SaaS Vs SaaP – 7 Reasons Why Switching to SaaP Will Be Best for Video Streaming

Published On May 14th, 2024 3992Product News
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Let’s cut right to the chase.

You’re here either because you want to start a new VOD/ OTT platform and/or you’re genuinely interested in the difference between SaaS and SaaP.

Specifics can be covered later, but first, you need to know what those two things are.

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)

SaaS on the other hand is a platform with a purely cloud-based infrastructure and a pre-built platform that can be accessed by clients through a cloud interface.

The infrastructure is preset on cloud servers, the client can utilize the services of the software on a monthly subscription basis and the platform features are static i.e. the client needs to work according to the software provided.

SaaP (Software-as-a-Product)

Roughly put, SaaP provides you with a White label VOD platform for your company to streamline one or more of its internal or external functions, thus making your work easier. In the case of video streaming, a SaaP solution would be a video on demand platform which can broadcast your videos to whomever you please.

The infrastructure can be setup on cloud servers or private servers, the entire software is completely owned by the client at the time of delivery and the platform is custom-built to suit the client’s needs.

Most people (people like you) have asked us why choose an enterprise video streaming platform like Vplayed over a SaaS one which gives the same features at a lower price.

In order to answer this, let’s compare the two solutions.




Tailor your video platform to your business needs

Limited personalization potential. Users are limited to specific functionality, performance, and integrations offered by the vendor. Fully customisable from the player front end to the dashboard back end. It provides a unique solution based on the business model.


Setup and protect your platform on high-end servers

Video content can be uploaded on the service provider’s cloud storage. If the security of the platform is breached, all content hosted on it will be lost. Choose between best video hosting platforms on own servers or on the cloud. Ensure highly secured VOD hosting on a private cloud.


All yours to own and modify to keep the platform updated

The source code is constant. Since there is limited scope for customisation for different businesses, it cannot be modified by the client.Customers have access to the complete source code. If there is a need to modify the software, the client’s in-house development team can handle it.


Pay once and save many times in the future

Smaller periodical payments. It does not include infrastructure costs, app charges and other overheads. Higher costs in the long run.The lifetime license payment. But it is beneficial in the long run as there are no overhead costs.


To save essential data and information for the future

Limited storage under a monthly plan. Additional storage space can be purchased which will push up the total costs. Unlimited storage without any additional costs. Customizations charges are included in the one-time payment.


Constantly stay ahead of the curve

Clients can only choose from a small number of pre-existing features like the colour and player buttons as there is no customizability. Clients can choose from a range of features like the player, transcoding, hosting, security, marketing and monetisation along with adequate tests and quick adaptation.


The ‘dream team’ for your project

The interaction is limited to sales executives and support teams. There is no communication with the development team. Provides you with a dedicated SaaS product development team that creates a custom video streaming platform. Transparency and communication are ensured.


It is evident that enterprise video streaming solutions outmatch SaaS-based products by a long shot.

Any company with long-term goals who wants to stay in the market for a really long time will surely go for an enterprise solution to broadcast its videos.

Saas vs Saap

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