how to monetize videos and make money

Monetize Your Video: How To Make Money With Videos?

Learn More About Monetization

Are you thinking of making money out of your curated media, but not sure where to start? 

Don’t worry! You aren’t alone anymore.. 

As you may be familiar with this field for a longer period of time, you would probably know how well the video industry is booming.. Viewers are looking for entertaining content, so it’s the best chance you can get to get into action & monetize priceless videos to reap the best cashback!! 

Quite surprisingly, though we had a dip with the high rise of global lockdown, the market seems to be profitable ever since now. 

There’s a fact that unfurls the stage of how well to monetize videos….

The majority of American households have 3 to more streaming subscriptions. Moreover, it is astonishing to see that quarter of households have opted for more than 5 subscription streaming services reaching 29% – Streamingmedia

So, this 

The accelerated shift to streaming worldwide services has initiated a resurgence after a big setback & which helps you to research how to make money with many videos.. 

Getting the hang of this ever-flourishing trend, this blog post focuses on video content monetization tactics of 2023, enlightening content owners and media broadcasters. Narrowing it down further, we’ll discuss essential benefits. 

Furthermore, we’ll also cover how well you can leverage exploring varied models in your video monetization platform & unveil lots more… 

Let’s go!

What is Video Monetization? 

monetize videos

Video monetization is generating revenue from videos you have created or published online. 

You can monetize your videos using various methods such as subscriptions, advertisements, sponsorships, and licensing.

When you monetize your videos, you are essentially using them as a source of income. 

Creating content that resonates with your audience is key to successful video monetization. It also includes building a loyal following that is willing to sustain you.

How to Monetize Videos Online?

The internet is full of possibilities, making video monetization a lucrative business in the 21st century. 

But how do you monetize your videos online? 

how to make money with videos online

There are several methods to make money with your videos on the internet. 

  1. Paid subscriptions: You can offer exclusive content or access to your videos for a fee. Platforms like Patreon can help you set up paid subscriptions.
  1. Advertisements: You can run ads on your videos through platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, or VPlayed. It will generate revenue based on the number of views or clicks on these ads.
  1. Digital purchases and rentals: You can allow users to buy or rent digital copies of movies and TV shows not included in their subscriptions. Revenue is generated on a pay-per-view basis. 
  1. Sponsorships: You can collaborate with brands or companies to create sponsored content. You can charge a fee for promoting their products or services in your videos.
  1. Licensing: You can license your videos for use in other media, such as TV shows or commercials, for a nominal fee.
  1. Merchandise: It includes selling merchandise related to your videos or brand, such as t-shirts or hats, through platforms like Teespring or Redbubble.
  1. Crowdfunding: You can use crowdfunding platforms to monetize your videos online. Platforms like Kickstarter or GoFundMe let you raise money from your audience to support your video production.

It’s essential to remember that video monetization only happens after some time. 

It requires building a large audience, consistent content creation, and – more importantly – finding the right platform to reach your target audience.

What are the Benefits of Using a Video Monetization Platform?

There are many benefits when you look into how to earn money with a curative piece of videos. Some of them consist of increased brand visibility, audience engagement, and scaling up for your organization’s growth. 

They are just a few of the advantages of monetizing video! 

Let’s start with the three most important advantages of video ad monetization. The first benefit is the most obvious: greater revenue.

  • Drive ROI At the Best Level

Businesses can make a lot of money through video advertising. Overall, digital ad spending is increasing. According to the TVision report, The State of CTV, United States viewers now spend more time with AVOD, nearly 9.3% & of OTT content aggregators in comparison to SVOD. Some examples are Hulu, Roku, etc.  Video owners who invest in video ad monetization are reaping maximum benefits. 

In particular, many brands use videos as the objective of growth, indicating 86 percent more preference towards the product showcased, rather than being dependent on non-video users. As a result, the first and most crucial benefit of video ad monetization is that it generates substantial revenue.

  • Reach Every Device Directly 

The second main benefit of video advertising is the capacity to reach any viewer’s device. Users face barricades before they can watch your content if you monetize through a membership or pay-per-view paywall. 

In 2019, it was estimated that for global video viewers, smartphones were considered as the primary device to watch online videos accompanied by other devices. Those figures are still rising now. As you are probably aware, the younger generation strongly favors mobile devices.

  • Maximize Your Target Audience 

The third advantage of video advertising via monetization services allows you to reach a larger audience. Some of this has already been discussed in the preceding section. But there’s a lot more to think about!

Researchers have found that U.S. households of nearly seventy percent subscribe to at least one service Furthermore, it is found that forty percent of households go for two or more. As a result of this, there’s a one-sided effect to this growing trend called subscription fatigue. 

  • Socially Establish your Fanbase 

You’ll be able to distribute live video to a variety of platforms, including social media if you incorporate it into your content creation. Apart from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, new services like Twitch.Tv and DailyMotion cater to the likings of live-streaming consumers. 

The opportunities for keeping your audience engaged with your brand stay virtually unlimited when it comes to living video.

Thinking Of Starting Your Own Video Monetization Platform?

How to Choose a Profitable Monetization Model to Make Money?

Like any other kind of business, top video monetization platforms do have selective types to capitalize on ROI. Here, we’ll explain each & every crucs of what it actually mean to monetize in a video business & things that you’ll need to be cautious about!! Some of the common video monetization methods are: SVOD, TVOD or Pay-per-view & AVOD, etc. Let’s take a look at these ones after the other!

how to monetize your videos

1. Subscription Video On Demand

A subscription-based video on demand model is a monetization model that allows consumers to pay a recurring fee to access video content. Members can access a massive library of video content anytime and wherever they choose as long as their accounts remain active.

2. Transactional Video On Demand

What is TVOD? Transactional video on demand, also known as Pay–per–view, is another monetization method that requires viewers to pay fully for every video they prefer to view, either by owning or renting it somewhere. Especially for broadcasters, it’s quite advantageous as they can cover a large array of topics or with those that’s specialized in a particular genre.

3. Advertising Video On Demand

Advertising-based video on demand is based on instream ads where the cost for placing them is typically planned based on audience size. What AVOD is the classic monetization model upon which brands rely. Generally, when the ads run in front of a selective audience, brands pay to retain their attention & eventually grow engagement.

4. Premium Video On Demand

PVOD stands for Premium Video On Demand, a form of streaming business model where users are given access to watch videos at a later time. Most OTT and top VOD platform providers take full use of it to stream premium material before it is released in theatres. You will achieve best value by delivering quality, watchful, premium video streaming services. 

5. Video Paywall

A paywall restricts access to copyrighted video content and requires the user to take a specific action before continuing to watch. Using a video paywall to unlock subscription opportunities helps you to figure out how to monetize the video. In turn, it is an essential component of the streaming industry which tries to boost conversion rates.

6. Catchup TV

The concept of catchup TV is a little different from other models. It works in such a way that when a broadcaster has streamed his episode of that particular series and it is later viewed by the subscribers. So, when a particular subscriber has missed one episode of it, then he/she can view it later through this innovative service. 

7. Coupons & Promotions  

Working with coupon firms benefits businesses like yours by increasing traffic to their platform in order to encourage users with first-time visits. Some people make money through direct sales, while others rely on various means to supplement their income, such as free gifts. Ad-placement services can be used by online coupon distributors to offer advertising space on their video-on-demand websites.

8. 3rd party Ad Integration

Associate with a variety of additional third-party ad vendors to maximize the platform’s flexibility, interoperability, and customization. You can place any type of advertisement on your channel and track how well it performs. Enjoy maximized flexible means to monetize your content with varied mediums of ad collaboration. 

9. Server-Side Ad Insertion

You can easily utilize advanced technology when you are searching for how to monetize your server-side ad videos. A combination of manifest manipulation, ad server communication, ad bitrate & resolution normalization will help to stitch advertorials into a single stream. Thus it combines & eliminates any kind of ad block requests to external servers. 

Now the question arises.. 

Which Video Monetization Model Will Help You to Make More Money in 2023?

Although broadcasters can commercialize video content in a variety of ways, the majority of their efforts fall into one of these mentioned categories. Or, can you take a chance to choose SVOD or AVOD?? Options are in plenty, keeping your choices & business goals in mind.. While all can be profitable, each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The ideal option may change over time depending on where you are in your company’s life cycle.

Wrapping it Up!!

Growth, profitability, and long-term viability aid video monetization. Providing audiences with high-quality content is more crucial than ever. And companies that do it well may earn a lot of money through adverts, subscriptions, and pay-per-view transactions. When it comes to monetization, it becomes quintessential to give audiences what they are in search of.. 

Finally, catering to users’ interests either through any of the mentioned models is the actual need of every broadcaster. Thus it assists in enriching user experience while earning surplus revenue. 

If You Already have an idea about launching a Video Monetization Platform, Schedule a free demo and We’ll Get You On The Road To VOD Streaming Success!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What Is Video Monetization?

Video monetization is the process of captivating potential income through the videos that you are sharing them via online on any platform. Usually it is achieved through distinctive types like advertising, subscriptions, one-time transactions or through coupons & promotions, etc.

2. What Are The Benefits Of Video Monetization?

There are many benefits while you look into how to earn money with curative pieces of videos.
–> Drive ROI At Best Level
–> Reach Every Device Directly
–> Maximize Your Target Audience
–> Socially Establish Your Fanbase

3. How Do You Monetize Videos?

You have 3 quintessential options to choose from. All of them center around how to make money with videos online.
–> Build Your Own VOD Platform
–> Monetizing Opportunities To Existing Content
–> Engage Audiences With Subscription Offers



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