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As more and more businesses are getting tech-savvy in their ventures, streaming media is becoming the most sought-after phenomenon in the industry.

Now can be the right time for combining your business with an expert SaaP based solution provider for enhancing your streaming service to reach the world globally. 

VPlayed is touted as the progressive SaaP based  Digital OTT Platform that can Customize, Enhance, Improvise, and Integrate advanced digital techniques to enliven your Video & Audio Across Web, Mobile, & Game Consoles to make a difference in the current world of streaming. 

Discover the comprehensive Streaming Capabilities of VPlayed

Shape your unified streaming platform integrated with the infusion of forefront highly flexible technologies to access on a variety of devices and compatible across all platforms.

Right from higher quality to low latency video output to Security from digital threats, New-age entrepreneurs can experience reliable multi-screen device support to maximize their target audiences with VPlayed solution

Live & On-demand

Streaming solutions of VPlayed can equip your platform exclusively designed to suit On-demand and Live streaming or infusing both the features together.

VPlayed enables Live streaming with zero latency and zero-buffering attributes to increase user engagement and multiply revenues in real-time.

With 100% customization, you get a complete white label VOD platform for broadcasting live & on-demand content without any hassle at a superior quality output. 

Centralized CMS Support

A sophisticated content management system from VPlayed can bring the simplification of transcoding video ingestion processes for delivering a completely customizable video delivery.

The video management process is broken down into simpler pieces to improve the end visual experience without compromising on efficient delivery.

With CMS, there is greater scope for bulk upload, effective metadata, live stream scheduling, user profile management, and easy categorization under the same frame. 

Diverse scopes of video monetization 

With the unlimited top video monetization platforms potential for the OTT content distribution, VPlayed rigs your live streaming or VOD platform with secure and functional revenue models like Transactional VOD, Subscription VOD, and Advertising video on demand based on the income flow of the businesses. 

Exclusive video security attributes

Now thwart any digital piracy and cyber thefts with robust security tools for ensuring your content minimizes the chances of getting saved, deleted, duplicated, or edited by unauthorized entities.

VPlayed infuses high-level DRM (digital rights management) tools and techniques like SSL certification, dynamic watermarking, screenshot prevention, paywall integration, geographic restrictions, and offline playback to give a safer viewing experience for your viewers. 

Dynamic Video Player

With an in-built HTML5 player, VPlayed renders the delivery of video assets across all browsers and smart devices. The video player administers an adaptive bitrate streaming for zero buffering output and smooth run without any additional plug-ins. 

Functionalities of VPlayed 

VPlayed across industries

VPlayed for Broadcasting-  With the infusion of VPlayed, the broadcasters can facilitate a more connected experience with the viewers by delivering higher broadcast-quality content and streaming scalability.

It holds an intuitive UI to broadcast user-centric, easy user onboarding, video previews, and seamless navigation for an impressive video experience.  

  • Live Linear TV
  • Video scheduling & Countdowns
  • Live Recording
  • Simulcasting
  • Social Sharing Options
  • Interactive Polls & Chat
  • Embedded streaming

VPlayed for eLearning- The education sector is revolutionized with the progressive streaming of the eLearning with the VPlayed’s education solution.

With a mix of innovative tools, deliver a world-class educational experience for the future that assures secure content access, regularized authentication, anti-piracy tools, and quality streaming. 

  • DRM
  • Complete Ownership
  • End-to-End encryption
  • 6 plus Revenue Models
  • 100% Customization
  • Multiple Video Format Support
  • Exhaustive Access Control

VPlayed for Entertainment- The demand for a unique streaming solution by the media giants in the industry has made VPlayed, the most sought-after self-hosted movie streaming solution equipped with diverse streaming facilities on multiple devices and screens.

The practice of showcasing content on the online streaming platform is the new-age trend amongst the entertainment industry. The progressive attributes of VPlayed, make the content reach the global audiences at ease.

  • Manage/Distribute Content
  • Feature-Rich Marketing Suite
  • Track Audience Behaviour
  • Protect Content Against Piracy
  • Amplify Revenue Opportunities
  • Stream on Multiple Players

VPlayed for Fitness- As the fitness industry goes online with Live streaming and on-demand videos, association with VPlayed gives you a seamless distribution of videos fitness app with secure monetization and compatibility across devices without buffering and latency issues.

  • Personal Training
  • Interactive Live Classes
  • 1 to 1 Consultation
  • On-demand fitness video courses
  • Group classes
  • Monetization Models

VPlayed for Religious- With the VPlayed’s customizable religious streaming platform, reach out to engage your community with exclusive religious streaming services for Live and Video-On demand services. 

  • Reliable Live recording
  • On-Demand streaming
  • Video Privacy and Security
  • Worshipping from anywhere
  • Advanced Video analytics
  • Multiple Monetization Models

VPlayed for Enterprise- The corporate employees can get engaged with VPlayed’s fully customizable enterprise streaming platform for brand enhancement by adopting an interactive communication and monetization of corporate Live and On-Demand videos across platforms and devices. 

  • Remote team gatherings
  • Live corporate seminars
  • Induction and On-boarding of workforce
  • Investor Relations Management
  • Town Hall meetings
  • Optimize Content Delivery

VPlayed for Sports- As the sports industry gets more advanced in technology, VPlayed’s multi-functional OTT sports streaming solution delivers an eye-grabbing viewing experience with secure streaming and dynamic attributes for showcasing impeccable quality.

  • Faster Transcoding
  • UHD streaming
  • Back-up Streams
  • Multi-screen platform
  • On-premise & Cloud online video hosting
  • Superior video player
  • Effective Marketing Features
  • Multiple Monetization Models

VPlayed for YouTubers- VPlayed’s dedicated streaming solution becomes the most trustworthy alternative for YouTubers in the monetization of content with complete control over the platform and global reach for multiple audiences.

Simply equipped with a strong and reliable content delivery network, it expands the user horizon by increasing user engagement. 

  • 6+ monetization models
  • Third-party service integrations
  • Safeguard from Piracy
  • Diversify viewership globally
  • Drive-up brand equity
  • Enhanced Viewing quality

VPlayed accurately meets every streaming needs

Using a distinguished self-hosted and customer-centric streaming solution from VPlayed gives your businesses an illustrious publishing space for better revenues, widening the base with million loyal customers, accelerating viewership, and high standards of video streaming techniques. 

  • Unique ability to build any 100% customizable streaming platform across verticals to meet the business expectations.
  • Easy integration with any other 3rd party platforms for effortless management of multiple streaming platforms.
  • Flexible distribution of content across various top OTT platforms and devices irrespective of geographical barriers.
  • Hassle-free Compatibility for streaming across all versions of the device.
  • Dedicated data migration team to ensure the smooth transition of data transfer.
  • Advanced Privacy protocols such as login & password protection, safeguarding streaming content, multi-layered DRM attributes, screenshot prevention, IP blocking, and AES encryption ensure complete security for the content.
  • Multiple Monetization models to improve the revenue prospects.
  • Easy tracking of user-level analytics.
  • High-quality output and buffer-free stream across any platform. 

VPlayed’s Redefined Monetization Strategies for Streaming Platforms

Monetization Models

VPlayed’s custom-built multiple video monetization platform models are designed to increase the revenues and maximize the potential of your content globally across all mediums of geographical transactions.

The key to the successful monetization of the platform lies in the right choice of the revenue model to indulge in. 

SVOD (Subscription-based Video-on-demand) – In SVOD platform, the service plans enable users to access content over subscription models based on monthly, quarterly, half-yearly,  annually, etc at a flat rate.

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TVOD (Transactional or PPV) – What is TVOD? In TVOD, the viewers are charged for VOD premium content offered through DTR or DTO formats. In simpler terms, it allows users to buy the video content or view the content based on pay-per-view modes.

AVOD (Advertising VOD) – In AVOD, there will be a privilege for placing Ads on the On-Demand or streaming content right at the preferred places like navigation bars, banners ads, square ads, and many more.

Third-party Ad integration-  Combine with the other third-party Ad vendors to unleash the complete potential of the platform with 100% customization and higher flexibility.    

With an in-house hire an OTT platform developer team and build a world-class streaming service, now experience the potential of the multi-functional platform and bring in the new-age streaming to make your content reach globally.

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