How AVOD Model is Driving The OTT Game?

Published On May 9th, 2024 6348Media & Monetization
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The Increasing gravitational pull towards OTT platform streaming has set us free from geographical restrictions, broadcast schedules, physical barriers, and traditional media stereotypes. There is a fundamental change in the way in which any streaming video is produced, consumed, and sold to the masses.

“The exploding demand for video streaming marks the digital transformational launch of any brand”

Underlying the technology, there is a wide range of business models that gives supreme access to the content. The advertisers intend to spend on the digital transformation. As there is a rise in the VOD platforms, the advertisers look for alternative areas to advertise.

The dominant business models applied to the OTT services are the Advertisement–based Video-On-Demand (AVOD), Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD), and Transactional-based Video On Demand (TVOD).

“By the year 2023, AVOD is set to outpace SVOD with global revenues of over 100 billion”

What is AVOD? The popularity of the advertising-based video on demand or Ad-based model experiences steady growth and the marketers leverage the opportunities of Ad-supported video streaming solution. The emergence of an Improved advertising technology will drive the growth of AVOD.

“AVOD precisely quantifies data for Advertisers by giving greater accountability and creating improved ROI”

AVOD is touted as the widely used Ad-based monetization model in the VOD industry. It has achieved more traction in the video streaming market due to the improved online advertising demand and AVOD is well equipped with multiple advantages over any other alternatives for monetization.

AVOD emerges into the globe of professional content creation as More businesses and organizations are set to monetize their content with AVOD with built-in tools for best video hosting platforms on websites or best video streaming platforms.

“AVOD is simply Irresistible”

Advertising VOD

Across the globe, the number of AVOD infused platforms has enormously grown in 2021 when compared to the year 2019. India leads the table with more than half a billion free AVOD platforms and the U.S is trailing behind in the second place with close to 200 million users. 

AVOD can draw the viewers, content creators, and advertisers together to bring the popularity of monetization amongst the video streaming services

“OTT Advertisers take complete advantage of personalized advertising to attain their target audiences”

The OTT can ensure the display of Ad content across an infinite variety of OTT devices such as streaming devices, mobile devices, smart TVs, gaming consoles, or connected TVs. To realize their goals and objectives, the advertisers and content producers can bring in relevant OTT Ads. 

Monetizing With AVOD

There are specific nuances to monetize content and not every uploaded content needs to be monetized. You ought to use AVOD to monetize the right content that adds value to your audience in a legion of ways. 

Never serve Ads on promotional videos for your business instead use industry-specific crash courses or tutorials is a definite Ad worthy phenomenon. 

In any given situation, User experience becomes the crux of your platform’s streaming success and it is important to focus on viewer engagement. 

“Across the world, advertisers use AVOD to build brand awareness and showcase their brands to the massive number of viewers”

AVOD becomes accessible for the advertisers to reach viewers across different platforms. It is the obvious choice for the advertisers to directly go to their consumers. 

The market numbers back the AVOD market growth. The Ad revenue has approximately risen to 20% due to the digital demand in the current scenario. 

Perks of using the AVOD monetization model

OTT is turning out to be the prime area of revenue generation for the advertisers and AVOD fuels the OTT revenue as it holds some noteworthy advantages over its alternative business models for advertisers and publishers. Advertisement-based VOD  is a potent source of revenue for publishers and a brilliant source of possibilities for advertisers. 

  • Increased ROI potential for Advertisers and Publishers –  As the advertisers invest more, the AVOD holds incredible potential for revenue growth in return. According to the statistics, the video Ad spend will reach 36 million by the year 2026 and it is the right time to capitalize on the trend. 

  • Wide range of Advertising models – The advertisers and publishers have immense flexibility in the advertising possibilities. The Ad serving is very much easier with the presence of varied Ad networks and the variety of video Ad formats is massive. 

  • Scope for Personalized Ad delivery – Personalization is the key for any marketer and the use of personalized advertising gives the advertisers a clear focus on their target audience. It proportionally boosts sales and increases the user experience in a better way. 

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  • Rise of Ad-supported OTT services – The growth rate for Ad-supported streaming services has doubled in recent times and the pandemic situation has further fuelled it. OTT platform streaming has considerably increased by 115% in the year 2021. Presently, there is a need to create a video streaming website to generate revenues with Ad-supported businesses.

  • Consumers promote Ad-supported streaming – Consumers are turning towards streaming content to witness the Video on demand. More than 63% of the consumers opt for free or less expensive Ad-supported services over the costlier ones. Such Ads never hinder the viewing experience and it flows in parallel with the viewers and the streamed content. 

  • Video Ads have Higher completion rates – The viewers can never skip an Ad with any installation of Ad Blockers or channel changes in the OTT streaming. This increases the chances of making the Ad visible completely. 

Monetize your Streaming Platform with Video Ads

Ebook Video Monetization

VOD streaming platform promotes advertisers to recapture and create impressions amongst the viewers in a holistic way.  Investing in OTT Ads with the infusion of technological advancements will make any brand rise with promising business profits.


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  1. Daisy Rodgers says:

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  2. Miriam Burgess says:

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  3. Ira Ortega says:

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  4. Woodrow Stephens says:

    Hi, We’re looking to roll out a fairly standard AVOD product for movies, TV shows and their associated clips across the various OTT platforms (Fire TV, tvOS, Tizen, webOS, etc.)

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    Hi, We have a small team involved in a project that has spanned several years. We’ve considered going-it-alone leveraging small technology partners and we’ve considered leveraging larger players in the space to host a ‘channel’. Ultimately, we believe it is best for us to consider a white-labeled option in order for us to provide our content providers and potential users the very best experience while allowing us to grow from a pilot to a mature revenue-generating platform. Our monetization model includes free (AVOD monetization), freemium and subscriptions.

  8. Esther Barton says:

    Hello, We are interested in working on a platform for skilled people who want to show their talent and want to make money. AVOD business model and Tvod with an artistic interface. But we also want to add a 3d design for online art and photo exhibition. You guys will be hired for continuous development of the platform.

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  16. Clint Ruiz says:

    I am planning to release my feature films through AVOD. I read that you have got monetisation solutions through Ads. I would like to know more please.

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