Why Video CMS is Important for Education?

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Education is evolving at a rapid pace through technology. Teachers and students are moving from the traditional chalk-and-talk method to an advanced record-and-stream content method for learning.

According to reports, E-learning is now covering more than 60% of today’s education.

The video CMS on demand service is enriching the education system by making it more personalized, interactive, and accessible.

What is Video Content Management in Education?

A video CMS (Content Management System) is a software application that helps users to create, store, organize, and present video content through the internet. 

It builds a convenient content ecosystem where users can upload, modify, and stream videos without any coding or programming. 

Video CMS is useful in various activities which include tutorials, training, entertainment, learning, and other public/private affairs, etc. In this article, we will cover video CMS for education in detail.

The Importance of Video CMS in Education

Educational video content management services provide tons of value to not only teachers but also students. 

Firstly, it facilitates communication between both parties and creates a room for personalized interaction and learning environment.

It helps to create courses with pre-recorded lectures, add assignments and exams, evaluate students’ performance, and issue certificates on course completion.

Here are some of the useful features of CMS for video content that makes it an integral part of today’s education system:

Conduct interactive quizzes: Video CMS helps create and add questions in the form of multiple-choice, true/false, checkbox, and more. This helps assess students’ comprehension and improve knowledge retention. With the option to retake quizzes, know more about correct answers, and review grades in the meantime, students gain deeper insights.

Video Captioning: Many advanced Video CMS platforms offer transcription services to users. They can generate high-quality video captions with a single click, making videos accessible in English as a second language for students. It also provides an interactive environment. Thus, it increases student’s engagement.

Smart Content Search: Using automatic speech recognition, slide ingestion, and other automatic speech to text indexing methods, video CMS lists every spoken or displayed word in every video in your search results. This makes it easier for students to access any particular content relevant to a keyword at any moment instantly.

Readily use LMS: Both the faculty and students depend on LMS (Learning Management System) for course material, assignments, and more. A video CMS helps seamlessly embed educational videos within the course content to enable easy management of resources. For students, it makes browsing and watching the content a doddle.

Choosing the designs and customization: Online video education platform is a representation of your institution. A video CMS service with customizable options for branding, logo, and designing helps reflect the school’s identity. With the folder-level branding option, one can even create individual brands for different departments.

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Amazing Benefits of Content Management System:

A video content management system offers a variety of benefits to users. It streamlines the entire process of development, management, modification, and distribution of educational material, making education accessible to many. 

Some of the most useful benefits of video on demand content management system are:

Easy Video Content Upload: Video CMS supports multiple video formats like AVI, MOV, WMA, MP4, QT, M4V, ASF, MPG, 3GP, MP3, and more. Users can easily upload videos in any format without converting. The uploaded videos can be played on multiple devices and shared with anyone.

Data Tracking: Video analytics analyzes  the video performance depending on certain metrics like the number of views on a video, most-watched sections of a video, sections where viewers abandon a video, and more. It provides a comprehensive understanding of what’s working and what’s not. So, the instructor can modify the video strategy accordingly.

Upload the Videos in Category Wise: By organizing the videos into categories, searching becomes a lot easier. The use of video tags, titles, and file names along with speech recognition by the CMS cuts down the search time by indexing information using target words only.

Metadata management: Video content works exceptionally well with tags and definitions. Enterprise video CMS search engines are optimized to display the search results for names, genres, and other relevant terms through auto-suggest.

Quick Searchable: The in-video navigation feature of video CMS quickly scans the entire content libraries to provide you with relevant keyword search material. One can browse videos and find valuable insights in an instant as the system will automatically index every spoken and written word matching the search query.

Dynamic Watermarks: Using a dynamic watermark helps to secure the content from piracy and theft. Video CMS platform offer users the option to include a watermark, enabling video branding on the institution’s name. This not only helps in content protection but also builds brand credibility.

Geo Restrictions: Video CMS can restrict the viewership of your videos to specific geographical locations. This helps in minimizing associated charges and legal compliance requirements from various regions.

Wrapping up

CMS for video streaming platform works wonders for academics. It does not only manage the educational video content effectively but also improves the learning and knowledge retention of students. Video CMSs are definitely a great tool to build better teacher-student engagements, resulting in enhanced performance and reputation for your institution. 

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