How VPlayed Helped Suwaidan TV, A Kuwait Based E-Learning Platform To Drive 200x Revenue?

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It all started with a mission to enlighten the global audience with his broad knowledge entrepreneurship, Leadership Management, Everyday Living, Building Block to success and Moderate Islamic thoughts. The entrepreneur & founder aspired to launch a streaming application that runs seamlessly on different platforms to deliver HQ live and on-demand eLearning content to his global audience.  

The Complications That Suwaidan TV Had To Deal With

A founder, Entrepreneur, and Bestselling author from Kuwait had ideas to deliver a dose of knowledge, self-development, and Islamic thoughts through books and social platforms, but the reach of content to global audiences wasn’t sufficient as he expected. The Kuwait based founder wanted to create an eLearning VOD solution and live streaming application under Suwaidan TV to increase the delivery of his thoughts to a global audience on many devices.  

The Suwaidan TV demanded to stream on-demand and live content to global audiences across platforms and devices with freemium and premium content.

They needed to establish the following functionalities to Reap content reach and revenue possibilities:

  • Deliver live and on-demand content through Android, iOS, and Web applications.
  • Enable live streaming of content with recording sessions and Real-time chat with the audience.
  • Configure the eLearning platform with monetization models.
  • Trigger audience through instant notifications.

And Then They Chose VPlayed As Their Promising Solution To Establish The Live/On-demand e-Learning Platform

VPlayed’s education streaming solution provided an integrated live streaming and video-on-demand product with all the functionalities to deliver 4K UHD eLearning content to its potential audience. The single platform integrated with live streaming infrastructure has taken away the inability of the Suwaidan TV to reach its potential audience across every nook and corner of the world. 

With our state-of-the-art streaming infrastructure, integrated and highly scalable content management platform with the world’s most reliable CDN (Content Delivery Network) to encode, transcode, upload, store and deliver educational content based on their preferred geographical user base. The Suwaidan TV is specifically designed with global delivery networks that allow the audience to watch it from any device, namely on iOS, Android, and Web applications for a better user experience.

Innovative Features Wrapped Up with Suwaidan TV Platforms To Explore Countless Countries Right From Kuwait

Seamless Media Player

The Suwaidan applications were integrated with an exclusive HTML5 video player with multiple playback features like skin assets, Thumbnails, 360 video support, mouse-over seek bar, video description bars, customizable UI/UX designs, and many more. The intuitive video player ensures to deliver buffer-free educational content across any size of the screen with a better user viewing experience.

Live and On-demand Streaming

With the enterprise-grade streaming engine, the Suwaidan TV is pre-integrated with VOD streaming services technology stacks that involve RTMP streaming, Encoder, Decoder, Wowza streaming engine, Elastic transcoder and cloud front to stream HQ live and on-demand educational content without any buffer.

Revenue Potential With Monetization Models

On top of all the features, Monetization has been the sought-after functionality for Suwaidan TV to maximize the revenue opportunities with live and on-demand content. The monetization models were customized based on their demands to provide additional support to the Suwaidan TV. Subscription, AVOD (Advertising Video on Demand), Pre-mid and post-roll ads,  Sponsorship and coupon models were integrated with the eLearning platform as a part of monetization. 

Engagement Factors

To sustain the audience base and amplify new users across different channels within the Suwaidan platform, VPlayed integrated Push notifications, Email notifications and Live chats to advertise the content to the targeted audience. The real-time notifications and Pop-ups from the Suwaidan platforms were more effective than expected since its conversion rate was quite high compared to normal eLearning platforms.

Recommendation Engine

The recommendation engine at Suwaidan TV is performing quite remarkably as it suggests only the relevant content to the right audience base based on their user behavior on the eLearning platform. With a hybrid HITS algorithm, the recommendation content to users are key to the eLearning platform where it also acts based on user data consumption, time, country, region and the age of users.

Multilingual & DRM Support

The Suwaidan TV is equipped with multiple language support like English and Arabic that helps the native speakers to watch the educational content on their preferred language. Adding to the piracy factors, the eLearning applications were built-in with customized DRMs (Digital Rights Management) to protect every live and on-demand content from copyright issues and piracy.

The Impact of Suwaidan TV with VPlayed Live and On-demand Streaming Solution

Before functioning with the VPlayed solution, Suwaidan had to depend on social media channels and third-party applications to stream educational and self-development content to a small audience base. In addition to this, the revenue opportunities that Suwaidan TV had was quite limited. With our integrated VOD and live streaming application, Suwaidan can focus on its content production to scale a huge number of audiences ranging from thousand to millions.

The Overall Impact of Suwaidan TV (e-Learning Platform) with Live Streaming Applications

  • Increased audience base from Thousands to Millions With their Own OTT platforms
  • Improved audience viewing experience by able to stream UHD content through Media Player
  • Increased the conversion of new and freemium viewers into paid subscribers (257% conversion rate)
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