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Gone are the days of being confined to a studio. Online yoga studios have broken down geographical barriers, reaching people globally with their transformative offerings.

No more rushing to a physical studio or being limited by class schedules. No matter where you are, whether in a bustling city or a tranquil countryside, you now have the opportunity to access a wealth of yoga resources online.

Reflecting these trends, one of the USA’s Top Yoga Schools collaborated with VPlayed to build a dedicated online VOD platform for Yoga where subscribers can access high-quality yoga classes from the comfort of their home, office, or even while traveling. 

Customer Background

Based in the USA, our wellness-based client is on a mission to spread the wisdom of Yoga throughout the world. They got in touch to build an exclusive Yoga based platform where their subscribers can access on-demand yoga lessons on the go. Besides, they wanted to Bundle Multiple Courses and integrate their eCommerce with the new platform.

Business Challenges & Requirements

While our client’s goal was to take the transformative power of Yoga, they had well-trained professionals and a space to teach them Yoga. Their passion was undeniable, but there needed to be more. 

Limited by the confines of studios and personal training sessions, they could only reach a few people wanting to experience the magic of Yoga.

They earlier tried a third-party-based video app to expand their reach. However, even it had shortcomings when they discovered that this app restricted their monthly yoga sessions to a mere 10 or 15 classes. Also, only a few people could be accommodated in a single virtual session.

But their dream was too grand, their passion too strong. They knew they had to find a way to share their knowledge.

Henceforth, they decided to create their own Video-On-Demand (VOD) platform and partnered with VPlayed to build a virtual sanctuary where yoga enthusiasts worldwide could learn easily and find their inner balance. 

Feature Inclusions

After rounds of brainstorming and understanding their global vision, the team at VPlayed designed the app in such a way as to experience personalized classes, immersive sessions, and expert guidance from renowned instructors – all at subscribers’ convenience.

Here are glimpses from the top features VPlayed integrated to make online Yoga accessible and convenient, bringing the studio to life.

  1. Search Recommendations: With this feature, we let subscribers easily navigate and search videos relevant to their plans.
  2. Multi-Platform: Whether their users prefer web or mobile apps, VPlayed ensures their yoga courses are always within reach.
  3. eCommerce Platform: Connected their eCommerce platform so their audience can buy add-ons like blocks, yoga mats, etc. Subscribers’ email IDs will be used as authentication to offer special discounts.
  4. Email Campaign Tool: Integrated to maximize our client’s reach, boost conversions, and build lasting connections with this in-built email tool.
  5. Stripe Payment Gateway: Provide their customers with a seamless checkout experience by handling payments with utmost security.
  6. Facebook Ads: Conveniently runs ads on Facebook to reach a larger audience and bring more traffic and users to their online studio.
  7. AES Encryption: All their data are shielded using advanced cryptographic techniques, providing an additional defense layer.
  8. Analytics: Installed with Google Analytics 360 and Microsoft Clarity to get actionable insights from their users and app experience.
  9. Revenue Models: Per the client’s request, VPlayed engineered SVOD and Pay Per View models for subscribers to choose their plan.

Modern Customizations

Adding to the features, VPlayed blended in customizations for enhanced user engagement that reflects their brand and captivates the subscribers. Many times, things like these make a brand stand out in the crowded business space and leave a lasting impression.

  1. Coupon Codes: We made exclusive coupon code offers available for subscribers so they enjoy the benefits of Yoga with amazing savings.
  2. Gift Card Purchases: Users can purchase and gift their loved ones. One more little way for their subscribers to show that they care.
  3. Referral Program: Subscribers can refer their friends or family and earn extra perks on their next checkouts. More customer retention!
  4. Shopify Single Sign-In: Purchases happen via Shopify Sign Ups integrated with the platform as it was SaaS-based, thereby making it more comfortable for the viewers.
  5. Teacher Portal: Built an exclusive backend teacher portal for content management from a single repository and content approval process.

Business Impact

With extensive customization capabilities and scalable features, VPlayed built a Yoga VOD Platform that stands as a testament to time! Our client’s subscribers can now access a vast library of yoga classes at any time and from anywhere. Glad to have been on this extraordinary journey where the possibilities were infinite and the probabilities were ineffable.


Users Registered 

Among Top 5

Yoga Platforms in USA

3x Increase

In User Engagement

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