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What is VOD Streaming? Definition, Benefits & Features

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Video on Demand, often referred to as VOD streaming, encapsulates the accessibility of popular videos across global platforms, ensuring that they are available to targeted viewers at all times.

The nomenclature “Video on Demand” stems from a departure from traditional television viewing, where consumers were confined to scheduled times and limited choices. 

In the evolving landscape of VOD streaming, this visual medium is ubiquitously available, catering to high-demand preferences.

It is accessible anywhere, at any moment, and on any device, embodying a level of flexibility that transcends the constraints of traditional viewing.

How Come There’s a Spike in Subscriptions for Video On Demand Streaming?

We all know that a pandemic shift has positively impacted the VOD online streaming market.

The global landscape witnessed a notable surge in subscriptions for Video On Demand (VOD) streaming, driven by the transformative effects of the pandemic.

Market players have leveraged this shift to expand their subscription services, facilitated by the growing influence of digital advertising.

And it doesn’t stop there…

Google’s observations reveal intriguing insights into the viewing habits of consumers aged between 13 to 64. This demographic engages with a diverse array of content, spanning from traditional to online video streaming platform.

How Do VOD Streaming Providers Leverage This Factor?

VOD streaming providers recognize this as a significant leveraging opportunity, opting to enhance their OTT pricing strategies to tap into a broader consumer base.

According to statistics, Pay-TV streaming video on demand in South Africa is projected to experience a substantial 18% growth in VOD business by the year 2026 – (Source: Global Market Insights).

Several prominent growth-driving factors contribute to this surge, including increased flexibility in remote viewing, a rise in Internet penetration, and the global adoption of smartphone usage.

Other contributing factors include the increasing popularity of live streaming to circumvent social gatherings, enticing video packages across the Asia-Pacific market, and more.

“Did you know that, according to Statista, the average revenue per user in VOD streaming services is expected to rise significantly, reaching 2,218 million users by the year 2025”

Next, let’s dive deep into the subject matter of….

What is VOD Streaming? 

Video on Demand (VOD) streaming refers to any service that delivers videos and TV shows to viewers at their convenience.

This genre of video content, which includes movies, TV series, and documentaries, is readily available on-the-go, providing great flexibility.

What is vod streaming

Unlike traditional broadcast channels with specific time slots, VOD services empower users to access and view information whenever they desire, requiring only an Internet-connected device and the service’s website or app.

Gone are the days when one had to ponder, “What is VOD streaming?”

In the present era, it’s omnipresent—whether in the form of amusing Facebook videos, your cherished Netflix series, or promotional content on business websites.

The proliferation of the best video streaming platforms has revolutionized online content delivery, shaping the interactive future.

Recent survey studies underscore a preference for video content over other forms like email communication, infographic advertising, and informative blog articles, as videos are deemed more relatable by audiences to some extent.

Adapting to Crisis: The Role of VOD Streaming and Entertainment Releases

In today’s era, the Internet is not only considerably faster but also more affordable compared to just a few decades ago. 

This shift has prompted a preference for alternative Internet-based entertainment sources, such as streaming VOD solution, offering greater freedom and content variety.

Take, for instance, in-flight entertainment on long-haul flights, where VOD streaming captures the attention of travelers.

Even amid the global health crisis, a substantial percentage of direct releases to video-on-demand services have emerged, emphasizing the potential for maximizing revenue, especially for filmmakers, content owners, and channel distributors.

During the lockdown days, the talk of the town was the exclusive broadcasting of prerecorded on-demand video streams, predominantly through transactional video on demand.

This innovative approach presented a lucrative option for subscribers, featuring a paywall that enabled content access with a one-time purchase. 

The adaptability of VOD streaming and its seamless integration into entertainment releases have proven instrumental during challenging times, showcasing the industry’s resilience and capacity for innovation.

In recent times, a trio of VOD streaming platforms has emerged as pioneers, dominating the premium VOD industry. This includes Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu, each offering an extensive array of entertainment for consumers.

However, it’s important to note that these services operate under the umbrella of the network’s official partners and are geared towards consumer-oriented entertainment. 

This centralized approach means that independent authors lack full control over their revenue share when showcasing their creative content on these platforms.

on demand streaming services

In the pursuit of upscaling monetization, achieving better reachability, and creating high engagement, consider the leading VOD platform – VPlayed.

Positioned as a frontrunner, VPlayed enables you to elevate your standing in the VOD league during prime time, addressing the contemporary need for enhanced content delivery.

This best-in-class VOD platforms facilitates the provision of personalized and glitch-free on-demand videos within a fully customized and white-label VOD framework. Secure platform ownership with robust video-on-demand hosting and access to 10+ revenue-scaling models ensures a swift start to earnings.

And that’s not all; the advantages extend beyond, making it imperative to explore the number of benefits that VPlayed brings to the table in the dynamic landscape of on-demand video streaming.

Planning To Start a VOD Streaming Entertainment Business?

How Does VOD Streaming Work?

The evolution of VOD streaming technology signifies a substantial shift in entertainment viewing trends.

In the past, consumers often found themselves paying for services they didn’t necessarily require, resulting in increased expenses. 

The constraints of limited device usability and location-restricted content prompted audiences to forsake traditional media channels in favor of VOD streaming services.

In fact, VOD services stand out by providing access to authorized content, enabling users to watch content irrespective of their location, device, or time constraints.

Unlike traditional media, VOD streaming allows users to access content even after a real-time event has ended.

How Does VOD Streaming Work

This flexibility of pre-recorded streams allows users to view content at their convenience and schedule their viewing time as per their preferences.

Nevertheless, looking into on-demand video streaming technologies reveals top-notch experiences for users. 

These advancements significantly enhance the performance of content delivery networks, adjusting in real-time to minimize disruptions.

Ultimately, this enhancement in user experience stands out as a pivotal factor motivating users to shift their modes of entertainment toward VOD streaming platforms.

How Does VOD Streaming Differ From Live Streaming?

The distinction between VOD and live streaming services can often be a source of confusion for many.

However, upon closer examination, significant differences emerge, bringing forth advantageous factors in terms of content consumption.

Live streaming entails video streams where users witness content in real-time, with minimal latency issues occurring in select cases.

Viewers become active participants in an ongoing event, connecting with it as it unfolds in a predetermined location.

During live events, audiences can share their experiences with others in their social circle from anywhere at any time. This immediacy and interactivity characterize the essence of live streaming.

On the flip side, Video on Demand (VOD) streaming services offer flexible accessibility, primarily featuring pre-recorded content.

VOD platforms grant users the freedom to access content at their convenience, aligning with their chosen schedule.

Furthermore, VOD content is accessible from any connected device with a stable Internet connection.

Leading online video platforms often repurpose their content, releasing it within the video streaming website, contributing to the service’s growth.  

This adaptability enables broadcasters to reach broader audiences with varying bandwidth speeds and diverse device compatibility, reshaping the technological landscape.

All in all, the evolution of both VOD and live streaming contributes to a dynamic and diversified content consumption experience for users.

How To Start Your Own VOD Streaming Platform

To start your own VOD streaming platform, follow the below steps:

  • Identify your target audience and also content niche to tailor your platform.
  • Choose a reliable Video on Demand streaming platform provider for customizable features and also scalability.
  • Acquire and organize content, ensuring proper categorization and metadata.
  • Set up payment options and also decide on a number of monetization models available. 
  • Design a user-friendly interface with responsive design for seamless watching. 
  • Implement secure video delivery with DRM and also encryption to protect the video content.
  • Launch and also promote your platform through digital marketing and various collaborations.

  1. Identify Your Target Audience and Content Niche – Clearly define your target audience and the specific content niche you want to cater to. Tailor your platform to align with the preferences and interests of your intended viewers.
  2. Choose a Reliable VOD Streaming Platform Provider – Select a trustworthy Video on Demand streaming platform provider that is capable of offering customizable features and scalability. Ensure that the platform aligns with your business goals and technical requirements.
  3. Acquire and Organize Content – Gather a diverse range of content and organize it systematically. In fact, proper categorization and metadata are essential for an intuitive and user-friendly browsing experience.
  4. Set Up Payment Options and Decide on Monetization Models – Establish secure and user-friendly payment options for your viewers. Decide on the monetization models you want to implement, such as subscription-based, pay-per-view, or ad-supported.
  5. Design a User-Friendly Interface – Create a visually appealing and user-friendly interface. Implement a responsive design to ensure seamless viewing across various network devices, thereby enhancing the overall user experience.
  6. Implement Secure Video Delivery – Prioritize the security of your content by implementing Digital Rights Management (DRM) and encryption. These measures protect your video content from unauthorized access and distribution.
  7. Launch and Promote Your Platform – Once everything is set up, launch your platform. Make use of digital marketing strategies and collaborations to promote your VOD streaming service. Utilize social media, partnerships, and other channels to reach your target audience effectively.

By following these steps, you can establish a robust VOD streaming platform that caters to your user’s choices while ensuring the security and seamless delivery of your content.

Top Benefits of Video on Demand (VOD) Streaming

The current show-stopper grabbing attention is the VOD strategy! The prevailing trend favors the concept of Video on Demand, and many people relish it.

The users only pay for what they watch, and the video library is extensive and non-stop, meeting the demands of the viewers.

Some of the top benefits of using Video on demand (VOD) Streaming:

  • VOD Streaming is quick and very convenient
  • Helps to convert it better
  • Multiplies your audience base
  • VOD requires meagre set-up time and costs low 
  • Video on demand has a faster & wider reach
  • VOD captivates micro targeting and also content analytics
  • Puts viewers in complete control
  • Monetizes real time videos to on-demand content

Let’s see each benefit of Video on Demand in detail.

Advantages of VOD Streaming

Let’s know about its key merits! 

1. VOD Streaming is Quick and Convenient

Facilitating consumers with the best video streaming services is a breeze.

VOD doesn’t require viewers to wait for downloads. With autoplay functionality, they can start watching with a click of a button

2. Video On Demand Requires Minimal Setup Time and Low Costs

Compared to other forms of video distribution, the cost and time required to start up a VOD platform are minimal.

Setting it up is easy and effective, eliminating the need for users to manually pick up content from a store.

3. VOD Has a Faster and Wider Reach

VOD streaming presence spans across various devices, including Desktop, Smartphones, Roku, Chromecast, Tablet, HTML5, Smart TV, etc.

This widens the reach and eliminates friction for users to take desired actions.

4. VOD Captivates Micro-targeting and Content Analytics

The wide range of devices allows for effective micro-targeting. VOD streaming services can achieve maximum engagement through personalized targeting.

Analytics data provides insights into audience preferences and demographics.

5. VOD Helps Improve Conversions

Tailor your video content to meet the audience’s needs. With guidance from analytics data, conversion things like buy-now buttons and CTAs improve acquisition, thereby enhancing the overall user experience.

6. Multiplies Your Audience Base

Video broadcasters can elevate VOD streaming platforms by transforming recorded videos from live events, making them available for later viewing.

This strategy multiplies reach and captures a wider audience.

7. Puts Viewers in Complete Control

Accessing on-demand content through streaming VOD app development or utilizing nDVR capability gives viewers complete control. They can enjoy immediate time-shifted playback, play, pause, or rewind videos at their leisure.

8. Monetizes Real-time Videos to On-Demand Content

Allowing broadcasters to redistribute copyrighted content leverages revenue strategies. Turning live videos into VOD capabilities enhances and boosts ROI.

In the next segment, we will provide you with the best way to capitalize on your video content and skyrocket your revenue to a much greater extent.

Best Monetization Models for VOD Streaming

In the present era, we have moved beyond the days of family TV sets and single-show viewing. Today’s viewers have the luxury to choose what they want to watch from a catalog of on-demand streams.

Here’s a guide to various video monetization platforms and how to choose the best one for your business.

VOD streaming with Monetization model

VOD streaming platform fully integrated with powerful monetization model that allows people to put up online video content.

1. SVOD – Subscription Video on Demand

What is SVOD?- Subscription video on demand or SVOD streaming allows customers to pay a fee based on monthly, quarterly or annual basis. In exchange for unlimited access to a large library of audio or video content till the term of the build video subscription platform ends.

This video monetization approach is said to be comparable to traditional TV packages since its durability enhances sustainable revenues. 

2. AVOD – Ad-Based Video on Demand

Advertising video on demand(AVOD) is majorly implemented in Asia-Pacific countries. Users can watch video content for free using this VOD monetization angle.

However, much like on broadcast television, customers can access content through targeted advertising, and ASSAI or CSAI AVOD streaming efficiates to be major platform owner’s revenue source.

YouTube is a well-known example for AVOD advertising. 

3. TVOD – Transaction Video on Demand 

When your users look into what is TVOD, Transactional VOD sounds to be very much effective out of the three alternatives.

Users pay per view to stream and also access content that isn’t available anywhere else except on TVOD.

TVOD in action is a pay-per-view model, such as Sky Box Office charging extra for a wrestling match or a live concert streamcast online.

Coming up next, we’ll give a brief overview of….

How to Start VOD Streaming Business? 

You might very well know that people have changed their viewing habits right from TV sets to the best VOD platforms.

That gives us a clear picture that none in your audience are searching what is vod stand for ?.

This makes it convenient for you as video providers to make a video streaming app which is a smarter idea to catch their attention! 

Three ways in which you can categorically differentiate them is: 

1. Choose Your Content

Understanding how online VOD streaming works is the first step in making VOD the preferred choice. Begin by deciding on the genre that aligns with your content goals.

Whether it’s movies, series, documentaries, or niche content, selecting the right genre is essential to attract your target audience.

2. Produce Your Content

Once your video strategy is in place, you can go ahead and create content. Depending on your goals, ensure that your video library is well-populated, allowing visitors to search and consume a diverse range of content.

Consider curating additional content to enhance the value and variety offered on your VOD streaming platform.

Tip: Original content can set your platform apart, attracting viewers looking for exclusive and unique offerings.

3. Promote Your Content

No doubt, effective promotion is crucial to get your content noticed. Employ various strategies, from sending targeted emails to your audience, in-app notifications of new on-demand content arrivals, to engaging in paid campaigns.

Nevertheless, it is seen that social media platforms are instrumental in reaching a broader audience, leveraging the power of shares and interactions.

Tip: Utilize data analytics to understand your audience preferences and tailor your promotional efforts accordingly.

By focusing on these three key steps – choosing, producing, and promoting content – you can lay a solid foundation for a successful VOD streaming business.

However, keep adapting and evolving your content strategy based on user feedback and market trends to stay ahead of the competition.

Get Started Your VOD streaming with VPlayed

You may wish to discover an appropriate best video hosting services for your video material, now that you realize its importance as wireless internet video portals.

VPlayed is a fantastic choice for next-gen video streaming. 

Benefits of vod streaming
A great VOD streaming service gives its users features that allow them to easily create content that is available all over the world.

VPlayed has the most enticing top-rated features, which sets it apart from other VOD streaming services.

Here are a few reasons why it’s a good idea to use their branded video on demand streaming platform and OTT app.

1. White labelling Services:

Get yourself completely empowered by creating a white label OTT platforms. Where you can incorporate your own logos, colors, images to your content and also get a guaranteed branding without any third-person interference. 

2. Deployment Options:

Increased feasibility in platform integration either on cloud or at premise hosting is always the best takeaway.

For service providers that they can leverage with zero dependability and also assured server security. 

3. A+ Profitable Platform: 

You can get a striking  6+ video monetization platform, that would be built by professional streaming providers into your video streaming platform.

Some of them are AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, PVOD, Paywall feature, SSAI, CSAI, Catch-Up TV, etc.  

4. 3rd party integration services:

Get to have new add-on extensions into your dynamic platform featuring & have collaborative partnerships with other video on demand services.

Easily, gain best payback from your content originals with other third-party resources. 

5. Video Analytics:

Acquire a live dashboard to regulate content key metrics and also dimensions using analytics solutions.

In order to build your branded on demand streaming platform. 

6. Life-time ownership:

All of these can be collectively purchased once & for all to get constant revenue. 

After all, a sustainable source of business growth is the purpose of every creation for streaming video service.  

7. Seamless Content Delivery: 

Furnish an amazing buffer-free streaming experience across a wide range of devices.

By utilising cutting-edge technologies like world-class CDNs, advance streaming protocols, and also others to have multiple viewing alternative formats. 

8. Live Stream Recording:

Record events as they happen and save them directly to your VOD library with nil effort.

To improve search choices and personalization, organise your video CMS platform using meta tags and also categorical filters.

9. Multi-user access:

Now within your organization and for each audience group, offer custom access controls and user rights.

Use built-in protections to ensure that your content is only seen (or shared) by the intended audience.

To Conclude:

Consumer tastes and requirements evolve throughout time.

But one constant thing that will remain is the increased need for value and convenience of use.

This is why  video-on-demand (VOD) will continue to be popular for a long time and also will continue to boggle the minds of active consumers.

If You Already Have An Idea About Creating a Video on Demand Platform, Schedule a Free Demo and We’ll Get You On The Road To VOD Streaming Success!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

1. What Is VOD Streaming?

VOD that stands for Video on Demand which is commonly known as VOD streaming is a service that refers to video content that would be readily available on demand. Any video genre that makes albums, TV shows, or movies available for viewer’s leisure is referred to as this type. Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and other internet services are some of the examples. 

2. What Are The Benefits Of VOD Streaming?

The benefits of VOD streaming include flexibility, convenience, and accessibility. It allows viewers to watch video content at their own pace and on their own schedule, without having to download the content onto their devices. Video on demand Streaming also provides a wider range of content options for viewers, as they can choose from a variety of genres and categories.

3. How does VOD Streaming Work?

Video-on-demand (VOD) streaming works by encoding video content into a digital format, uploading it to a server, and then delivering it to viewers over the internet in real-time. When a viewer requests to watch a video, the server sends the video data to the viewer’s device, which downloads and plays back the video content in segments.

4. Why Do You Need Video On Demand Streaming For Business?

The power of VOD streams translates curated content into consistent revenue and provides better monetization opportunities. Right from mid to large-scale businesses, those who are looking to improve their video businesses  VOD lets you to stream any number of videos, with nil geo restrictions, a simple approach to publicize anytime, etc.

5. What Is The Difference Between VOD And Streaming?

When we talk about what is the key difference between VOD and live streaming, in the case of  on demand, with any video library users can select a show/movie that they want to watch is all about VOD. On the other hand, live streaming lets users connect to your content in real time, no matter wherever they are & increase follower engagement. 

6. How Do I Monetize VOD Streaming?

There are a variety of VOD streaming business monetization models to choose such as ad-supported on-demand videos (AVOD) subscription-based video on demand (SVOD), Transactional-based (TVOD) video on demand, SSAI, 3rd party ad insertion, & everything combined in between, you can generate lots of revenue from audiences of all sizes.

Kesav works with VPlayed as a Live streaming and video-on-demand platform expert. I love to blog, analyze, and discuss things on the newest technology. I'm especially curious to learn more about the technologies used by movie streaming platforms.


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