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Balancing Health & Monetizing Biggest Opportunity

Staying active is one of the most effective methods to keep our bodies healthy.

Did you realize, this is the most vital need that your audience is looking for, especially when you know that you can make money by getting healthy?

Yes, you can provide this happy pill to your customers with the varied best business-fit ideas for fitness freaks out there?

Before that, you need to know the current scenario of..

Why aren’t people interested in renewing their gym membership in a pandemic?

Today, our workout habits have evolved in the new normal times, with an increasing number of people who opt to sweat it out at home rather than going to the gym.

Studies have shown that 60% of gym-goers plan to cancel their fitness membership in gyms with the result of COVID.

Thanks to the rise of online fitness streaming platform which has improved the quality of life & turned out homes into cost-effective fitness studios.

Fitness Industry Online

How does an online fitness platform benefit a video content creator?

Moving fitness lessons at online endeavors is the easiest method to generate extra money as a personal trainer.

With a virtual studio, you may do the following:

  • You’re no longer bound by client’s timetables.
  • You can reach out to a much larger number of people than you could ever manage in person.
  • You can design special offers for your most devoted customers.

These advantages aren’t just for trainers. Any fitness business may expand its reach — and profits.

Here are some stats that can help you to start your business journey in finding out how to make money in fitness industry seeing the rapid growth & scope of streaming apps/platforms.

Did you know that the eService Fitness market in the United Kingdom is expected to generate income online until 2024?

Moreover when we take a roundabout estimate the global fitness app market is forecasted to be valued from $13.78 billion in 2020 to $120.37 billion by 2030, that’s nearly a growth of 24.3%.

We saw the benefit that an online platform gives.

But, Can you really make money as personal trainers using fitness videos?
how to make money in fitness industry online

Well, the fitness videos for coaches, gurus, as well as personal trainers, are the next big thing. They provide you with the opportunity to earn extra money by sharing your skills & knowledge. They also allow the best way to use digital media & develop your business.

This is done by making best workout plans & reaching a broader audience who are actively looking for high-quality fitness videos online. All of it depends on how your entertaining videos are streamed to capture the general audience’s attention & keep them thoroughly engaged.

Let’s take a look at its integral importance…

How Videos Make Money in Fitness Industry?

The most attractive way across all mediums?

All other visual and audio elements can be included in a video. A fitness video can be a great combination of a simple exercise podcast or a fitness-related article, with an unlimited number of images, infographics, vlogs, and social posts. This is something that no other media can do.

In fact the video industry is at the top of the virtual content chain indicating its major dominance. When a video is made showcasing its effectiveness, viewers of any demographic can easily comprehend the inherent message in all kinds of platforms/devices such as Android TV app, iOS, Tablet, PC, Smart TV, etc.

Did you know, on a monthly-basis 2.3 Billion users are logged-in Youtube which showcases the power of video watching growth in recent timesWordStream

How Fitness Trainers Promote Their Brand Through Videos?

Now the question of how to start with an online fitness coaching is no more a hurdle as video publishing business caters a great support. Instead some eminent top fitness streaming platforms help you in establishing awareness and trust with the ideal potential clients who are looking for precisely what you have to offer.

You can make use of your inherent potential strength showcased via workout videos and comprehend impactful messages in order to grow your brand.

How to Make Money as Fitness Personal Trainer?

There are numerous advantages with videos which are quite obvious, but figuring out how to make money in the industry of fitness online may be daunting at this time.

But don’t worry, we have got that all you need!

Build your personalized video hub where you can provide:
  • Routine training plans that you can follow along with
  • Fitness courses with lifestyle or any genre of videos
  • Nutritional or Dietary VODs & sessions
  • Additionally, creators will have access to potential customer base and earn passive revenue.

Because everything is done online, you needn’t worry about how to increase the number of people you teach while reducing the time spent on the gym floor.

Want To Make Money In The Online Fitness Industry Today!

How to make money online by connecting with people?

You can start connecting with your customers by creating an online fitness platform where multiple clients can subscribe to your channel and try out the workouts you posted. 

Now, as a personal trainer, you can have questions lingering around your head as to how to make money. Well, we got that covered up for you with the following steps. 
But as an upfront, you can have some pre-recorded videos in hand and post them as soon as you create a channel on any platform.

Step 1. Convert fitness videos into full-time revenue generator

make money in online fitness platform

Fitness videos can help you to create more opportunistic ways to engage with your potential users as it gives complete freedom to access the content of their choice at any time. Your clients may continue where they left off, whether they’re at home, in the gym, or in a faraway hotel.

Now your users can connect to every device with

  • Smartphone
  • Tablets
  • Smart TV
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Laptop

Step 2. Online fitness via Social Platforms

As a fitness video maker, you can start nurturing your online presence ensuring a competitive edge over digital media and pan with the organic landscape. You can now easily promote your fitness offerings to earn money as well as drive awareness in the industry.

Step 3. Sell Workout Plans with Virtual Copies

The major factor that contributes to your success is when you know how to turn your expertise into ready-to-use videos. Take your online personal training platform to greater heights with the best video content & attract self-motivated enthusiasts who have come in search of a reference point where you can earn a passive revenue share via Ebooks.

Step 4. Stream fitness class sessions live

The best way to outbeat amongst the odd elements is to go for a live workout event. This helps you to collectively gather even non-subscribers & you can reach a wider group of targeted audience.  You can schedule a live stream & stay connected with your potential clients and create a consistent relationship for staying well ahead of time.

Step 5. Promote Your Favorite Fitness Products

Some top-class fitness brands make a source of revenue by affiliating workout products. By endorsing such products, increasing gym revenue will be much easier.

  • Use a branded product often
    You can affiliate a product when you tend to use it regularly. This means that you are persistent to recommend the same trusted-brand products to your users and other followers.
  • Receive a sum for recommending it
    In turn, you can make a sale & benefit with an added percentage in profit-share. Some of the products that you can encourage your clients to use are:
  • Fitness First Supplements
    Gym trainers like you can recommend some supplements which can help your participants to have an improved exercise regime such as protein or weight-gain supplements.
  • Resistance band workouts
    You can aim to adapt to higher levels of fitness & promoting cost-effective things will help you to assure your customers, having the least spent on it just like resistance bands.
  • Yoga mats for relaxation
    In the fitness industry, clients will have a satisfactory experience when you can cater to their essential needs, & make money. Fitness products like Yoga mats can be a great resource.
  • Exercises balls charting workouts
    People who enroll themselves in your online workout courses will likely look for gaining balance with stability. Therefore exercise balls can aid your users to develop core strength.
  • Aids in Training
    Personal trainers can help trainees to retain the training exercises that have been taught through online video platform & earn a surplus amount of revenue a month.
  • Portable exercise equipment
    You can also deliver total-body workouts with portable equipment like Total Body Resistance Exercise or TRX and learn how to increase gym revenue
  • Fitness trackers & watches
    Let a fitness tracker help your visitors self-track their health by watching heart rate, step count statistics, calories burnt, etc. Regular use of digital watches helps user’s goals to be achievable.

Step 6. Encourage the fitness community by hosting a Workshop

Hold a workshop by creating it through online training courses. Organize them on daily chores like a healthy family, cooking or stress management to attract members of your community. As an advisory fitness expert you can choose the best video hosting platforms & position your business well through these event gatherings.

  • Create Contacts with Potential Clients
    While earning extra cash you can gain highly-actionable results with your engaging video content. Since everything is put under one roof, unlike all kinds of videos on youtube, the convenience of connecting with clients can be easier than ever before.
  • Assist a Huge Group of People
    Workshops help to ease out with comprehensive structure breakdowns of understanding fitness physical practices & make it applicable to your niche targets.
  • Share your expertise with other trainers
    To share your knowledge, you can build social connections by interacting with other trainers while spreading your insightful experiences in a multitude in this virtual world.
  • Get Additional Bucks with Nutrition Seminars
    There are ways like, you could run Nutrition seminars every week such as “Eat best to Stay Fit” for tailormade demographics to make surplus money & scale up in the fitness industry.
  • General Training For Learners
    Growing participation in running strength fitness training classes for amateur athletes with a habitual level, say for a month will give you incremental benefits.

How do Fitness Websites Make Money in Online?

To start with, set your financial streaming goals, create the right set of courses with apt pricing structure, find the hosting for best fitness streaming services to have seamless delivery, sketch marketing tactics to have high rates of engagement, ensure multi-device compatibility and leverage the best monetization models.  When you plan all of them….

Here are the top 6 ways guiding you to make money in online fitness in 2023

  • Make A Fitness Video App
  • Socially Grow Your Fitness Audience 
  • Earn Money with Downloadable Assets 
  • Adapt Live Fitness Business Model 
  • Sell Favorite Fitness Gadgets 
  • Conduct Workshops To Increase Networking 
How do Small Gyms Make Money in Online?

When we look into how usually do gyms make money we come to know of 3 major things & they are: flexible membership fees, personalized training packages, and from selling numerous special workout classes. To add further, extra fitness gadgets or renting equipment occupy a major revenue share. Also, consistent fair fee structure and well-rounded fitness approaches give professionals a great option to entice enthusiasts.

How to Create & Launch a Fitness Streaming Platform?

Times of fore health practitioners with new technology

Technological advancements that appear to be accelerating at an unprecedented rate have spread their influence into the fitness industry, influencing how gyms deliver training routines.

How fitness platforms are helpful to connect wearable devices?
how do gyms trainers make money

But, while serving the changing needs of its customers, the fitness industry has kept up with the steady influx of new, inventive products & solutions.

After all, the business of fitness has traditionally seemed to revolve around providing a large room full of metal equipment.

This is now replaced with people who can work out online with connected fitness-freak gadgets on their own for a monthly fee.

Take a look at the next segment that talks about..

Now is the main heart of the post, how to brilliantly create an online fitness program. Well, for this, you need not feel like a needle lost in a haystack. As there are bountiful VOD platforms in the market, that help you get what you want.

Be it creating a channel effortlessly, selling your fitness videos for the reach, or planning a good subscription plan for your viewers, you can have all these in a unified streaming space. 

If you’re thinking about whether it is a good choice, bet, you wouldn’t disagree after reading what’s below.

What unique specifics does VPlayed offers for the Fitness domain?

As we saw that there’s been a talk around the town recently about VPlayed winning accolades from many creators, this SaaS-based membership platform makes it easy for coaches and wellness trainers to grow as influencers with its positives.

Here’s a list of features that make them a standout:

  • Buffer-free and HD quality Streaming

Because they are built with CDNs, the platform delivers exceptional video quality to subscribers, mostly in HD streams.

  • Powerful & Robust CMS

CMS, acronymed for content management system makes it easy for video content creators to edit, host, and market their videos through a single dashboard.

  • Detailed Insights with Analytical Tools

Want to know where your videos stand in terms of views, engagement, and revenue? The platform’s analytical hub keeps every piece of information in hand to help you track where you could improve.

  • Unmatched Security

There is nothing more beneficial to creators than a secure platform for hosting their content? Agreed? And gives its users a sense of assurance that their content is in safe hands. It achieves a higher level of security with AES encryptions, SSL, and TLS paywalls.

Well, there are other features like 99.9% uptime, safe checkouts, unique monetization models, easy channel setup, and list goes on.

  • Schedule classes

Acquire the freedom in how to organise live workout sessions as personal trainers and send push notifications to participants. Deliver rhythmic training videos throughout time to help your audience comprehend the need of physical fitness for making consistent money.

How to Make Money with the Best Monetization Options & Revenue Models?
SVOD Subscription or Membership Revenue Model or SVOD

This model remains to be the most popular one chosen by many fitness content providers. It provides access to a wide number of offerings for one fixed price (For eg: weekly dues, monthly dues or annual payment). Now you can have a consistent & predictable stream of revenue.

Pay-Per-Video-Play Revenue Model or TVOD

What is TVOD? This transactional VOD prime model can help you to entice clients who don’t feel fully chained unless they are being offered with a complete leverage aspect. Here your clients would pay for only particular interested media which really appeals to them. You can offer these after pays-as-they-play.

Get Donations Or Hearty Rewards

Yet another monetization model that bridges both fans and creators like you is the concept of ‘Donation’. Your fans if they love your work and wish to support you in your pursuit can send hearty funding. This way, your passion for your work grows thereby backing a big community.


To summarize, many fitness enthusiasts are saying goodbye to clubs in favor of extremely adaptable streaming platforms that can help them stay healthier, making them excellent investment opportunities with appropriate planning.

In this article, we discussed critical elements that underplay a vital role in building customized fitness class platforms with advanced streaming capabilities, and monetization models, for making a feature-rich fitness platform stand out in the marketplace.

If You Already Have An Idea About Looking to Make Money In The Fitness Industry, Schedule a Free Demo and We’ll Get You On The Road To Fitness Streaming Success!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. How To Start Your Fitness Studio Online?

A huge opportunity in making money in digital fitness has been expanding & occupying its space into the mainstream view. Some of the best ways are: Online businesses personal training are in fashion, fitness training courses & workshops help to promote wellness, virtually teaching yoga & asking participants to join live or in pre recorded videos can answer your how-to monetize in this industry. Of course, additional resources like tutorial videos always help it further..

2. What Are The Benefits Of A Fitness Platform?

Enthusiasts thinking about how to make loads of money from fitness in numerous ways can have a complete online class-like platform in fitness. Here they can provide a fully immersive experience no matter when people are miles apart! Some of them are: 
1. Allow users to access live/ VOD workouts to get best base in your online fitness hub 
2. Subscriptions or 1-time payments can better your process of making money in fitness
3. Launching promotional workout videos in social media is a great way to kickstart
4. Create assets that are downloadable in your CMS library for generating passive income 

3. What Are The Types Of Fitness Classes

If you are starting out with an idea of how to make money as a personal trainer you can have many types of fitness classes. You can now create newness in services offered online. This can help you to be a game-changer even in the fitness app industry. A breakdown of what services can be offered are: Yoga group class, Pilates with dozen variations, circuit training on a fast-paced note, high-intensity interval training, water aerobics, Zumba, & much more.

4. How Do I Sell My Online Fitness Videos?

There is no doubt that digital fitness is here to stay and when you check the whereabouts of how to make money in the industry you’ll come to know that certain factors play a huge role. To start with, you can gain profitability through top most lucrative video streaming models like SVOD, AVOD & TVOD, Coupons & Promotions, and much more. Apart from these you can pull in subscribers through in-app purchases, integration of 3rd party apps, IoT solutions with wearable devices, etc. 

5. How To Make Money In Fitness With Your App

While you are planning how to make money with fitness, apps play an important role today as websites that’s mobile-friendly are more loved by people.  All you need to make sure that the tech is well-managed by the development team where you can include a mix of on-demand or live fitness content. You can add the popular models of monetization with payment integration and customer support. Examples include in-app purchase, mobile video streaming, live polls within the app, etc. 

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