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Published On August 30th, 2023 2576Success Stories
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With an ingenious vision to deliver financial and investment-related advice in the most understandable form, one of the first brokerage firms to facilitate online trading in India, came up with the concept of an out-an-out edutainment platform that sheds light on the varied aspects of handling stocks, equities, currencies, commodities, and mutual funds, among others. 

With over 23 lakh customers and 153 branches, the company offers stock market solutions across several locations.

                           “Earning a lot of money is not the key. How you handle it is! 

                                                – Dave Ramsey, Financial Expert”

In line with the fact that financial decisions are tricky, they had created over 100+ educational videos that were intended to blur the line between complicated investment strategies and garnering the best monetary returns. 

This is when CONTUS VPlayed joined hands with the firm to give a whole new makeover to this huge inventory of YouTube videos via a highly-rewarding subscription based platform. 

Their edutainment platform was envisioned to 

  1. Simplify finance & trading education by leveraging video 
  2. Use the story-telling format of conveying financial concepts via a number of movies, both long and short
  3. Deliver a user experience that is engaging and intuitive to make learning easy
  4. Offer a subscription-based space for registered users to watch premium content

CONTUS VPlayed’s Role in Easing their Migration to the Video Streaming Realm

Having created several versatile content on the different dynamics of triumphing in the stock market, our client wanted to migrate to a full-on streaming platform that was feature-rich and boosted audience retention. 

CONTUS VPlayed, in this case, analyzed the requirements and ideated a solution that would resonate with their vision in reinventing their business outlook alongside easing financial education across Pan India. 

And there began a revolutionary association, wherein, the edutainment dream was soon brought to life with a technically-masterful video platform on 3 different mediums, Android TV app, iOS, and web. 

White Labeling, Customization, & Beyond

Besides the robust white labeled streaming solution CONTUS VPlayed is, the portal was rebranded aesthetically to reflect the brand identity in both static and non-static pages. 

This was done in addition to the number of value-added features that were included to keep the learning experience as engaging as possible. 

The voice-over notes option, for instance, lets the viewer take notes while a video is on the roll, fostering an innovative take on the flip-classroom atmosphere

And on the admin front, the incorporation of customized attributes such as text-based push notifications, OG tags, and plan-relevant offline download options enhanced the functional stability and marketability of the OTT platforms for increased subscriptions. 

On the Security Front

A well-defined authentication-based viewing system, inclusive of social login options, was integrated to differentiate the video access based on the viewer being a guest user, registered user, or a premium user. 

And piracy-free viewing was ensured by making the best use of video watermarking that fetches user id to hinder screen-recording and digital theft malpractices from occurring. 

This indeed is in addition to the tightly-knit security handling of each step of VPlayed’s default solution. 

An Alliance that Matters

Our client being one of the pioneers in financial education, CONTUS VPlayed reformed the business operations by seamless migration to a brand-new OTT platform that is techno-crafted for new-age edutainment. 

Alongside introducing features that align with improved productivity, a viewer-centric SVOD ecosystem was the key, which was thoughtfully implemented for best outcomes. 

In essence, it was a fruitful collaboration that resulted in revolutionizing the educational video distribution in the financial and investment sector that the future generations will look upto.


Niveditha brings technology to life with her words. An avid binge-watcher herself, she is an aspiring writer and OTT enthusiast who loves to explore the world of streaming.

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