Top 7 Companies to Hire OTT App Developers for Streaming Services

Published On June 11th, 2024 144Media & Monetization
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Are you interested in joining the world of streaming entertainment?

As more people say goodbye to cable TV, the demand for streaming services is skyrocketing.

In this crowded market, you need to provide users with a fantastic viewing experience. That’s why hiring the right OTT app developers is crucial. They can turn your streaming ideas into reality.

The numbers back it up—a report shows the global OTT market was worth $121.61 billion in 2024. It’s expected to grow by an amazing 29.4% each year until 2030. Incredible!

With such rapid growth, you can’t settle for a mediocre streaming app. You need a strong, user-friendly platform that works perfectly on all devices.

That’s why we are listing the top 7 companies to hire OTT app developers for streaming services.

Let’s get started with the most basic question!

What is An OTT App?

In straightforward terms, an OTT (Over-the-Top) app delivers video content over the Internet bypassing traditional cable/satellite TV platforms.

OTT apps allow users to stream content directly to their smart devices (phones, tablets, smart TVs, etc.) over the internet. The content is delivered via a web connection rather than through a traditional cable/broadcast provider.

OTT apps provide on demand access to a vast library of content to watch anytime, anywhere on internet-connected devices. 

Want to Hire a OTT App Development Company To Create Your Own Streaming Platform?

2023’s Mind-Blowing OTT Numbers

The OTT streaming craze shows no signs of slowing down in 2023. The numbers just keep getting more and more impressive:

  • The global OTT market is expected to reach $165.9 billion in 2023, up a staggering 32% from 2022 (Source: Mordor Intelligence)
  • By the end of 2023, there will be over 2 billion OTT video subscriptions worldwide (Source: Digital TV Research)
  • In the U.S. alone, around 82% of households will have at least one OTT video subscription by the end of the year (Source: eMarketer)
  • The average U.S. consumer is projected to spend $109.67 per month on OTT services in 2023 (Source: Deloitte)

These eye-popping statistics underscore just how rapidly the OTT industry is exploding. Viewers everywhere are embracing the freedom and convenience of streaming content on their own terms.

That’s why teaming up with an elite OTT app development company has never been more crucial. 

How Do You Choose the Right OTT Development Company?

When you choose OTT app builders you should keep these points in the back of your mind.

  • Project Scope– Do you need a fully custom platform or pre-built platforms with customization options?
  • Target Audience– Who are you trying to reach? Different platforms cater to specific demographics or device preferences.
  • Technical Expertise– How comfortable are you managing the technical aspects of your OTT platform? Some companies offer fully managed platforms, while others require more technical involvement.
  • Budget– OTT development costs can vary depending on the features and customization level

Top 7 Leading Companies for Hiring OTT App Developers

Looking for the top OTT platform development companies in 2024? Our curated list highlights industry leaders like CONTUS Tech, VPlayed, Enveu, Oxagile, and Daffodil. These companies are renowned for their expertise in delivering innovative and robust OTT solutions that meet diverse business needs.

1. CONTUS Tech

Experience top-notch streaming with our skilled OTT app developers

ott app developer

CONTUS Tech  — a top-tier OTT app development service provider, has been specializing in customizing OTT apps for both leading media brands and ambitious startups worldwide for over a decade.

Backed by a team of 350+ dedicated developers, CONTUS Tech excels in customizing OTT platforms from scratch to align with your specific requirements. 

Their services are available on a hire-as-you-need basis, allowing you to tailor your engagement according to your unique needs.

Employing a pay-as-you-go model, CONTUS Tech ensures cost transparency and flexibility by only charging for the services and resources you utilize, thus accommodating various budgetary constraints.

Additionally, CONTUS Tech offers adaptable hiring options designed to match the demands of your project. Leveraging streamlined processes and seasoned developers, they guarantee a swift launch for your streaming service.

An Overview of CONTUS Tech

  • Company Founded — In 2008 by Sriram Manoharan
  • Headquarters — Chennai, India
  • Industries Served —Media, e-learning, healthcare, sports, finance, etc.
  • Employee Size — 350–450 
  • Service offered — Full stack development, DevOps service, SaaS product development, unified communication, etc.

2. VPlayed

Empower your OTT platform with our dedicated app developers

ott app development companies

VPlayed is a famous OTT development firm that tailors personalized streaming platforms for media houses, content creators, filmmakers and broadcasters.

Their in-house developers can customize OTT platform or build full-fledged OTT applications to fit your specifications.

What makes it stand out is its flexible employment model of either engaging an individual developer or an entire dedicated team depending on the requirement.

They are leaders in the OTT app building industry and therefore, they take a collaborative approach where clients closely work with them to understand their business goals and identify audience preferences.

Adopting agile development methodologies they see to it that high quality apps are delivered within budgetary constraints.

An Overview of VPlayed

  • Company Founded — In 2008 
  • Headquarters — Chennai, India
  • Industries Served —Media, entertainment, healthcare, sports, E-commerce, etc.
  • Employee Size — 350–400 
  • Service offered  — OTT streaming, VOD, online video platform, white label streaming, Hiring OTT developers, etc

3. Enveu

Get the best OTT app developers to enhance your entertainment platform

ott app development services

For comprehensive enterprise-level solutions, look no further than Enveu. With their in-house developers, they can customize your OTT platforms based on your requirements.

Furthermore, Enveu also gives the possibility of engaging trained remote engineers in design and creation of ground-breaking network television platforms.

They are also skilled in making custom OTT apps accessible on mobile phones as well as smart TVs and internet applications. They provide services across VOD, live streaming, IPTV, content management systems among others including monetization.

The company has a proven track record in delivering successful streaming media experiences over different verticals and on multiple devices such as iOS, Android, Android TVs, Samsung, Apple TVs, LG, Roku and STBs.

An Overview of Enveu

  • Company Founded — In 2017 
  • Headquarters —New Delhi, India
  • Industries Served —Entertainment, Gaming, Finance, etc. 
  • Employee Size — 11 – 50  
  • Service offered — TV apps, Video platform, DRM & security, and video CMS.

4. Daffodil

Your go-to OTT app development company for seamless streaming solutions

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The next on our list is Daffodil Software, an award winning technology company that provides open, flexible, and reliable video streaming services tailored to various industries.

Their top notch OTT app development services include the option to hire dedicated resources. With over 250 experienced developers specializing in customizing OTT platforms, Daffodil offers seasoned professionals to match your specific project requirements.

Additionally, they offer video chat and conferencing systems as part of their services.

By merging experience and technology, Daffodil delivers high-quality, scalable streaming solutions. Their key OTT offerings encompass web and TV app development, video CMS, and analytics, aimed at inspiring and that delivers valuable content to the audience.

An Overview of Daffodil 

  • Company Founded — In 1999
  • Headquarters — Grandville, MI
  • Industries Served —Banking, Real Estate, Travel & Transportation, Public Sector, Media & Entertainment, etc.
  • Employee Size — 500-1000  
  • Service offered —  Software Development, Software Testing, Managed Cloud Services, Support & Maintenance

5. Oxagile

Your trusted OTT app development services to build an OTT applications

Build Ott app

Oxagile is a leading global software consultancy renowned for their expertise in developing tailored OTT platforms for media companies worldwide.

Their specialization lies in creating customized OTT TV apps that effectively cater to modern media consumption needs. 

Oxagile excels in full-cycle OTT platform development that covers mobile and web app design, backend integration, CMS, DRM security, video transcoding, CDN deployment, and more.

For complete control over the development process, you can hire dedicated OTT developers directly from Oxagile.

One of Oxagile’s standout features is its provision of free ad-supported channels (FAST) alongside paid services, offering an option to enhance viewership. This appeals to budget-conscious viewers and effectively expands subscriber bases.

An Overview of Oxagile:

  • Company Founded — In 2005
  • Headquarters —New York
  • Industries Served —Media, fitness, Healthcare, Sports, Finance, etc.
  • Employee Size — 200 – 500 
  • Service offered—SaaS product development, Web development, Mobile app development, cloud services etc.

6. To the New

The OTT app builder that brings your content to life

Ott app development companies

To the New is an innovative digital product agency that customizes innovative OTT apps for individual clients. 

From this firm, you can hire a dedicated team of experienced OTT developers who will create a platform that corresponds to your vision. 

They develop user-friendly and scalable OTT platforms from scratch according to your different requirements.

It offers end to end OTT app development for video streaming across mobiles, web, TVs, and also other over-the-top devices.

The company works closely with clients, understands their product vision as well as business nuances, and later ensures timely delivery of high-quality OTT apps by its agile teams using advanced tools and processes.

An Overview of To the New:

  • Company Founded — In 2008
  • Headquarters — Singapore
  • Industries Served —Media, Healthcare & Pharma, sports, finance, etc.
  • Employee Size —  1000-4000
  • Service offered— Digital marketing, cloud & DevOps, OTT platforms and services.

7. Matellio

From concept to launch, our OTT app development service has you covered

Ott app development services

The final company on our list is Matellio, a prominent software development company that offers customizable OTT platform development services tailor-made to media clients worldwide.

With a dedicated practice in OTT app development, Matellio specializes in creating bespoke solutions that cater to their client needs

Their key services include custom OTT app design and development for mobile, web, and TVs, along with video CMS, DRM security, cloud deployment, and OTT consulting.

Matellio adopts a blend of Agile and DevOps practices to iteratively build high-performance OTT platforms tailored to specific business needs within stipulated timelines.

An Overview of To the Matellio Solutions:

  • Company Founded — In 2014
  • Headquarters — San Jose, California
  • Industries Served —Media, Entertainment, healthcare, sports, E-commerce, etc.
  • Employee Size — 200-500
  • Service offered— SaaS development, Web development, Mobile solution, Artificial intelligence, etc.


And here it is – 7 companies to hire OTT app developers to turn your streaming aspirations into reality. But with so many options, how do you select the best partner?

First, ask yourself: what is your scope, specifications, scale, and which platforms do you need to support?

Then, choose a company with the right technological expertise and proven experience.

For completely customizable platforms, consider CONTUS Tech. If seamless multi-screen distribution is crucial, Enveu’s video content management prowess might be the perfect fit.

Top-notch security, digital rights management, and monetization capabilities are essential too. Companies like VPlayed, Daffodil, and Oxagile offer robust solutions in these areas.

If you need a rapid self-serve launch, To the New and Matellio provide intuitive tools to quickly establish your streaming channel in the dynamic OTT industry.

The OTT market is booming, With the right development firm, you can capture a slice of the streaming market and deliver delightful viewing experiences.

Do your homework, align with the company that fits your needs, and get ready to entertain audiences worldwide through your incredible OTT app!

If you have a concept for launching an OTT app, schedule a free demo and let us help you bring it to life!

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