CompareCamp Recognition for Vplayed – The Rising Star Award 2019

Published On March 21st, 2024 1955How To

Vplayed has been awarded the ‘Rising Star of 2019 Award’ and the ‘Great User Experience Award’ from CompareCamp that acknowledged Vplayed’s robust tools and features as reviewed by users and industry experts that formed part of the CompareCamp community.

CompareCamp is a leading authority for B2B product reviews. The review team consists of industry experts who carefully evaluate, analyze, and compare different B2B products currently available in the market. The reviews weigh the benefits and value-added by software tools to help readers make intelligent business decisions.  

VPlayed earned the “Great User Experience Award” for its impressive buffer-free streaming mechanism. High-end coding allows for the smooth streaming of rich and high-quality content for audio and videos. The wide range of customization tools that enabled the change of codes and prioritization of file types were also noted. The comprehensive monetization models were evaluated and found to help users “hit their target market through these models”. Advanced features for profile management, database management, password protection, scheduling, and analytics provided the streaming professionals with the optimum experience when it came to handling content.

Vplayed received the “Rising Star of 2019 Award” on being voted the most sought-after and favored content management platform by CompareCamp readers. The content management system is equipped with a recommendation engine that enhances the discoverability of videos/audios through the use of tools like content-based filtering, collaborative filtering, and other machine learning techniques.

The content management dashboard by Vplayed can be customized to include the relevant metrics. The highest number of positive reviews and glowing recommendations from the community came for Vplayed’s array of features. Transcoding, that makes the video on demand platform compatible with Web, mobile, and TV, is done quite rapidly. Combined with the HLS video player adaptive bitrate streaming capability, it delivers a seamless and low latency playback which is secured even for offline downloads.

We are grateful for your support and encouragement that made it possible for all achievements of VPlayed including these awards. On a parting note, we would like to thank the CompareCamp readers and our clients for the valuable inputs which got us a score of 83%.

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