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Smart TV App Development Guide: How-to Create, Key Features and Development Cost

The global over-the-top services market has significantly led to various streaming companies’ bolster growth is set to gain traction with newer innovations brought to you by increasing demand for Smart TV app development.

With the ever-growing advancement of internet penetration smart TV, mobile, and 5G infrastructure are set to boost the streaming marketplace fueled with original content production.

Smart TV app development services are constantly proving to be another platform to get engaged with by provisioning consumers with bigger screens showcasing its grandeur. Also, it facilitates users with enhanced surround sound experience & positive influential adoption rates just after the outbreak of a pandemic. 

Did you know,  the market size of smart TV infrastructure is expected to expand at a CAGR of 17.7% from USD 44.54 billion in 2021 to USD 139.00 billion in 2028 over the forecast period of 2021-2028?

Source: Fortune Business Insights

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What Are Smart TV Apps?

Just like mobile devices, there is another operating system where smart TVs are given a provision to install apps and digital content can easily be accessed natively.  Now users may easily download and install new apps from the marketplace of TV. This is because internet connectivity has assured the best ability to run apps that are built with different needs & innovativeness. 

Examples like LG TV, Samsung TVs, Android TV, Apple TV, Sony,  Fire TV are a few of the set benchmarks ruling the online TV industry.  

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Smart TV Apps For Varied Platforms

best ott tv app platform for Android and iOS
  • Samsung smart TV app development

With Samsung’s home-built Tizen TV operating system it is known as the world’s largest television streaming app development platform. It has been the global market leader since the year 2005 and since then they have been servicing for 15 consecutive years. Now Samsung smart TV apps can be installed & run on Windows, macOS, Ubuntu with the assistance of Tizen Studio. 

  • Android TV App Development

When you plan to create an android TV app, generally their software is downloaded which is installed into Android devices. You can have the best means of monetization by building an Android TV app you can target & allow users to access OTT platform content & stream it directly into their big-screen TVs. Grab the world’s largest smart TV audience with this large window of opportunity giving new content owners to get in & capitalize on it. 

  • Amazon Fire TV app development

As many new companies emerge each year, the OTT app development market is facing growing competition, which intensifies the edging battle time & again! Amazon Fire TV, which takes over the television business by storm, which is the top video streaming platforms. So, you can design an Amazon Fire app through TV app developers if you want to compete with cutting-edge technology, amongst other brands and reach a broader audience.

  • LG Smart TV application development

When counted as one of the major brands in smart TV development companies, which is consumer-driven LG TV app development can provide your viewers with a functional solution adapted to their own visions of the Smart app incorporating OTT and VOD capabilities. You can ensure that an LG TV app is a pioneering choice for your streaming needs.  The resolution, design & viewing environment is kept in mind while developing LG Web OS apps which makes the UX clear & well-navigational. 

  • Vizio smart TV app development

Another smart TV preferred development platform talks about Vizio were offering will open up huge diverse opportunities for premium content partners to develop new applications. It provides accessibility for programming solid picture quality within TV app development at reasonable prices. Also, Vizio has vast experience in building them with personalized recommendations, making it consumer-centric by adding a “view more” option. Platform users can browse through additional suggestions making it popular next to Samsung’s Tizen & LG’s Web OS app development. 

  • Panasonic smart TV development of apps

If your business is looking for partnering with the best TV development companies you can have bespoke technological solutions from Panasonic bringing your smart TVs to life. Now you can seamlessly unlock a world of digital TV apps with leading smart television manufacturers to ensure your viewers with smooth streaming deployed through hybrid broadcast broadband TV.  

Apple TV is helpful when a client has other Apple services, in particular iTunes, which does not have any other iTunes-compatible platform. Now your users can enjoy shared experiences by playing games on tvOS, use productive & social apps, watch movies, etc. New and old apps can target iOS as well as,  new Apple TVs and provide multiplayer features that are unique. Creating client-server-based apps in Apple TV makes it easier for content providers to stream media using web technologies like HTTPS, DOM, etc. 

  • Roku TV app development

You can create a Roku channel individually & optimize targeted streaming within your smart TV app. Stats indicate that major online video platform revenue share has increased nearly 25% & provides optimum user satisfaction with better audience reach.  Capturing a new subsection of potential customers who are comfortable with streaming content in smart TVs are looking for diverse channels to increase their collaboration. Surprisingly, the global TV streaming time is made up of Roku as per conviva’s report.  

If you’re thinking of creating your own smart tv app for your brand?

Key Criterions To look Upon Before Developing A Smart TV Application

what is OTT Platform?
  • Research The MarketPlace 

Smart TV and video streaming companies like Samsung Tizen TV  have established a symbiotic connection in which smart TVs benefit from better picturization in large screens, easy connectivity, and use many options offered through video streaming services. The vital success of your app depends on a key purpose that resolves consumer’s pain points. In fact, the market has indicated to extend its growth with a notable amount of 8-10% annually during the forecast period of 2019-2025. 

  • Impact of Screen Resolutions in Device Sizes

The screen resolution plays a major role in viewing configuration when watching TV, smartphone, or Tablet. Therefore, it is highly essential that an OTT TV app builders consider this factor from a user perspective which keeps them glued to a screen for a long while. Angular resolution plays a dominant role in assessing distance, resolution, and screen sizes. 

  • Difference in Remote Control Functionality 

When designing Smart TV applications, it is important to consider the remote control user experience. Various platforms experiment with how uniquely & more remote control features can be provided. Apple TV uses touch inputs, for example, while some best online video platforms like Amazon Fire TV, use speech input. Overall enhancing user experience for your consumers will help you to retain them in a large course of time. 

  • Make it Smoothly Navigational 

When building a smart TV app or any other device, it is essential that its navigational experience is intuitive with dynamic options for users. Moreover, by all means, make sure it isn’t complicated to perform necessary functions. The more your device is integrated with comprehensiveness, the chances to hold your users within the platform get much better.  

  • Obvious Focus in Essential Indicators 

In this significant emerging industry developing apps that make a susceptible difference in the market and stand out in the market are going to be the real growth drivers. Some of the key indicators like making text readable, conveying information in few words, designing as per the viewer’s feasibility to make it convenient to skim through, etc. 

Benefits of Launching a Smart TV App

Smart TV apps enable television users to transmit web content through their TV screens and use TV-specific features. All the more, smart TV applications provide developers with a lot of value & scope, but there is a lot more to gain from the biggest smart TV audience in the world. Incredible TV apps also make searching, connecting, and viewing on a TV or switching for the same content on a mobile device easy, making it convenient for users.

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Key Features to consider while creating Smart TV App 

Smart TV App Features
  • Make it User-centric

The design structure of smart TV can be centered with user-friendliness where a user would be usually accustomed to utilizing it, such as device compatibility, remote controller with minimalist features. 

  • Smart Recommendation serves more

This feature can help you to have personalized data like user history, browsing patterns, desired preferences which help to reiterate appropriate content choices. They can have varied genres. 

  • Integrated Media Player is the key

Media player integration can allow users to enjoy video and audio streaming on their smart TV. Instead of experiencing content on portable devices, it allows users to enjoy from the large screen of the TV.  

  • Remote Control Compatibility Catches Attention 

As far as Samsung Tizen,  LG, or any smart TV development, a seamless navigation experience for your target matters the most. Make sure remote controllers correspond to app buttons precisely. 

  • Security is the main foundation 

The quintessential part indicates a pivotal role to play when it comes to assuring complete security. An application that provides security or safeguards your data is trustworthy for any user to stay with you.

  • Organize Contents by Segmenting it 

Make sure the content is accurately integrated and segmented when creating apps in the case of  Samsung smart TV, making it easy to use. It can be segmented by genre, language, ratings, trends, etc. 

  • Procure Reviews and Ratings

This factor totally depends on the X factor that you have used to design your stunning TV with a dynamic look. Your Smart TV application should be designed in the best ways to grab A+ user reviews and ratings. 

  • Multi-device with multi-lingual support 

When you tend to support streaming on multiple devices, users can access content in every device where you can entice them, starting with just a single subscription. Also, multilingual support makes it personalized, especially for those whose first language differs from other targeted regions. 

  • Voice Searches turn best of all 

Nowadays people have started to use digital assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant or Amazon Echo. You can now integrate some of these to enhance UX & enable voice searches with commands for your users. 

  • Friendly & Fast Navigation 

Make sure your app interface is rigorously responsive and remains hassle-free throughout your user’s journey. Indeed you can help them to stick to your platform/app & have high retention rates.  

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Smart TV App?

The cost of developing a smart TV application is regulated by many factors. Some of the most important factors are:

  • Amount of Customization 
  • White labeling of Smart TV Development
  • Best video hosting platforms factors like On-Premises/ On cloud 
  • Favorable device compatible options
  • Security Stack Infrastructure Development & lots more


Smart TVs are a growing customer trend and will also increase their adoption in the forthcoming times. Therefore, you need to get started immediately if you have an excellent idea to make a smart TV app & earn the best fortunes with persistent growth. To establish a recurring income stream you can construct an innovative as well as interactive smart TV app through the best OTT platform provider & start your video streaming business journey, earning millions.

If You Already Have An Idea About Creating a Smart TV App, Schedule a Free Demo and We’ll Help You Implement It!


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. What Are Smart TV Applications?

Smart TV applications are those that will allow your users to access premium media content such as movies, shows, video games, etc.  With intricate designing & development, smart TV app will display an on-screen menu that includes all of these that are suggested before, inclusive of several available internet channels. The top examples include Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, etc.

2. How To Develop A Smart TV App?

Smart TV apps come under another operating system that allows consumers to consume more insights or entertainment from the comfort level of their homes. Companies hire top smart TV app developers to make it conveniently stream across mobile & laptops apart from big screens. Also, your users can install their desired apps from the pioneer marketspace of TV

3. How To Expand Your Business With Smart TV App Opportunities?

Some of the smart TV app development companies that are increasingly trending have redefined entire home entertainment & have created business opportunistic possibilities such as conducting or attending live training, having remote video conferences, Shopify anything they prefer, etc. The finest companies that are ruling & expanding their business globally in the TV industry are Samsung TV, Apple TV app, Fire TV, & many more.

4. What Is The Best Way To Generate Revenue From Smart TV Apps?

When you plan to create a smart TV app it becomes a key part for you to entail significant revenue opportunities through smart monetization of services. They are built among the most lucrative features added with specialized functionalities, which has led to its noteworthy adoption. The top monetization method that every TV channel owner prefers leveraging is the advertising or the AVOD model. One can generate subscriber fees more from advertising revenue.

5. How CONTUS VPlayed Helps Content Owners To Make Branded Smart TV Apps?

Smart TV apps are completely new and allow end-users to have the choicest content that they prefer watching. As there is no limit to content delivery across all channels VPlayed lets its customers have the best revenue-shaping opportunities by developing a smart TV app that is backed with numerous customization. All of these will be built as per the customized needs of the brand with the latest features suitable according to their budget.

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