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Adaptive curve of fitness streaming needs 

These are never to be forgotten in hard times, due to the catastrophic outbreak of COVID-19! 

Of course, the novel coronavirus has been having a devastating effect of what we had expected! 

Certainly, it’s no longer a choice, rather a necessity to build your self-made online business, isn’t it folks!! 

The key aspect is, how to start it off in this trail??

Well. Probably, you can turn this situation around to an opportunistic chance to build a health-oriented business, since that’s the need of the hour. 

Yes, exactly. If you are an ardent fitness enthusiast you can grow your business by monetizing your fitness content. Either if you are a personal instructor, brick-mortar studio owner, or a workout influencer, you are having a huge chance to meet this growing demand & drastically multifold your revenue growth, immensely. 

“ As per the Research and Markets blog post, the online or virtual fitness market which is recorded to be $16.15 billion in 2022 globally is expected to spike up to $79.87 billion by 2026.”

Simultaneously, when we consider the CAGR’s annual growth, it is estimated to grow from 41.84% in 2022 to 49.12% in 2026. Thus proving that there is always an opportunity in this field.

The above-forecasted facts, show us that the market growth attributes to its poised upscale due to the proliferation of seamless internet services that you could cater to your target audience, facilitating uninterrupted video streaming anywhere, with any device! 

To substantiate further, scroll down to have the exact business room to scale up consistently with on-demand streaming, live streaming or conducting one-to-one personal training sessions & monetize fitness on the go.  

online fitness platform market growth

Image Source: Global Market Insights 

Moreover, while addressing the primary health issue, usually people do not relatively look into money and fitness together as a pivotal subject. But today, having online fitness gym sessions has bridged the common barrier to exercise readily available at your convenience. 

Therefore, this creates the necessity for you to create content for selling fitness videos, mentoring workout sessions, Taylormade physical fitness courses, and start collecting surplus revenue instantly. 

Next, the question arises why would anyone pay to watch your curated videos?? 

It’s simple. As you deliver value-graded content to your potential customers which gain the center of attention, and that might eventually increase your content’s popularity gaining a base of your targeted audience. 

Are you wondering how to sell fitness programs online? 

The best means to put up your fitness streaming videos is to leverage on social media, offer freemium trial fitness classes, advertise precious workout assets in your online fitness channels. You can monetize every piece of content & build long-lasting fitness streams by connecting virtually through your online fitness workout platform.   

“Shift the focus from what your body looks like to what it can do” – WellnessCreatives

Fitness Streaming is gaining millions of views.. Here’s Why👇

monetize fitness content

Generally, we all know that video has created an immersive experience and provides the next valuable asset for your clients to make a worthy decision in person. All the more, in the fitness industry, while you could find ways to make money, the best aspect that you could grab your viewers is because they could hear you speak interactively and at the same time watch you mentoring precisely.  

Here are some more reasons to consider in creating online fitness video content: 

Start sharing your skilled knowledge 

This is definitely your field of expertise which gives you a golden opportunity to exhibit your caliber-rated workout skills which is much appreciated & create an iconic fitness brand.

Transform from trainer to industry fitness expert 

Your journey can begin by not only making fitness video campaigns but shaping your own set of health-routine ideologies which is always welcomed by your potential viewers. 

Once your high-actionable video content raises the bar of active participating members or regular viewers, you can promote them & monetize with strategic video marketing tactics.  

Get the opportunity of having larger customer base

While you could do your research on how to make money in fitness industry, with your customizable fitness studio platform you can target a wide group of audience worldwide. 

Diversify with more than one revenue monetization model

Leverage on gaining multiple means of generating revenue such as subscription-based model, pay-per-view or Transactional-based model or simply integrating the Donation options in a unified platform. 

Earn your income sustainably with streaming business 

You can have ever-lasting recurring revenue benefits with the passive income acquired through your rigorous fitness practises & online classes along with trendy & competitive mark setters. 

Engage Users Through Fitness Music

HookSounds is a Royalty Free Music service that provides tracks, sound effects and intros & outros for all your projects. All of their tracks are made by professional and talented musicians that are also part of the company. They offer diverse licenses depending on your needs and if you have any doubts you can talk to their team who is 24/7 online! With HookSounds you can monetize your videos and you can forget about copyright issues!

Okay readers let’s delve deeper into the aspect of…. 

Why would anyone pay for videos that they could likely find online for free?

Yes, that’s a really good question!  

It’s quite obvious that when you try making video content which helps to popularize & build your brand, it is even more important to know will people actually buy your video??  

With endless feeds available on YouTube, you must be thinking how is it possible to make more money as a personal fitness trainer.. Then let me tell you guys, your content stays valuable & intact as audience searches relate to your power-packed wellness videos! Yes, ultimately they are coming in search of you!! Want to know how??

Here are your takeaways on it!

  • Feasibility for your target audience

First of all, while you create a detailed structure of your actionable videos to try, you are readily giving them what they are really looking for, at a shot while searching through a number of hundred plus videos everything put in one place in an unified platform. 

  • People giving special criteria to fitness

Secondly, the recent projection of many people spending money for fitness has been found increasingly. Around 16% of respondents take a gym membership package, whereas 8% of folks keenly invest in wellness & online services, covering much popular use of online fitness platforms  

fitness video content

Image Source: Statista 

  • Get A to Z of channel management at your fingertips

The next thing is when you stream your videos within your SaaS-based or membership platform that has a strong content management system (CMS), you are providing an ease of acquiring fitness content to your customers, that is valuable & give them quick returns while investing their time.

Additionally, a resilient CMS could offer plenty of benefits to creators; from easily setting up a channel using drag-and-drop widgets to quick bulk uploads to fostering schedules. Yes, some CMS allows you to set the time and date for videos to be streamed on different time zones.

  • Keeps it simply accountable 

At the time of venturing into how to make quick money in this fitness industry online, you’ll have to justify nonetheless but accountability. When your customers pay to watch your online fitness programs you can make sure they have invested in result-driven content which is certainly required. 

So these are the listed factors for why your users would pay for your fitness workout videos, better than finding alternatives online!!

Thinking to Create A Fitness Streaming Platform With 6+ Monetization Model?

How to monetize your valuable fitness video content? 

Let’s look into the key segment of this article, which is how you can quickly monetize your online fitness video content & reap greater ROI.  You can pat yourself on the back to have a rewarding resource to channelize your workout trials all put together in an  highly engaging & effective fitness streaming platform. 

Here are some valuable ways that can help you to make money as a personal trainer & achieve you to create a fitness app too profitable business  

  • Choose your Niche

With a clear understanding of your market you can have a picture of where there is an opportunity to serve your audience. Ideally, you can find your niche customers in that arena & help them to solve their deep-rooted situations.   

  • Shape your Brand Persona

Personas are aptly identified when a certain set of traits embodies your brand objectives & USPs. For example, if you are planning to monetize your fitness video in losing calories & pounds, your target can ideally relate with what kind of knowledge they can expect in the journey. 

  • Get to the bottom of your Competition

To stay ahead in the game, it’s quintessential to know the power of your competitions. To set yourself apart, you can not only look into their landing pages, but also learn how they serve their customers through sign-in free trials, product buys & gain greater value for the same. 

Select your Monetization Models

When you are planning to monetize your fitness striking videos, generally you might think of gaining recurring revenue via Youtube with ads ingested in between. Now it isn’t necessary to only look into those AVOD SVOD, and TVOD.. There are other effective alternatives too!! 

SVOD – Subscription-based video on demand model 

I can tell you that this streaming SVOD platform is the most favorite-picked model by content owners who charge their viewers with a fixed subscription fee & generate a steady revenue stream. Most on demand fitness streaming services available today are Amazon TV app, Netflix, Hulu, or Apple TV 

Donations or simply rewards

Yet another monetization model that certain premium membership platforms opt for is granting rewards to content creators. Your subscribers or fans who love your work and wish to support you in your endeavors can do so by funding your work. This way, you can back a large community, and your passion for work too increases.

TVOD – Transactional or PPV-based video on demand model

People might prefer to have a one-time watch with your videos. Transactional model is commonly utilized by viewers who need to purchase them which are allotted for limited periods of access. Some of the premium VOD services include Apple iTunes, Amazon video store, etc. 

Launch your tailor-made channel quickly in not more than 10 minutes

Did you know that with an ideal streaming platform, you can upload videos, manage them, and stream on the go? Because of the vibrant CMS (content management system) that they hold off. 

Plus, CMS helps in quick channel creation with drag and drop widget, taking complete ownership of your channel and content, scheduling videos at the desired time zone, and exporting content from varied sources at the click of a button.

Embed video codes anywhere to drive traffic

Using the platform’s embed feature, you can pick your video codes, copy them, and place those files in your desired spot or website that you feel would drive more traffic, interactions, and user engagement.

Faster 4k streaming to your fans with the concept of CDN

Deliver and distribute high-quality video content to your viewer base with content delivery networks and adaptive bitrate streaming that assures lag-free video streaming, regardless of device, screen resolution, and bandwidth. 

Consequently, your viewers get hooked to your channel.

Launch videos on mobile devices for seamless interactions

Get a chance to monetize your content by launching all your videos onto iOS and Android mobile apps. Some streaming platforms are not compatible with mobile applications, so when you are ready with a hosting service, make sure to put your content on all mobile apps as well. Because, this would lead to an increased engagement and retention.

Offer free-trials & distribute worthiness of your content

Another way is you can try an experiment with freemium offered trials. Sometimes, providing samples can help catch the attention of your users. Especially, when it comes to fitness offering one or two week’s trails work out best before enticing for subscription packages.

Market your valuable videos to have better reach 

Utilize paid promotions having sure investment returns from the platforms like Youtube, Google, Facebook, etc & target your user-base on the criteria of demographics & personal interests. Orelse, you can also build an email list by preparing a short Ebook on “which workout activity could suit your body constitution” with an exchange of email address & acquire that lead easily.  

Analyze your results to keep yourself ahead in the game

It is necessary to keep a progressive check on how your fitness content has been performing in the market, so that you could check on the opportunities to drive revenue & gain high engagement. So, you can have an analytics solution embedded on your streaming platform to track & measure your leap of success!  


There has never been a better time for fitness professionals to consider using video to expand their businesses. However, if you want to make more money in the health and fitness industry, you must plan ahead. Determine your niche, as well as your customer’s and their needs. Choose your revenue model, develop outstanding content, and share it with your target market across as many channels as possible.

If You Already Have An Idea About Starting A Fitness Video Platform, Schedule A Free Demo And  We’ll Get You On The Road To Fitness Streaming Success!

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