Why You Need a VOD Hosting and How to Choose The Right One?

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Extensive Growth of Video Streaming 

The demand for online streaming services has significantly impacted a huge upscale in the industry across the globe.

The reason for this rapid growth can be observed from the growing adoption of cloud-based video streaming solutions.

Also the digitization in numerous parts of North America and Asia Pacific has contributed to the growth of multi device compatibility. 

Which factors  recently determine VOD platform’s popularity among the audiences? 
  • The factors such as people spending more time indoors during lockdown impositions & work-from-home policies has increased the popularity of on demand video hosting services
  • Also, with high-speed internet connectivity the growing demand for digital media viewed in multi-device support is helping consumers to access it from anywhere around the world. 

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic,  an undeniable fact has come into vicinity when it comes to internet video streaming viewership.

Recently, it has surged from 32% to 37% showcasing a difference of 5% in the United States & Mexico. (prnewswire)

Certainly, video on demand platform run not only with the rising penetration of smartphones & wide access of wireless internet but unveils major two growth driving factors.  

  • One with, the constant rise in the usage of videos specially demanded by professional broadcasters for corporate training seem to bring in efficiency in existing scenarios. 
  • Secondly, curriculum educators utilize hosting services offered by VOD hosting creating an interactive learning environment have resulted to drive market growth.  

Another fact that comes to the limelight is…

When there is a comparison between past years, a predicated survey informs us that 66% viewers spend viewing on-demand programmes currently in contrast to 59% the year before.  ( Streaming Media )

What do you mean by VOD Hosting?

What VOD Hosting?
A VOD hosting platform is a program that allows for video hosting, management, monetization, and delivery, among other things.

VOD definition is Video on demand hosting software program is used by broadcasters in order to support video hosting, content management, on demand video  monetization, media delivery & more.

They assist to store, edit & manage on-demand video material all within their control.

For businesses, there are solutions that are consumer-driven as well as stick to professional-grade VOD hosting according to each brand’s unique streaks.

Ok.. Now the next question comes, why is it required? 

Let me tell you that a professional on demand best video hosting platforms capacitates videopreneurs or content owners like you with result-driven features such as monetization models, HQ video player, advanced security protocols, API accessibility & many more to come. 

All of these can be at your ownership acquiring complete takeaway in the path of climbing the ladder of success.   

In that case, What about other free hosting services? 

Free hosting platforms like Youtube, DailyMotion, etc; would help you to capitalize content gaining good returns but with defined restrictions. This is a useful resource for independent vloggers, youtubers, etc. 

But when you count on a bigger picture, while you have million+ content and are looking for an efficient & sustainable manner to monetize them, you’ll need a professional- grade white label vod platform

How do new-stack features for hosting be a permanent solution for me?  

Features like multi-viewing device compatibility with uncompromised broadcast quality, varied monetization models, customizable hls video player.

Absolute API accessibility covers all under a single platform giving independent ownership in hosting, storing, organizing professional videos at their own will. 

Moreover video on demand hosting companies are turning towards self hosted professional online video platform where they don’t face any otherwise expenditures.

Unaware of technical know-how managerial zone, third-party inter dependency, etc for video business development plans. 

All set and done.. However…

Why Server Hosting has an Integral Role to Play in VOD Business?

vod hosting
Use transcoding software to convert your video content into a format suitable for streaming.

As more businesses incorporate video content into their everyday operational activities, it is more important than ever to find and utilize the right tools in order to make archiving, categorising, and sharing video content easier. 

Most probably, today’s ideologies set by every entrepreneur helps to grow themselves designed with a visual appealing medium set by video content nurturing pragmatic approach in business. 

A Great deal of Content Management through Hosting 

As we all know, video content consumes a lot of storage space and streaming here makes a hell of a difference!!.

This is because large files carried in a couple of professional videos might be a hindrance on the way for many such small to start VOD business hosting servers.

Later, this makes it highly unlikely to tackle storage upkeep in the platform.  

Some of the main factors that determine the same are: 

  • Boost your content which is performing at its best 

Providing an extraordinary video streaming experience depends purely on the constant check on your high performing content edits.

This reflects on the eye of your business image since content is optimized for viewers, turning them to repeatedly relive such experiences. 

  • Managing content is now like a piece of cake 

Videos are assets that can be easily managed completely all in just a few clicks under a centralized video content management system.

Tracking content on the go gets seamless using a virtually organized video CMS. 

  • Stream curated videos with required infrastructure 

Now knowing the technicalities of streaming is made simpler, easier at the same time faster through powered automation.

All you need to do is, get a perfect solution which helps you to directly live stream content, or you can smart upload VOD app to have consistent revenue.  

  • Access to profitable journey by promoting your content

Of course, promoting your content subjectively helps you to deliver a satisfactory best video streaming services to your users according to their collected data of demographics.

Personalized user-centric content recommendations or in-app purchases can help to market them better.  

  • Conduct secure video hosting on a professional note 

Allow your explainer videos, recorded lectures or live collaborative talks to be produced under a safe and secure virtual environment.

You can present them each with the best format for an individual viewer according to their devices, in high quality saving them from constant buffers. 

Best Hosting Options: Either Premium Or Free Video Hosting Sites? 

At the time of choosing the latest software for video hosting, many businesses must make up their mind in deciding whether to go with one of these free hosting offered video options orelse  pay an extra sum to run your professionally designed video platform.

If the concern is all about the alluring biting factor nonetheless pricing, then let me tell you many creative businesses or creators start their journey, but find many shady trade-offs that are quite unappealing! 

Checkout the difference and its importance below.. 

Want To Set Up Your Own VOD Streaming Platform With Self Hosted Solution?

How free plans contribute to your video on demand hosting business? 

video on demand hosting solution
  • Restrictions in video uploads  

Many of the content creators start producing content at a lengthy note which is restricted by many free & top VOD platforms.  

  • No freedom in posting content  

This is a major giveaway when it comes to content posting. It means that without your consent your content can be demonetized or lost in search queries. 

  • Limited revenue opportunities 

A limited number of revenue-building opportunities is available at free hosting websites & all the more, you would be paying a share for every video that you broadcast geographically. 

  • Security not addressed much

However, when pricing factors sound advantageous, your videos may not be regarded with the security that you are looking for. Fear of theft or unauthorized tampers can be a concern.  

How does a premium platform of yours contribute to your VOD business?

  • Video files can be streamed flexibly 

Premium VOD plans can help you to stream your desired content, irrespective of any length as you can have complete freedom. 

  • Post your content according to your wish 

Absolutely you can own up the activity of posting your content in any type since you will be having entire control in best white label VOD platforms, utilizing your intellectual property. 

  • Numerous Monetization Models 

With a self hosted platform ownership you can choose to monetize content with various types or have a hybrid-base of combined monetization strategies. 

What is a VOD Hosting Server?

This key component of server hosting while streaming is the technology with programmable architecture, majorly helping to deliver online streams via an advanced VOD server.

Basically, video on demand that’s commonly known as VOD is a media distribution system that allows multiple users to access videos without any constraints from traditional video playback.

It is used to create linear, live or on demand streaming applications where varied services right from real-time events to video conferencing content can be delivered across supported devices with no limitations to broadcasting schedules. 

VOD hosting server

Before getting into further checkpoints, let’s pen down some of its basic steps to follow in building video streaming server

  • Set up your server precisely
  • Personalize streaming configuration  
  • Instill content delivery network 
  • Set the media player with best options 
  • Add configurations to optimize speed

Now the question is how far does the server make the process of streaming efficient? 

A “server” is designed in such a way that video on demand or live content can be smoothly streamed over the internet without much effort.

To elucidate it further, we can relate the same, while your users tend to search & visit a website from your phone or PC.

Then,  the device gets connected to the server which ‘serves’ you the website you have been looking for!

Usually, streaming refers to playing any kind of content just like OTT platforms, VOD, audio playbacks, live broadcasts, etc.

On the other hand, hosting is associated with the space which is used for delivering & storing digital content while renting server usage.  

While viewing its core functionality in its definition, video web based server facilitates as a software as a service that permits clients to upload, host, categorize, and stream live as well as video on request over the web.

All of this makes it very feasible.. All credit goes to professional video platforms with built-in servers, which eliminates the need to purchase and configure your own video hosting server.

What is the Basic Purpose of Server Hosting with its Services?

The goal of using streaming server hosting is to make your streaming experience as simple as possible. Ultimately, media needs to be smooth & seamless which is where the server plays a pivotal role. 

Video hosting solutions with a built-in video streaming server on any platform make storing, managing, and delivering your video material simple and flexible.

The best video streaming platforms provide customizable, user-friendly experiences because of its crystal picturization.

Additionally, broadcasters who use a platform with  streaming server hosting typically have access to robust content delivery networks (CDNs).

Accessing this streaming protocol might be a little bit expensive and tough without a customized streaming solution.

Some of the top leading CDN players are Akamai, and Limelight which effectively super-powers your streaming experience entirely. 

Who Uses Video Servers For Hosting VODs & Live Content?

Video streaming server is mainly meant for professional broadcasting and is commonly used by entrepreneurs, media & entertainment companies, online educators, fitness practitioners, youtubers and many more industry experts.

video server for Hosting VOD

Some of the top online video platforms businesses who would use streaming server hosting specialize into film distribution studios, radio stations serving on demand or live streaming services online, including television networks.

Independent content creators, such as social influencers, artists, vloggers usually look for with regards to Business-to-Consumer platforms such as YouTube, Twitch & Dailymotion.

What to Look for in Video Servers to Host Services like On Demand or Live?

The first and foremost thing to look out when you choose the streaming server hosting service is to have the best features in order to reach your broadcasting objectives and outclass your competition. 

Since building a self-hosted video streaming platform takes various aspects checked, to have pivotal components is quintessential while making the most sense for your business line. 

Here are the most critical features that are must-haves for pristine broadcasting: 

  • Flexible hosting options either on cloud / on premise
  • Collaborations with high-capacity live streaming CDNs
  • Streaming capability on a white-label basis
  • Adaptable bandwidth rates ensuring zero latency
  • Video players with configurable support system 
  • Comprehensive content management tools 
  • Support for any type of content monetization

Certainly, the number of features that are provided by a specialized streaming server hosting provider doesn’t make a sounding difference that you anticipate..

But, determine the on demand streaming server’s performance and potentiality that it’s likely to cover…Also, validating the optimal quality of videos is equally backed with appropriate pricing that you would invest. 

It makes no difference how many features a streaming server hosting provider has. What matters is that the platform you choose offers the precise functionality you require at a price point that is appropriate for you.

Features For Professional on Demand Video Hosting Business

on Demand Video Hosting
VOD hosting software is used by broadcasters to store and manage their on-demand video content.

A well-executed, successful video content strategy includes finding the right video hosting software to support your business goals.

Even with the best video content will have a meagre impact on your business if it lacks necessary features & functionalities.

When looking for professional video hosting solution, there are a number of features to consider in order to get the most out of your investment, including:

Easy Accessibility 

Ensure your platform has easy ways to access controls, in order to make it user friendly for your consumers. 

Centralized Video CMS

Organizing content for easy searches will allow your viewers to be engaged into your platform as they quickly get what they are looking for. 

Best Stream flows via Cloud transcoding

All that you need is seamless playability across multiple browsers & devices all presented in a single format working in every situation. This process is handled by encoding & transcoding. 

Save live stream for later use by recording

While you think of preserving live videos for future use, you can record a live video in the first place & distribute the content for later playbacks as on demand videos. 

Video privacy with rigid encryption 

Producing your video content with advanced security & privacy features help you to shield from unauthorized hackers as you shell out lots of resources into it. 

Video hosting in mobile 

Ever-changing landscape of technologies, need to assure easy broadcasting across different types of devices and platforms. Get a one-stop solution to showcase content in various formats. 

Functionality of Direct S3 upload

If you have a large collection of videos, you needn’t worry anymore! With direct S3 upload you can quickly move to a significant place benefitting with unlimited storage, multiple data backups. 

In the final segment we will unveil.. 

How to choose the right VOD hosting platform?

Every company that implements video on demand hosting and video production tries to make the most out of it from the budget invested.

An integral aspect of your success in the starting video streaming business is entirely dependent on selecting the hosting platform providers to readily serve your content to your viewers. 

Video on demand hosting

Scalability and the ability to circulate your valuable content amongst the targeted audience will play an important role in the overall success of your video marketing’s ROI.

Also, some organizations decide to self host their video content through the support of platform providers. Many of them, however, choose third-party hosting providers such as Wistia, Youtube, etc. 

Having said that, regardless of any hosting provider that you select, it is extremely important to have some of the key features that need to be checked in prior.  And they are as follows:

  • Recording feasibility from server
  • Inject 3rd party for ad sponsors 
  • Boost streams on the go
  • Integrate real-time chat bots 
  1. Suffice video recording option with encoding support 

Your video needs to have recording support just in case your viewer needs to store your content and have flexible resolution with bitrate settings that allows it to encode files. 

 2. Boost platform functionality with 3rd party streaming integration 

Help your platform grow by integrating 3rd party video streaming services with respect to in-stream ads or sponsored promotions. You can earn consistently with these resources.  

3. Stream your content everywhere through mobile device support

Now reassure to have your own video API and mobile SDK while enabling mobile streaming support with RTMP source, enhancing user VOD streaming experiences. 

4. Best option for you to serve is having 24/7 customer support 

Stay 100% active on both interactive mediums like email as well as live chatbots. The need for your customers can arrive at any moment & it’s pivotal to assure that you are always available.  

At the End

Consequently, at  the grand presence of video content needs on the internet, broadcasters are looking for the right video hosting solution to meet their subjective needs in the world of video business. This gives more room to facilitate a plethora of options.

If you’re thinking about what type of video hosting software will satisfy your business needs, as well as counting on budget with technical knowledge, let us help you to make the best decision that you deserve all in all.

If You Already have an idea about launching a VOD Platform, Schedule a free demo and We’ll Get You On The Road To VOD Streaming Success!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. What Is A VOD Server?

In simple terms, a video streaming server is web-based equipment which comes with a built-in RTMP functionality that is specialized to deliver live or on-demand video content. Streams are provided directly to a user’s desktop, smart TV, mobile or connected devices. They use technologies like codecs & broadcast-quality features to distribute your video assets.

2. How Does A VOD Server Work?

VOD servers utilize specialized technology to collect, store, and distribute video that are either in clips or in full-length as needed. In order to provide well-defined digital streaming content, with seamless content delivery, servers often use metadata to thoroughly identify the specifications of video snippets.

3. Why Do You Need Secure Video Hosting For Streaming?

Secure video hosting allows you to safely upload on demand or live files & share high-quality content with your audience. Moreover, it’s always ideal to use a self-hosted, secure video platform in order to stream your content online. On a large scale, you can have complete control over your streaming techniques & avoid data theft with all-time network monitoring.

4. What To Look For When Choosing A VOD Hosting Provider?

Any on demand video hosting platform definitely needs to be supportive of key things such as complete customization facility, robust video CMS, monetization models of varied types & ofcourse seamless delivery via embedded video player. Best providers usually tend to include whitelabelling feature for custom branding to match your specific video business services.

5. How Do I Create A VOD Server?

Some specific technologies and services are required for a video on demand server system. They consist of unlimited storage, video encoding, HLS video player, advanced security along with streaming protocols to enhance non-stop viewer experience.

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