preferences such as,

  • E-Learning
  • Gaming
  • Sports
  • News
  • Music
  • Entertainment
  • Movie

More than 82% of the adult population in the U.S experience video streaming of film, TV, and media content to be more enthralling than cable TVs. Surprisingly, less than 66% of the adult population in the U.S are subscribers of cable TV.

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Prime Benefits of Building Custom OTT Platform

Content creators can reach their viewers and engage them with video streaming services by creating a unique brand experience. With access to content, your brand gets recognized and familiar amongst the viewers. Modern users have now become more accustomed to the practice of viewing videos anywhere, anytime at the flexibility of devices.

Benefits of starting an OTT platform

# Boosting the Brand Awareness

The OTT videos are efficient in enhancing brand awareness, interest, and perception. Approximately, 70% of the viewers indulge in three hours of viewing videos on a day-to-day basis. A chain of brand awareness, user behavior, etc will bring in more customer loyalty.

# More Scalability

The modern technological OTT solution will help businesses launch their OTT platform to extend the measure of the platform and user engagement for increased business profits and ROIs.

# Monetization

The prime reason for the OTT service providers to create their own OTT platform is to monetize their video or audio streaming platform with the availability of multiple business models.

# Diminishing the Cost and Time

Building your own online video platform with the help of a white label OTT platform provider will be a cost-effective alternative as it cuts down the time for the process and infuses all technological advancements of the solution provider.

# Micro-targeting and Data Transparency

Develop your best online video platforms with the fundamental aspects in mind and data encryption with content originality is the major aspect of it. Securely ensure publishing of videos to establish the restriction of geo-localities and work on the persuasion of your audience to watch through a microtargeting strategy.

# Convenience

It is mandatory to choose the right niche that seems to be on-demand while planning on how to launch your OTT platform. Sports, eLearning, Spiritual, Fitness, etc are other prominent genres apart from entertainment to explore in the OTT streaming business.

Are you looking for the #1 solution to launch your OTT platform?

How to Build an OTT Platform successfully?

There is a wide range of OTT services in the market with a unique set of attributes and it is essential to figure out the prime features for comprehensive streaming. You need to consider technological advancements involved in streaming before narrowing down on an OTT platform.

Create an OTT platform

Listed below are the key factors to look out for in the process of building your own OTT video platform.

1. Always pick up a prominent business streaming genre

Pick a suitable genre while creating your own OTT app platform for showcasing the content, On-Demand videos, events, or movies to suit the requirements of the viewers.

2. Target your audiences with Compatibility

Make your audio or video content flexible and compatible for streaming across all platforms and devices with strategic content delivery.

3. Strategize on your resources based on services

Develop your own OTT platform specifically based on the type of content delivery to your viewers. Ensure proper planning of resources to deliver a better viewing experience to your customers.

4. Focus on the improved viewing experience

Deliver original content and focus on delivering a compelling viewing experience. With the availability of multiple OTT providers, concentrate more on streaming valuable content to the masses.

5. Measure your User Behaviour

With a wider and dynamic target audience, it is important to deliver a variety in the content to suit your audience and establish the mindset in the specific demography with analytic tools such as Real-time traffic updates, Current viewership status, User behavior analytics, Revenue Report, etc.

6. Increase ROIs with the right Monetization business models

OTT video services involve live streaming and Video-On-Demand. Pick the monetization model suiting your business needs and it will enable quicker revenue generation by attracting more viewership through advertising.  As OTT streaming providers you find ample scope for profitable income in larger divisions.

7. Choose between Websites and Branded OTT Apps

OTT content can be released through an app for viewers or by creating a website. Best OTT platform should offer tailor-made templates for websites and apps or website builders to create and launch effortlessly.

Make the inclusion of Payment gateways and In-App purchases– Ensure smooth In-App purchases by integrating secure payment gateways into your OTT channel to give your subscribers a hassle-free transfer of money within the application.

Are you planning to create an OTT platform for your streaming business in 2022?

Progressive Technologies Involved in Creating an OTT Platform

For the generation of increased ROIs from your streaming content, you must infuse the usage of specific tools and stellar technologies to boost the business growth with their progressive functions making them unique and futuristic for content creators and viewers.

OTT platform technologies

# High performance and Reliable Cloud Hosting

The majority of the OTT service providers use the AWS cloud service for their cloud storage component. Business professionals get benefitted from the cloud-based solutions in building their own OTT platform for increased business revenue and growth.

# Competent Servers

To handle the larger amount of coexisting connections, make use of the Nginx server. The use of an edge server is undoubtedly the best server in holding the static files and easily streams content in HD quality.

# Necessary Streaming Protocol

The two prominent streaming protocols put to use in OTT streaming are HTTP live streaming and RTMP. With the use of a Real-time messaging protocol, you can experience low latency interaction and transmission of maximum data.

# Superior (CDN) Content Delivery Network

CDN providers are seen as the prime aspects in bringing down the traffic inside the core network and eventually increasing the low latency. The most superior CDN ensures a progressive performance.

# Robust Security

Security systems are mandatory for OTT streaming success. DRM and AES encryption are the prominent security systems for protecting any content from unauthorized access or copyright issues.

# Multi-device access and support

The flexible accessibility across multiple platforms is the right way to ensure the provision of video content at a wide range of devices such as Mobile, Web, Smart TV, Tablet, etc. It is an integral aspect offering the highest scope of business ideas.

# IT Infrastructure for seamless distribution

For seamless content distribution, smooth functionality across various platforms is mandatory. The best video streaming platforms will cut down on various other IT resources and make it cost-effective.

How Does CONTUS VPlayed help to Create The Branded OTT Platform?

CONTUS VPlayed shapes your unified streaming platform with the integration of forefront technologies for exploring the comprehensive streaming capabilities. Broadcasters or content creators can empower their audio or video demand with the help of CONTUS VPlayed with the right monetization model and compatible streaming across devices.

Dive below to explore the outstanding attributes of the CONTUS VPlayed solution in building your OTT platform.

VPlayed OTT platform features

# Video Hosting

Experience convenient online video hosting platforms of all your original contents at your liberty with the assistance of CONTUS VPlayed’s VOD hosting.

# Video Content Management

Now experience unlimited storage of videos across your channel infused with multiple options like drag and drop, analytics, etc.

# 100% customizable

Get your best vod platforms highly customized and end-to-end encrypted services fully integrated to suit your needs.

# Cloud Transcoding

Integrated with video transcoding will ensure quicker transcoding of content in the process of streaming live content and cloud.

# Adaptive Streaming

Build video streaming app without any buffering issues at any bandwidth, the adaptive streaming feature will give a complete video streaming experience.

# Global distribution

Acquire complete access control, and have selective video delivery to strategic locations by monitoring the local content.

# Content Delivery Network

With CDN networks, manage and distribute the content effectively.

# Offline download

You can experience affluent offline playback features enabling every user to download any video for offline watch.

# Monetization Models

With CONTUS VPlayed, you get the right OTT monetization models for your business with smooth integration of payment gateways and increase your ROIs with TVOD, AVOD, SVOD platform, and more.

# Security

Secure your OTT content with futuristic DRM tools by initiating end-to-end encryption of videos and security protocols to ensure superior safety against digital threats.

# Channel Partners

Streamline and increase the flow of content by associating with third-party channels.

# Social Integration

Aggressive social integration will enlarge your audiences and bring in the promotion of videos in multiple social forums.

# Marketing

Integrate your OTT app with CONTUS VPlayed’s first-class multi-device compatibility and in-built marketing tools for higher optimization.

# Analytics

Track data and have an In-depth analysis for decision-making based on the third-party integration with google or Microsoft analytics.

How Much Does it Cost to Build an OTT platform?

The Cost for creating an OTT platform will be more expensive with the addition and maintenance of more attractive features. You can expect an approximate payment between Fifty thousand dollars and Two hundred thousand dollars for a branded OTT platform.

Post the development of your OTT app plan, you have to focus on hiring the video app developers or bringing in the auto-coding approach. The technology stacks you choose will decide on the price of your broadcasting channel.


As more and more businesses are venturing into OTT streaming, It becomes a herculean task to pick the right solution provider for building your streaming channel. Explore the feature-rich attributes of CONTUS VPlayed for creating a world-class OTT platform with futuristic technological features to increase your revenue generation and double up the business growth.

If you already have an idea about starting an OTT platform, Schedule a free demo and we’ll help you implement it!


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Before you could get into the process of OTT platform development, you should know a bit about the must-haves for any over-the-top based business. Some of the main elements that go into creating your own OTT platform are: complete customization, multi-supportive adaptive video player, access to robust CDN, easy-to-use CMS, branded UI & website, secure payment processing, analytical video metrics, and more.

Like anything else, building an OTT platform has key criteria which play a dominant role in its cost factor. Some of them consist of varied customization, brand objectives along with its target market, platform integration either on cloud/on-premise, and other deliverables that can power up your streaming business such as marketing, analytics, advanced tech-stack like HLS player, centralized CMS & much more.

Accelerate your streaming revenue potential by utilizing the top-most monetization lucrative opportunities offered in the industry. VPlayed lets you have them with a flexible solution that can be tailored to your business niches & audiences. Some of them are Subscription-based (SVOD), Transactional-based (TVOD), or Advertising-based (AVOD). Other than that, you can explore options like Catch Up TV, Coupons & Promotions, Hybrid model, & more.

The OTT entertainment industry has now a plethora of opportunities with the increasing demand for subscription services. Services like Disney+, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Peacock have been drawing enormous revenue upscale, with their creative streaming platform. One who is looking to build video infrastructure needs to know that high-end technologies necessitates investing hugely. Also, platforms need to compulsorily enable seamless content delivery to maintain their ever-growing subscriber base.

As we come to know that OTT streaming platforms are leveling the playing field for independent creators you can actively look into the process of how to create and own one for yourself. Some of the key factors to consider will count with an established audience set to target, regular content addition that can help to sell others existing in the archive transactionally, unique content with a niche following, long-term & making a consistent content publishing calendar.

Dwarakesh is Video Monetization & OTT Platform Expert at CONTUS VPlayed. Interested in digging deep into video/audio streaming media tools, and Love to blog, discuss and share views on the legal IPTV services' latest technologies tips, and tricks. He's also passionate about photography loves to capture the pure essence of life.


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