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11 Best Enterprise Video Hosting Platforms For Businesses [Free + Paid]

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Did you know that as per Wyzowl’s survey of 2024, 96% of marketers prefer to use video content as part of their campaigning strategy? Well yes! Such is the real potential of videos. Therefore, no matter what your niche is, move up the ladder of business growth and revenue by hosting videos using the right video hosting platform.

So, how will you check whether the platform you opt for hosting is the right one? For it, decide on its reliability. Because a reliable hosting service never lets your videos underperform and comes to audiences with better streaming quality and minimal or no buffers.

That’s why businesses making sales demos or how-to articles usually prefer to go ahead with a hosting service. So what it is, how to choose the best of the top lot, and answer a lot more questions will be discussed in the blog below.

What is a Video Hosting Platform?

A video hosting platform is an online service that allows creators to host, upload, store, and stream video content across social channels and websites for audiences to engage.

Plus, a video hosting service offers basic functionalities like transcoding, playback, encoding, analytics, customization, and embed code options.

Top 11 Video Hosting Sites In 2024 That Are Worth Looking At!

Listed below are some of the paid and free video hosting sites like GUDSHO, Brightcove, Wistia, VPlayed, Vimeo, Facebook, and Dailymotion. All of which are known to offer hassle-free streaming and viewing experiences. 

Please note that the list curated is of no particular order and is drafted post reviewing each platform’s features. Starting with,

1. GUDSHO – The #1 Video Hosting Platform Compatible Across Devices

GUDSHO Video Hosting Platform

GUDSHO is one of the premium and secure cloud-hosting video platform that’s designed specially for video-aided brands and creators for managing, hosting, distributing, and streaming content without any restrictions. 

Plus, the solution lets you keep videos alive and spread them across a larger audience base with best-in-class hosting capabilities and a built-in HLS player, every stream in 4k quality and without buffers. As a result of which, you can upload videos of any file size and in any format, to name some MP4, FLV, AVI, and MPEG.

Its other remarkable features include scalable transcoding, limitless video storage, access control, adaptive delivery, Akamai-powered CDN, and geo-fencing content. 

Therefore, to conclude, GUDSHO comes as an ideal platform to both live stream and broadcast VOD content, draw unbounded revenue, successfully build your career graph, and simply do much more.

Their Key Highlights

  • Unlimited cloud hosting and storage capabilities with 4k streaming quality
  • Video CMS to categorize content at one place by creating engaging catalogs
  • Boost customer retention rates via live streaming and on-demand broadcasting
  • Protects platforms from prying eyes with 100% secured encryption mechanisms
  • Custom video API attribute to share your videos on any platforms
  • Set different subscription plans to different set of subscribers
  • Keep track of your performance, analyze user behavior, and gain insights on real-time data with actionable analytics
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2. VPlayed – A Feature-rich Video Hosting Platform To Host Like A Pro


Whether you are a newbie to the content delivery field or an expert influencer, the one place to monetize your videos effectively and build your career dream is VPlayed.

With it, you can launch your own OTT platform, deliver content in any size and format, add any monetization models, and gain insights into your video performances. In case you are down with any of the functionalities said, there is a support team for you who work round-the-clock.

And along with VPlayed being called an OTT platform, it comes to the market as a self-hosted solution that lets creators like you take complete ownership of your platform and customize it the way you want it to. And trust me, VPlayed lets individuals and businesses keep 100% percent of their hard-earned revenue with zero commission fee.

Isn’t that amazing to hear? Well, to wrap up, it is an all-in-one solution where you can do live streaming, VOD content delivery, set multiple monetization models, and gain insightful analytics. 

Their Key Highlights

  • Create a customizable live streaming and hosting platform that reflects your identity
  • Organize all your videos at a single space using a friendly content management system
  • Offers transcoding capabilities to elevate the streaming experience
  • Has HTML5 player for crystal-clear playback featuring HLS player
  • 10+ monetization models to earn enough from your videos
  • Protects content from licensing issues using multi-DRM solution

3. Dailymotion – An Online Video Hosting Site That Houses Multiple Channels


Next up on the list is Dailymotion. Bet, everyone would have heard about this video streaming platform and would have used it. Being said that, it has over 300 million active users around the world with top channels streaming on the platform.

Additionally, this strong competitor comes as the best option for anyone looking for visibility and rewards, and for those who are planning to boost brand awareness. And as we talk about its positives, its downfall is that it does not allow creators to upload large videos in the basic plan. 

Their Key Highlights

  • Supports unlimited monetization models and does not set restrictions on content 
  • Creators can customize videos that reflects their own brand
  • Allows to upload up to 10 videos at a time
  • Track audience engagement and retention rates with different analytical tools
  • Gets users notified when a new video is being released
  • Activity dashboard that displays real-time data on how your videos are performing

4. Vimeo – The Platform That Makes Video Creation Easy-peasy

Vimeo is exceptionally good when it comes to managing, uploading, and streaming videos. All thanks to its powerful dashboard and analytical tools that have become every creator’s favorite pick.

And an interesting fact about Vimeo is that it is a direct competitor to YouTube which houses features like privacy controls, customizations, audience interaction tools, security protocols, and social media marketing capabilities that make it an older brother to YouTube.

On the whole, it has over 260 million users sitting on its site.

Their Key Highlights

  • Delivers HQ-quality live streaming without any ads in the middle 
  • The platform supports video hosting in 8K quality mode 
  • Allows sharing videos to multiple social media channels
  • Has varied video review and team collaboration tools
  • Supports integration with third-party tools like email marketing, Final Cut Pro, and other social media integrations
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5. SproutVideo – The Most Powerful On-demand and Live Streaming Platform


SproutVideo is one of the best of its kind in the market and comes as the premium platform for hosting live and on-demand content in 8k streaming quality.

Along with this, their analytics are impressive and none of the other providers could match them. However, their major downfall is the bandwidth capacity which is only 500GB. 

Their Key Highlights

  • Has embed code attribute that can be copied and pasted on any website or social media platform
  • Offers player options like loop and autoplay mode
  • Allows to customize video thumbnails, and set closed captions and subtitles
  • Permits sharing videos from the platform to any social media channels
  • Supports hosting videos in up to 4k quality mode

6. Wistia – A Video Hosting Platform With Built-in Marketing Tools


Are you a budding entrepreneur looking for business-related hosting sites? Then, Wistia is the go-to choice for you with its sole focus on delivering business content across the globe.

It is one of the best hosting platforms as it incorporates several content delivery networks to transmit content all over the world and also allows you to host videos that are larger than the permissible bandwidth. 

Nevertheless, you cannot perform live broadcasting using this platform.

Their Key Highlights

  • Video monetization with detailed analytics tools to track performance and boost revenue
  • Security and privacy is met with sturdy encryption techniques
  • No watermarks are available in the paid package
  • Their basic plan is completely free to use
  • Achieve quantitative results with video CTAs, links, and emails
  • Supports social sharing and easy embedment of videos anywhere

7. Facebook – A Top Video Hosting Site To Stream & Shine


All of you would be familiar with the social media giant, Facebook, for its posting and sharing capabilities. By uploading your contents freely on this recently popularized platform, your videos can get a huge number of views in a relatively short duration due to its enormous crowd.

Plus, gaining from your media content on this platform is very easy, though you need to spend a certain amount for targeted traction. Still this could be the best choice for resellers and video marketers who wish to grasp the attention of the common public.

Their Key Highlights

  • Allows to easily share videos to huge audience
  • Offers free hosting with 90 minutes video length restrictions
  • Both large bandwidths and limitless uploads are a plus in this platform
  • Unlimited storage capacity is available for users
  • Is compatible with multiple video formats
  • Supports integrations to multiple platforms

8. UScreen – Elevate Audience Engagement Levels With Screen’s Hostings


If you are looking for a complete package for monetizing video hosting, Uscreen is the one for you albeit at suitable budgets. Not only does it support high-quality security and online hosting, it also allows you to integrate with third-party sites for better streaming.

This platform is highly recommended for brand-related video creators and marketers who wish to manage the scales of videos together by creating huge video libraries. Apart from these, the eye-catching deal is that Uscreen apps are available for smartphone and smart TVs, thus providing a chance to target a greater audience.

Their key highlights

  • Supports on-demand streaming in addition to live broadcasting
  • Offers numerous ways of monetization through different models
  • Has a large storage space that supports 150+ video hours
  • Round-the-clock user support to resolve platform issues
  • Video SMS and OTT building tools to deliver seamless viewing experience
  • Tools that depict traffic retention with ultimate marketing insight

 9. Brightcove – A Reliable Platform To Captivate Audience Engagements


Bagging numerous awards and prestigious nominations along with housing prominent clientele who belong to Fortune 500 companies, Brightcove is exclusively applicable to enterprise businesses.

Additionally, its professionalism extends beyond live-streaming and OTT platforms for providing high-end solutions together with automation features. You will also experience top-notch performance with secure, high-quality streams.

Let’s dive into its intensive features.

Their key highlights

  • Houses the most secured video monetization models for revenue generation
  • Supports different marketing strategies to make videos hit in the user community
  • Has intensive analytical tools to gain insight on user behavior and video performance
  • Offers high-quality streaming of live and on-demand videos with CDNs
  • Includes ad-based monetization model to draw additional revenue
  • Provides HTML5 support for clear and crisp playback 

10. Vidyard – A Video Hosting Site That Transforms Views To Bucks


Of all the different premium video hosting sites in the market, Vidyard is another well-known brand. Considered to be a prominent high-end hosting solution for businesses, this platform is well-liked by broadcasters for its explicit features. Plus, users have the choice of selecting between free and charged plans.

Additionally, you can also opt or remove certain features and tools that can ultimately impact your monthly fee. Though it is expensive, you can see that it is worth trying from the following features.

Their key highlights

  • Has a user-friendly interface with no ads and fast loading times
  • Gives user permission and access controls in the Enterprise Video Platform
  • Helps to build a white-labeled solution with ease
  • Offers detailed analytics for market-based contents and improve performance
  • Supports integration to third-party tools and platforms
  • Gives the flexibility to brand platform that reflects creator’s identity.

11. Spotlightr – The Budding Platform Elevating Video Experiences Greatly


Recently rebranded from its former vooPlayer, Spotlightr is most suitable for coaches, teachers and other businesses that has immense marketing tools as well as integrations.

Specifically designed for small-scale business for content embedding and automation, this video hosting platform offers additional benefits ranging from security to customization.

Their key highlights

  • Supports top-quality video hosting in up to 4k quality
  • Renders extensive analytics with heatmap to track user behavior
  • Allows customizing CTAs as per creator’s wishes
  • Gives viewers a completely ad-free viewing experience
  • Offers exquisite features like video embed and branded video player
  • Comes compatible with multiple video formats.

What To Consider When Choosing a Video Hosting Platform

As there are multiple video hosting services in the market, most of which almost render the same type of features, choosing the best one can be a critical decision. Hence, you need to find the one that best suits your budget and business requirements.

Therefore, to help you in this journey, below are some of the features to consider while opting for the service:

1. Quality of Video

It is required that when you choose the video hosting service, your vision should be on the quality parameter of the platform and whether it offers a playback option too. Additionally, if the solution offers adaptive bitrate then just give it a go. As it helps to deliver smooth and buffer-free video plays.

2. Video Monetization

Of the different factors in the list, video monetization comes as the prime attribute as it lets content creators and brands build an income by adding different revenue-generation subscriptions. So, always go green with a hosting platform that offers multiple monetization models like Bulk Purchase, TVOD, SVOD, & Donations.

3. Analytical Feature

One of the best capabilities of a video hosting service is the availability of an analytical dashboard that allows creators and businesses to note down where their videos went wrong, what improvements can be made, how many likes received, and more. 

Having said this, keeping information related to such attributes can help boost audience engagement and marketing strategies.

4. Storage Capacities

Always make sure to use a video streaming solution that does not charge you extra on the amount of bandwidth or storage you use and is in line with the budget you have set. Plus, what comes as a surprise is that some of the live streaming and hosting platforms offer unlimited storage and bandwidth.

5. Transparent Pricing

This is the prime factor to consider when choosing a video hosting service, as some may bill hidden charges or fees. Hence, go for the one that best fits your budget. 

There you go with the best criteria to choose a service. And it’s high time that we see why you should use an online video platform.

Why do you need a Professional Video Hosting Platform?

Let us just imagine that you have built a website for hosting videos and have a super speedy server for reducing the loading time when content is searched. Do you think that your server can capacitate any number of videos?

Well, a single video streaming at 1080p for one hour would eat up 1.5GB of server space. Adding more than one video can end up cluttering your server. Therefore, the only solution is to use a video hosting site.

Other benefits of using a video hosting platform include:

  • Helps maintain a video catalog for later data retrieval
  • Allows viewers to access videos outside your website or channel
  • Lets you host your content across different social media channels at the same time
  • Eases your pain of technical complications
  • Enables audiences to view content in 4k streaming quality

And there are more. So what do you say? Is this the better option? If you feel it is a yes, explore the next section below where we will see the different providers for hosting videos online.


To wrap up our discussion, several best video hosting platforms in the market may help desiring content creators and businesses alike to earn money from their videos. 

However, the challenge lies in choosing the right provider, and the ones on our list are all well-heard of concerning unlimited storage, live streaming capabilities, and embed code attributes.

But, if you are in search of a single online video platform that does everything – from hosting, distributing, managing, and uploading to streaming with ease, GUDSHO can be your video partner. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a video hosting platform?

A video hosting platform is a site where users can host, manage, distribute, and stream videos online with ease. Some of the video hosting platforms offer monetization options for video creators to draw revenue. The popular video hosting platforms include GUDSHO, Wistia, VPlayed, Vidyward, and Brightcove.

2. Why should you use private video hosting?

The major benefit of using a private video hosting site is to secure your videos and authorize who can access and share them. This way, you can prevent malicious attacks and data theft on your videos. 

3. How do you choose the best video hosting solution provider?

Choosing the right video hosting solution varies with respect to business and creator’s needs. However, check whether factors like content management system, pricing, interaction capabilities, video transcoding and encoding features, intuitive dashboard, and high-end security parameters match with your requirements.  

4. What’s the difference between free and paid video hosting?

Though free video hosting sites don’t charge a penny, they do not support integrations or customizations or have analytics to track user behavior. Plus, they include ads. 

Whereas, paid hosting overcomes all the demerits of free hosting sites and provides different customization options, CMS, an in-built marketing toolkit, and a lot more features to creators.

5. Is it possible to manage all my videos on a hosting platform?

Yes, with online video platforms like GUDSHO, hosting and managing your content is very easy. Because, the platform offers a powerful content management system that lets you create video catalogs and club videos under it for your audience to view in their comfort. 

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