How to Enhance Online Video Experience with Progressive Web Application(PWA)

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Recent times have seen an immense rise in the utilization of web features and services in the video streaming industry, causing related web-based applications to upgrade and improve overtime. People depend on native and web apps to gain access to online media, and a large percentage of it is consumed in the form of videos. Modern-day viewer experience has become very competitive due to high-grade video streaming players taking over the market leading to people becoming accustomed to such high-quality experience.

An average viewer only waits about 2 seconds for an online video to start. After that, every second of delay increases the abandonment rate by 5.8%.

With such a short response time, it is essential to deploy top-notch live video streaming solution to stay ahead of the curve. This is where Progressive Web Applications (PWA) come in handy.

Why Build A Progressive Web App?

Native App like Experience
Always Updated and Fress
Installable and Linkable
Works Offline with an Ease

App-like Navigation

Always Updated and Fresh

Installable and Linkable

Offline Mode

People require quick responses when accessing videos on their phones which is provided by PWA video players. Earlier, videos could only be accessed using native mobile apps or mobile web apps.

Native mobile applications had an intuitive and user-friendly interface and could also leverage the features of the hardware it was installed on. The drawbacks were that it took up a lot of device memory and lacked the potential to deliver real-time data.

On the flip side, mobile web applications didn’t take up any space since they didn’t need to be installed but required heavy internet access. They could be accessed from any system but delivered poor user experience.

With the advent of Progressive Web Applications, users were able to experience the positives of both native apps and web apps. PWAs took the video on demand platform market and catapulted it into a completely different paradigm.

Their most useful feature by far is that they can be used in both low-speed as well as offline mode. PWAs store image and data cache on the device which enables them to run the application and gain access to all the data up till the point that they have browsed at both low internet speeds and offline modes.

Also, like web apps, PWAs can be pinned to the home screen of the device, allowing for faster and convenient access without prior installation. PWAs also significantly reduce the startup time of the videos. This not only reduces the rate of abandonment, but also enhances the user’s engagement and repeat viewership.

How Vplayed Can Help Improve The Video Experience Of Your Online Video Service With PWA

VPlayed is an enterprise-level online video platform that provides video on demand, live streaming, audio streaming and OTT video services.

VPlayed provides hyper-responsive progressive web apps for streaming OTT platform videos on a scalable level. It has an app-like user interface and UX which enables fluid interaction with the platform. It encompasses all the necessary features that a PWA should have, including but not limited to enhanced discoverability, home-screen linkability, a fresh UI/UX design, full screen mode and the ability to watch videos on any device.

An essential part in the workings of a PWA are the Service Workers. Service workers act as the engine of any progressive web application. Post installation, they can allow for native executing coding as well as processes and protocols to lift unstable internet restrictions.

These Service Workers are implemented as JavaScript files. Their workings are similar to the workings of Web Workers, which provide threading. Service Worker can be better understood by comparing them to a program level thread that remains active when perusing through the different pages within an application.

With Service Workers, progressive web applications can synchronize the video data and metadata to provide predictive suggestions. As a result, similar videos can be preloaded, enhancing viewer experience by reducing video startup times significantly, avoiding buffer time since videos are preloaded and removing any adverse effects caused by network instability. Similarly, PWA-powered live streams can run instantly and without jitters.

Also, VPlayed is safeguarded with end-to-end AES Encryption, secure paywall integration, SSL certification and multi DRM platform, allowing you a safe and secure PWA video streaming experience.


To summarize, VPlayed PWA solution can tremendously improve the way you or your customers view and experience video content on a daily basis. PWAs are the future of media content consumption because of their immense features and advantages, and there is no better time than now to adapt a PWA-powered video viewing model for your enterprise.

Online Video Experience with Progressive Web Applications

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