How an Online Learning Platform Generated 400x More Revenue With Vplayed?

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Learning Space Digital was set up by GV Rao, a former civil servant, to bridge the gap in employability skills and preparation for Indian competitive exams.

It began with 250 students in Vijayawada in 2012. By 2015, the company grew into a reputed brand and launched their YouTube channel. About 400 videos were uploaded that year which earned them around 70,000 subscribers.

Within a year of launching the channel, the company earned nearly $3,000 as ad revenues. But the primary source of revenue continued to be the classroom session.

How Learning Space Digital Generated Sustainable Revenue?

But with a growing subscriber base, Mr. Rao saw an opportunity to create online courses for one of the most competitive exams in India, UPSC exams. But he needed long term sustainable plans to monetize these courses intended to be provided over the internet.

Even though YouTube helped Learning Space Digital to create brand awareness, it did not convert into revenue enough to launch it as an e-learning solution for a wider audience.

The ad revenues took a heavy cut after the new monetization rules by YouTube. But the main issue faced by Learning Space Digital was the quality of playback and unauthorised downloads from the YouTube channel.

How Did Learning Space Digital Start The Digital Journey?

With a boom in the eLearning industry expected to touch the $2,000 million, launching their own website with a transparent video monetization platform and seamless security became a priority for Learning Space Digital.

“Our unique selling point is ‘Crystal Clear Clarity’ in the digital content we produce.”

With growth came a bigger responsibility to deliver. Since the demand for services was growing beyond a scale the company could handle, Learning Space Digital decided to choose Vplayed, which is a fully customizable solution for on-demand and live streaming.

The intended website demanded flexibility in terms of traffic handling and monitoring. Also, it had to be compatible with multiple devices. Vplayed assisted in transforming a brick and mortar business with an online presence into an online education platform.

A revenue model was chalked out to fit his business perfectly. The video on demand platform , capable of live webinars, helped Learning Space Digital grow exponentially to over 47,000 students all over India, by facilitating the delivery of high-quality courses with impeccable security features.

YouTube for Branding

The YouTube channel for Learning Space Digital is now part of its strategy to drive traffic to the website. Subscribers were gradually migrated to the website for premium courses.

The channel provides teaser videos for their upcoming courses and also valuable free resources that assist students in choosing Learning Space Digital as their guide. Currently, the channel has more than 6,000 lectures watched by nearly 129,000 subscribers.

The Mark of Success

Since the launch of the Learning Space Digital website built by Vplayed, revenue pole vaulted to 400x with a subscriber base of 12,000.

But with the online education industry in India booming to $2,000 million by 2021, Learning Space Digital is on a growth spree.

“Our target revenue for FY 2019-2020 is up by 120% and we expect it to be 150 per cent higher in the next year.”

Learning Space Digital is all set to focus on the school education segment competing against unicorns like Byju’s and K12. “We view our competitors as motivators who spur us to continuously improvise and improve ourselves,” Mr. Rao says.

“Vplayed has an excellent in-house development team which helped us create an online video education platform that suits our vision for Learning Space Digital,” GV Rao (Founder, Learning Space Digital Educational Services Private Limited).

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