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Over-the-top technology often takes pride in showcasing your content to a whole wide arena of audiences. But, when videos are being made accessible to such a larger viewer base, there are high chances of security breaches that may make the business stumble in no time. 

CONTUS VPlayed- “Prioritizing Security before Anything Else”

Ever since we stepped into the streaming market as a revolutionary OTT solution provider, security always took the front seat when it came to delivering you your dream platform. Right from safeguarding content from cyber theft to walling your videos with anti-piracy measures, CONTUS VPlayed bundles a series of industry-reliant tools and techniques that protect your video streaming services from digital burglary of any sort. 

What Is DRM & Why Is It Necessary For Secure Streaming?

  • Digital Rights Management is a rather new concept first introduced in the late 80s. However, it is only recently that streaming services are fully inclining towards content security using DRM.
  • Content consumption policies differ with platforms and DRM paves the way to protect your copyrighted content from piracy, alteration, or duplication threats.
  • DRM, in general, includes multiple tools, technologies, and encryption standards used by content owners and distributors to restrict unauthorized access.
  • Editing, saving, deleting, forwarding, screen grabbing, and other video malpractices are curtailed using the DRM system one chooses to implement.
  • It is one of the highest grades of security and is adopted across industries like entertainment, enterprises, sports, fitness, educational streaming service and religious streaming services in their OTT websites and apps for content protection. 
  • Apart from these verticals, there are several other fields that are bound to government laws and regulations. Hence, secure streaming and broadcast become a crucial factor in these scenarios as well to safeguard intellectual property. 
  • Lastly, DRM not only safeguards on-demand videos but also ensures secure live streaming on your platform. 
Need of DRM Security on the OTT Platforms

Key Security Features/Standards of CONTUS VPlayed

Here’s a 360° view of the DRM and content protection measures you can witness on the platform we build for you!

  • AES encryption

One of the most popularly adopted encryption standards, AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) secures your content with a cryptographic key. And only an authenticated user with the decrypt key can access the video.

  • SSL Certificate

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a protocol that works on a public key – private key pairing authorizing only credible users to playback any particular video. SSL certificates work majorly to eliminate domain spoofing (creating a duplicate version of the website) and make sure the user is communicating with the authenticated vod server hosting only.

  • Login/ Authentication Protocol

Choose the best authentication mechanism be it single-factor authentication, multi-factor authentication (2FA), single sign-on (SSO), password authentication protocol (PAP), etc for rightful and secure logins. 

(i) SSO

The “single-sign-on” option does enrich customer experience along with being a robust security measure. This feature allows users to log in just once and access all of your platforms without having to re-enter the credentials. 

(ii) Password Protection

Safeguard your online video platform from unauthorized users/ hackers with the simple and conventional password protection protocol. Ensure your content is made available only to genuine viewers with a legit login ID and password. 

  • Screenshot Prevention

With the rise in the number of screen recording software in the black market, it has become a mandate for streaming services to adopt this feature to combat piracy. Screenshot prevention technique curtails any kind of screen captures on any device like mobile, desktop, laptop, etc. Piracy via screen recording is one of the biggest threats faced by OTT players, making them lose millions of dollars every year.

  • Dynamic Watermarking

Skip the age-old static watermarks; add dynamic watermarks wherein the viewers’ identity, IP address, current date, or e-mail address, that is overlaid as a text or image on the content. This makes hackers step back from screen recording or piracy as the chances of getting caught are high.

  • Geographic Restriction

Grant video access only to your preferred countries and locations based on your VOD business operation and streaming rights. This layer of security is also called geofencing and is implemented on videos that are intended for audiences of a particular region or territory only. 

  • Secure Video Storage & Hosting

Experience a seamless and highly secure video storage facility whilst retaining playback quality. Be it cloud or on-premise hosting, we ensure your videos are stored safely from any kind of digital robbery.

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  • Paywall Integration

Allow access only to paid users by integrating a soft/ hard paywall to your videos. Paywalls restrict viewing rights until the payment transaction is successful. Only after which the user gets to watch the video. 

  • Secure Offline Playback

Streaming services that offer offline playback ought to be more careful about video invasion and fraudulent activities from hackers. In these cases, CONTUS VPlayed offers a safe VOD platform for users to download videos and watch them Internet-free while at the same time play them only on the platform by blocking downloads to the user’s device. 

  • Access Management

Manage access permissions, restrictions, and visibility all in one place using a master admin dashboard. Through this centralized management system, any access-related task can be performed at ease without compromising on security.

  • Combatting Backdoor Attacks

Injecting malware into the software you own is often referred to as a backdoor attack. This is quite common in video streaming websites; however, our DRM tools and techniques work towards combating any suspicious activities in every level of content broadcast. 

Compatibility with 3rd party DRM tools

Google Widevine, Microsoft PlayReady, Apple FairPlay, and Adobe Primetime DRM are all popular DRM giants that can be integrated into your best online video platforms for added security. CONTUS VPlayed’s OTT solution enables content/ business owners to include 3rd party software packages onto their platforms for enhanced security across Android, iOS, Roku, Xbox, and other streaming devices. 

Streaming Security – The Need of the Hour

Security is not a luxury but more of a necessity in today’s streaming scenario. Once compromised, there’s no turning back. From ownership loss to huge monetary downfalls, a vulnerable streaming platform is nothing short of a failed business. In fact, it is reported that cybercrime losses cross over $6 million annually. 

Let your content not fall prey into unethical hands. Combat OTT piracy and thefts with CONTUS VPlayed’s fully secure streaming solution with the best-in-class standards that form a layer of protection around your content while still delivering the best video experience to your intended audiences in the most authentic way ever.

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