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Have you ever heard of a book that is transcribed into an audio recording? Yes, now it is possible for you to make it easy for your readers to actually follow an interesting novel with the powerful medium of sound! 

To define it better, we can say that 

Audiobooks are the recordings of your favorite author or via many voiceover artists, who make it easily accessible for physically abled or other native speaking groups to relate with your content more appropriately. 

Due to this flexibility, the market is shaped with significant driving growth! 

“This evolution of books-on-tape with multiple listening mediums has global market size is expected to widen with a CAGR 24.4% from the year 2020 to 2027”! – Source Grand View Research 

Want to know more about the audiobook business market scope?? Here you go!

The advent of the streaming-books-on-demand or the SBOD model is predicted to expand at a fast CAGR of 25.6% from 2020 to 2027.  Moreover, other countries are lining up for audiobook business like Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, Latin America, Middle East & Africa

What is an Audiobook?

When a book is converted from a visual medium to an audio format, the rights of its content are acquired through the author’s agents. It is then made available through varied distributors & owners via book apps to enable audiobook services to create a better sense of understanding for the end-users & enjoy your creative content.  

Why Should One Invest In The Development Of An Audiobook App Like Audible?

Nowadays consumers are preferably choosing audiobooks rather than going for the paperbacks version! This has been indeed a trendsetter since the world has been shifting towards the digital curve & making it environmentally friendly.

Also, according to studies several countries like the United States have predominantly utilizing audiobook apps as an enjoyment resource!! 

If you ask me, how does this benefit the audio streaming platform owner, then I would like to tell you, over the past few years as per IBIS world survey informs us with 16% annual revenue rise that has impacted positively on the audiobook market. 

Some of the key benefits of building an audiobook app development are:

  • Place a bookmark in pages of your audience’s choice & take notes
  • Create a flexible audiobook for your listeners to change the speed of listening with ease
  • Provide choice-first selection by dividing audio content into albums, podcasts, etc
  • Within your audiobook streaming service facilitate users with reading booklist
  • Facilitate your users with a list of recommended novels, stories
  • Check exact stats for knowing your book’s performance via analytics audiobook platform
Development Of An Audiobook App

Therefore, the idea of making a book app development can be very effective to shape profitable ROI with absolute relevance

Moving on, we will be showcasing you with top audiobook streaming players who have taken successful leaps in creating top-class audiobook apps 👀💁

Top Audiobook Mobile Applications

Top audiobook applications

Google Play Books

Audiobook streaming service was initially introduced by Google in January 2018 at the play store. This has become the center of Ebook listening apps with a wide array of digital content which is smoothly in sync with all devices connected with google accounts. People can also effortlessly catch up with the content via offline mode to listen to e-books, comic books, audiobooks, textbooks, etc. 


One of the most popular audiobook services across the globe is the audible app. One can purchase audiobooks through a subscription package easily & get discounts for a bunch of exclusive titles, book series, audio events, etc. Audible for business is also ad-free that carries centralized access across all connected devices. Some recommended tools can help you to offer genres like original shows, comedy & other audio-based channels.  

Kobo Books

Kobo Books is one of the pioneers & best audiobook platforms that was founded in September 2017. It is greatly designed for a book reader with its supported nice slider that helps to navigate in the book, making it touch-friendly. Surprisingly, kobo’s audiobook subscription services allow its users to sign up with minimum value & allow them to browse through the latest audiobook deals. 

Apple Books

The growth of audiobook lovers was gaining people’s attention & Apple captured its ever-flowing customer base through the best audiobook app. With its smooth functionality & providing preview option of listening to lists of your favorite audiobook has maintained its brand’s perspective. Moreover, listeners can select their preferred narrators, celebrity orators, or full-case dramatizations giving varied choices & flexibility.  


Scribd’s audiobook software is designed in such a way that it is eye-catchy to users & quite user-friendly. One among the features that catch our attention when the writer & narrator are mentioned in every audiobook that users listen to. One can easily utilize this audio streaming platform by listening to one & save it in their library to get back to later. It is accessible to every device that is connected to both Android & iOS platforms. 

Okie readers, let’s talk about industries that benefit by building the best platform for delivering curated audiobooks 

Industries Adopting Audio Book Apps

audiobook application industries

Recently many of them are adopting an audiobook creation software that helps to deliver their content & gain popularity.

Some of them include Entertainment, Elearning, Tourism & other sectors. Let’s take a closer look! 

  • Entertainment

The major shift of the entertainment business has taken a turning point with the emergence of audiobook websites like audible. So, many filmmakers, acting veterans have collaborated with similar apps to Amazon’s audible product to creatively narrate storybooks or interesting novels to their audience. Creative writers leverage this aspect to connect to their target easily.   

  • E-Learning

Introduction of how to make an eLearning-based audiobook has given reaping rewards for knowledge educators, students who find it difficult in reading their coursebooks. Many educational institutions provide online mediums to learners who can revise their stuff by making it viable to listen to a lecture through an audiobook platform.  

  • Tourism

Our country’s economy depends on an integral part of the tourism industry. Hence it necessitates for our tourists to know in-depth knowledge about various travel destinations by listening to its specialty, all in an audiobook. This helps to instigate the process of curiosity for travel bloggers, lovers to visit such beautiful places & do globetrotting. 

Where to get the content from?

At first sight, this question might be tricky to answer, but we’ll provide you with some essential tips that can help you to know this further”:

  • Actual books

You can now hire a few voice artists to create your own audible-like audiobook apps & have enough library tracks to simply interest your potential audience. 

  • Marketplace

If at all you need a solution that is more related to market research you can connect with people wanting to create an audiobook player app & release it together to the desired platform. 

  • API

When you search options for how to sell audiobooks online instead of selling them directly, some companies share an API link that counts to effective implementation & gains X+ followers. 

  • Additional content

It is always effective when you go a little bit the extra mile to offer unknown perks to your users. Facilitate extra features like sharing options, customer reviews, podcasts, channels, etc. 

Hey, now I think you must have known a lot about how to start an audiobook business and grow your revenue ladder in the fastest way. This is now much more comprehensive achievable with one of the top vod platform providers who can make things organized in no time!

Come on in!

Let’s take a glimpse at one of the leading audio streaming solution providers of VPlayed offering you ample streaming capabilities & result-driven strategies! 

How CONTUS VPlayed helps you to create an Audiobook App like Audible?

To have your self hosted app platform & get branded apps just like audible you can simply leverage multifaceted audio streaming solutions offered by CONTUS VPlayed to distinctively launch the best audiobook subscription app with features like podcast streaming, organized CMS library, advanced voice search, personalized Whitelabel audio cloud player, and other amplified audiobook app development services. 

Here are some…

Advanced Features from CONTUS VPlayed to add in your Audiobook Mobile App 

audiobook application features
  • User Panel Features

Your users can utilize your audiobook player app with feature-friendly options like multiple broadcasts of podcast episodes, play queue or entire search history audiobooks, etc. 

  • Admin Panel Features

You can now control your best audiobook streaming app with live dashboard user review status, understand listener’s choices, ratings, subscription packs all compiled in one platform.

  • Social Sign Up

Give options to let your users find your Amazon-like audiobooks app by distributing novels, or stories with social buttons to log in directly & eventually become your loyal customers. 

  • Push Notifications

Hold-on customers with something new! Hence keep coming with new updates in android or iOS supported apps for your audiobook releases, additional perks, seasonal in-app purchases all in virtual audiobook player

  • Voice Assistance

Now you can make your audiobook app more flexible by assisting with the voice & command features through VPlayed & let them place relative queries & navigate through many pages. 

  • Multiple Payment Options

Any business model that you choose just like amazon or audible, definitely at the time of facilitating purchases keep multiple payment gateways whether it could be used for book buys or renewing a subscription pack in your audiobook platform.

  • Search Recommendation

Give a quick glance at your unique audiobook catalog that can interest your users to check. Make sure to deploy the right filters & keep your audio bookshelves sorted so that users can find their desired genre of bookish product.

  • CMS Integration

While you keep exploring how to create an audiobook you can also check how well it can be categorically maintained using an audiobook content management system or CMS solution.  

  • Real-time Analytics

Track your lucrative audiobook business platform by generating real-time reports and reviewing the performance of your premium audiobooks & furnish the best UX by analyzing a wide range of metrics & dimensions. 

Monetization Strategies That Can Make Money For Your App

audiobook app monetization

1. Promotion of Authors

Some of the new & talented authors are available unrecognized in the market. You can collaborate with them with an equal share. This is beneficial for you & them as authors get a platform to capture their audience & you can get a financial source to run your app.   

2. Selling Audiobooks

The time when you start to find how to begin a business using audiobooks you can have direct customers within your own platform. There is absolutely no dependence on 3rd parties and you’ll have your set prizes to sell your audiobooks & completely have your profit share.

3. Advertisements

Increase your app platform engagement by exploring an ad-revenue generated model & promote your freemium titles. In-app promotions for your varied audiobooks & other relatable products can help you to have increased resources of ROI. 

4. Subscriptions

Permit your users to read a number of books that carry an amount of subscription either monthly or on yearly basis. Later, once the time period of subscribed book reads is over, you can offer a new set of bestselling collections to continue reading it further by charging it with your pay prices. 

Cost Of An Audiobook App Development

The time when you ask how much does it cost to build like audible audiobook app or platform you might not get a clear-cut answer even though you might have done your research to set an investing plan. This is because there are plenty of factors that you need to rely on besides technical advancement. 

Some of them are dependent on the kind of customizations, sophisticated features, etc that you might prefer with. If you wish to have an exact estimation of its development cost & others, please contact the apt audio app development company to discuss & take things to the next level.    

Wrapping Up

Yes on a final note, when we look into gauging the streaming industry advancement it is tremendously moving towards utilizing audiobooks as a major resource & this can be the right time to cash in your novel content by developing an audiobook app business & maximize your return on investment.

If You Already Have an Idea About Creating an Audiobook App Like Audible.

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