Key Takeaways to Build A Transactional VOD Platform

Per-title can be sold & gain maximized revenue from TVOD model

Multi-part Content Selling

Streamers can now explore an option of charging single content or a set of multiple fragments of the same content

Set a Time Restriction

Impose time restrictions to content library under TVOD for specific duration decided by you to monetize it later

Multiple PPV Plans & Categories

Create content & sell them in flexible viewing formats to your audience at different prices via your TVOD solution

Set Variable Fees

Businesses can monopolize existing subscribers over non-existing ones by setting a different pricing fee for their TVOD services

Multi-Currency Payment

Allow users to pay in native currencies with a preferred mode of payment generating 10X as much revenue

No Revenue Sharing

Let TVOD model attribute revenues with zero snag. The distribution of income gets directly linked to your account

Monetize Every View Of Your TVOD Content Recurrently

Reap prospective revenue from every node of your media footage


Sell your content by providing access to limited period with one-time fee. The content can be either a single video(movie) or a collection of videos( web series). This type of model is usually devoted for concerts, contests etc where you can monetize once & for all.

TVOD Services
Transactional video on demand


Deliver permanent access to a piece of content by charging for once. Allow users to enjoy a set of videos for indefinite period. EST is used in wide variety of digital media that includes mobile, TV apps etc. Electric sell through adds more value to TVOD services.


Give an option for downloading to rent a piece of video that’s available for a particular time slot which you can charge for once & for all, just as a classic example of online movie renting in TVOD platform.

Transactional VOD

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Make your data transfer latent-free & rich featured

TVOD Video On Demand Player
  • Designed Quality of Media Stream

    Based on the current state of network, segment videos into multiple bitrates at varied bandwidths for seamless content delivery

  • Determine the Playback Speed

  • Stream on Vast Range of Formats

  • Rollout Videos via Multi-streaming

  • Enhance Content Personalization

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Craft the Viewing Experience in an All-In-One TVOD Platform

Deliver valuable videos for generating best ROI & fits your brand needs

Purpose-built CMS To Assemble TVODs Manage Content In a Centralized Video Platform

  • Content Partner Portal

    Get to have registrations for content collaborators in your TVOD platform to stream varied types of content with monitored partnering activities

  • Live to VOD

  • Multi-Lingual Support

  • Video Scheduling

  • Media Format Support

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