Why are content creators tossing out theatrical releases in favour of OTT platforms?

Published On March 4th, 2024 3007Media & Monetization

Jamie was a brilliant filmmaker with many short films to his credit. But he doesn’t do theatrical releases for any of his films. Instead, he streams over his own branded OTT app. Here why!

Movies have always been associated with movie theatres. But moviemakers have had to navigate a lot of troubled waters for a successful theatrical release. In fact, as per a survey conducted last year by the American Film Market, about 40% of independent films did not release in any major theatre and 35% had a nominal release but no reported box office revenue.

But the tides are shifting.

Enter OTT platforms

The streaming wars between giants like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu have got original movies like ‘The Square’, ‘Roma’ and ‘Irishman’ into the race for the Oscars. But of the approximately 5 billion videos produced worldwide, how many have the chance to be noticed by any of these global players?

Thanks to technopreneurs this disparity between the success of big-budget and small independent films is being reduced through OTT and VOD platforms. Video creators under various niche areas like filmmaking, education, music concerts, etc are building streaming platforms via the world best OTT platform providers to monetize their priceless video content.

How do OTT platforms favor filmmakers?

As filmmakers want their work to reach people in all corners of the world, by OTT platform development with a multipronged agenda. Proven benefits even include brand building through white-label video streaming websites. In addition, if you choose a SaaP based model, you can leverage the one-time license fees, to earn a higher ROI for your platform.

Here are some features you could use:

1. Flexibility

Build your own platform with customized features for everything from the player, content management system, online video hosting platforms, security and marketing.

2. Player

Stream HD quality videos at low latency by using adaptive bitrate technology even over a low bandwidth internet.

3. Transcoding

Stream to multiple devices by converting your videos into compatible formats and codecs.

4. Social media integration

Make video and promotional content shareable by integrating your platform with social media websites.

5. Monetization

Generate impressive ROI with highly diversified revenue models including subscription-based, transactional model-based, pay-per-view and catch-up TV.

All these features and more can be integrated on your video on demand platform. For filmmakers access to Vplayed’s real-time video analytics has been proven to deliver unparalleled insights about the minds of their most discerning audiences.

How nVivo TV’s collaboration with Vplayed worked to its advantage?

As a pioneer in the top OTT platform scene in the African continent, nVivo TV scaled up from being just a content distribution network to streaming web series, movies and original shows.

Here is how they customized the Vplayed platform:

  • TVOD and SVOD models through telecom carriers to compress internet usage
  • Servers were deployed on their premises.
  • DRM integration for the streaming platform and app.
  • It is compatible with different OTT apps like Web, iOS, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Samsung TV, LG TV, Roku TV

Building a platform from scratch is not just time-consuming but also expensive. By choosing an OTT platform providers, equipped with technological expertise and flexibility, you can build an independent streaming website to reach out to a global audience.

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