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Published On August 29th, 2023 3403Product News
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The progress of OTT is so rapid that every minute the industry breaks a new record of its own with respect to technology advancement, revenue, and subscriber acquisition. No matter which vertical your business belongs to, OTT has simply become the part and parcel of everyday life in easing content distribution on a whole new level. 

The paradigm shift from traditional cable/ satellite television to over-the-top video streaming services is already so evident with each passing day. A decade from now, OTT platform would have penetrated almost every other household across the globe. Not only is this a technological evolution but also a versatile, modern, and more efficient take on video broadcasting. 

So, how does this benefit content owners?

Impact/Growth of OTT over TV/Cable for Content Owners

Content acquisition has hit an all time high with the surge in streaming possibilities on OTT platforms. This is basically because content owners have an edge over so many aspects of the business that is otherwise impossible with conventional broadcasting mediums. 

-Control over the content

-Broadcast freedom

-Direct to viewer

-Wider audience reach

-Better monetization opportunities

Things You Should Know About CONTUS VPlayed

Reliable streaming starts joining hands with a reliable streaming solution provider. CONTUS VPlayed in that case makes content distribution a piece of cake by helping you launch an impressive platform that ranks high on every aspect of your business needs including massive viewer engagement and profits. 

Right from high quality, low-latency video delivery to safeguarding every piece of content from prying eyes and cyber burglary, CONTUS VPlayed makes sure your video performance is at its very best. 

13 Reasons Why CONTUS VPlayed Will be a Great Fit for Content Owners

 1. Easy & Intuitive UI

User Interface is a major decisive factor for user retention. Only when your audiences find your relatable best VOD platforms , attractive, and engageable will they stay on it. CONTUS VPlayed delivers a platform that encompasses all of the above along with being absolutely user-centric so that a viewer finds it easy and intuitive all at once. Some of the top features of our UI include easy user onboarding, seamless navigation, video previews, and much more for an impressive on-the-go video experience. 

 2. Expert Team of 300+ Technical Architects

With a clear vision to deliver the best online video platforms, our expert team of 300+ tech architects take care of all things backend while you can focus on building your business operations. Everything including your VOD/ Live streaming platform’s performance, efficacy, scalability and security is ensured along with making sure every implementation is glitch-free right from the start. 

300+ Technical Architects

 3. Powerful Recommendation Engine

Personalization being the key to top OTT platform success, CONTUS VPlayed’s recommendation engine works smartly to showcase the most relevant and popular content to viewers based on a combination of several parameters. This makes audiences spend more time on the platform making content discovery easy and efficient. This of course, in turn, boosts engagement and revenue. 

 4. 100% Customizable

From the user interface to the admin dashboard, marketing to video analytics, content owners are provided with the room for complete customization according to their niche and business needs. In fact, CONTUS VPlayed is the world’s only customizable OTT solution that gives distributors a competitive edge in terms of branding, advertising, and highly personalized user experience from end to end. 

 5. Robust Technologies

A compelling video experience involves high-profile technologies that run in the background. From content upload to distribution, we modernize for efficacy through features like

  • Adaptive bitrate streaming to adjust video quality based on the user’s Internet speed and device used. 
  • Cloud Transcoding to accept videos of multiple formats and convert them to different rendition formats, sizes, and resolutions. 
  • Industry-reliant DRM tools and technologies to secure content from digital theft and duplication.

6. Multi-Device Compatibility

CONTUS VPlayed is highly flexible to stream across a multitude of devices. Broadcast your content on web, mobile, tablets, smart TV, and gaming consoles effortlessly on both Android and iOS operating systems. The more devices you target, better is the reach for your videos and ultimately better will be the income generated. Similarly, the solution is also adaptable to Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV app to expand your revenue streams in multiple dimensions. 

 7. Future-Proof your Product Evolution

Your product is in safe hands. By adopting DevOps practices for design, development, integration, and delivery, your online video platform is future-proof from end to end. No matter the challenges, we adopt methodologies that ensure your streaming business can easily adapt itself to the evolving trends, modernize, and combat hurdles in the quickest and most reliable way possible. 

 8. In-built CMS

Video content management system is as important as content distribution. Organize, manage, and stream videos efficiently with a master dashboard. This basically simplifies the way you handle content with great scope for bulk upload, live stream scheduling, easy categorization, and effective metadata and user profile management all under one roof.

 9. World-Class Streaming Infrastructure

No matter what type of online video hosting platforms you choose for video storage and delivery (cloud or on-premise), we make it a point to provide end-to-end security and ample room for scalability. With a reliable CDN, and customizable HD player, video delay/ lags is unlikely to occur. At the end of the day, an exceptional viewing experience is all that matters and that’s exactly what your platform will deliver. 

 10. Personalized Setup Across Industries

Gone are the days when OTT was synonymous with entertainment. Today, almost every other vertical has streaming needs for content distribution. This is why our solution is sculpted in such a way that it can be customized across a wide range of sectors like filmmaking, e-learning, enterprises, sports, fitness, and religious streaming software for both on-demand and live streaming. 

 11. Monetize Before You Digitize

 One of the major reasons content owners opt for OTT for content distribution is its unlimited monetization possibilities. As a streaming solution provider, we make sure your VOD/ live streaming platform is provisioned with versatile revenue models like SVOD Subscription platform, Advertising VOD, and Transactional VOD depending on what the business demands in terms of income flow. 

 12. Top Security Standards

With millions of dollars being lost every year due to cyber theft and piracy, security is the need of the hour for content owners. With enterprise-grade digital rights management (DRM) tools and techniques like

Top Security Features CONTUS VPlayed

to ensure your content is less likely to be edited, duplicated, saved, or deleted by video malpractice makers. These security measures also give your viewers a sense of assurance that their personal and banking information is in safe hands. 

 13. Measure What Matters the Most

The significance of video analytics is evident and forms the base of any OTT platform that strives to sustain in the market and outperform its competitors. CONTUS VPlayed offers a dynamic analytics dashboard to measure video performance on the whole including the overall visitors, watch through rate, total watch time, and many other factors. This information basically nurtures your marketing efforts, helps personalize, and aids better content acquisition.

The Bottom Line

Video streaming is an evolving technology with newer developments being added every single day to optimize great user experience. In that case, CONTUS VPlayed being one of the most-recommended OTT solutions by industry experts, makes every effort to upgrade itself from time to time to steer your business towards success. Also, it is bundled with best-in-class features that benefits content owners/ distributors to modernise every aspect of their standalone platform thus resulting in improved profits. 

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