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Live Webinar on Launching Your Own OTT Platform

Learn More About OTT Platform

The global over-the-top services market has significantly driven the growth of various streaming companies.

As the demand for Smart TV app development continues to rise, newer innovations.

And advancements in Internet penetration, smart TV, mobile, and 5G infrastructure are set to further fuel the streaming marketplace, with a particular focus on original content production.

Nevertheless, a number of Smart TV app development companies in the market offer a remarkable platform that engages consumers with bigger screens, delivering a grand viewing experience.

Also, these apps provide users with enhanced surround sound, leading to positive adoption rates, especially after the outbreak of the pandemic.

OTT, being a rapidly growing sector for video distribution and monetization, continues to remain at the epicenter of business ventures.

Owing to the rising market demand, this webinar focuses on what it takes for investors/ content owners to reign success in today’s competitive video streaming industry.

The topic of discussion will be “Why Own an OTT Platform & How to Build One with CONTUS VPlayed?”

A quick run-through of CONTUS VPlayed—A comprehensive OTT solution that satiates all your video streaming needs across verticals such as entertainment & broadcast, e-learning, enterprises, sports, fitness, and religious streaming services.

Encompassing features including online video hosting platforms, streaming, monetization, analytics, and marketing, CONTUS VPlayed is a one-stop suite that businesses and venture capitalists can invest in for launching their standalone content distribution platform for improved ROIs via enhanced viewer engagement and revenue.

Featured Speaker:

Prakash Malayalam, Product Head, CONTUS VPlayed

Date: 27/10/2021

Time: 3 PM to 4 PM IST

Key Highlights of the Webinar :

  • Connect with an industry expert to discuss all things OTT.
  • Learn the most crucial parts of building an OTT service.
  • Get a complete tour of CONTUS VPlayed’s streaming suite.
  • Understand the best monetization strategies for profit-making.



Niveditha brings technology to life with her words. An avid binge-watcher herself, she is an aspiring writer and OTT enthusiast who loves to explore the world of streaming.

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