11 Best Enterprise Video Hosting Platforms For Businesses [Free + Paid]

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Did you know that as per Wyzowl’s survey of 2024, 96% of marketers prefer to use video content as part of their campaigning strategy? Well yes! Such is the real potential of videos. Therefore, no matter what your niche is, move up the ladder of business growth and revenue by hosting videos using the right video hosting platform.

So, how will you check whether the platform you opt for hosting is the right one? For it, decide on its reliability. Because a reliable hosting service never lets your videos underperform and comes to audiences with better streaming quality and minimal or no buffers.

That’s why businesses making sales demos or how-to articles usually prefer to go ahead with a hosting service. So what it is, how to choose the best of the top lot, and answer a lot more questions will be discussed in the blog below.

Find a small overview of our list of Video Hosting Platforms and scroll down to discover how to sign up with a dynamic platform and solidify your position as a leader in your industry!

PlatformBest forFree Trial Pricing
GUDSHOVideo-driven brands to host, manage, Market & Monetize14 days$15/month
DailymotionNews and entertainment streaming30 days $18 /1,000 & $57/1hr
VimeoBusinesses to host videos7 days $20/month
SproutvideoBusiness and Marketing30 days$10/Month
WistiaMarketing and Branding10 videos/200GB bandwidth$24/month
FacebookCommunity EngagementN/AN/A
UscreenVideo Membership 14 days$199/month 
BrightcoveEnterprise Video Hosting30 days$199/month
VidyardSales and Marketing video hosting14 days$19
SpotlightrVideo Hosting14 days$7

11 Best Video Hosting Platforms In 2024

Now that you can kickstart the video hosting journey, let’s help you figure out how to choose a platform based on your preferences and the features they deliver. There are various video hosting platforms available in the market, choosing the right one may look tricky but with the proper guidance, you can do it effortlessly.

Here are some of the best Video Hosting Platforms that can help Enterprises to improve Branding & Monetization: GUDSHO, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Sproutvideo, Wistia, Facebook, UScreen, Brightcove, Vidyard, Spotlightr, and more.


The #1 Video Hosting Platform for Enterprises

GUDSHO Video Hosting Platform

If you’re a passionate creator eager to showcase your artistry to the world and achieve guaranteed success, then Gudsho is the platform for you. With GUDSHO, you can effortlessly host videos and deliver them to your audience on your terms.

If you aim to achieve your business goals through video content, having a reliable platform is essential. Why follow the traditional route and risk losing money while social media platforms profit from your content and creativity?

Why settle for contracts and commission-based earnings when you can take full control of your channel and monetize every piece of content without the need for commissions or contracts?

Let’s explore what sets GUDSHO apart from other enterprise video hosting platforms!

Key Highlights of GUDSHO

  • Host videos in various playing formats like MP4, MPEG, FLV, AVI, etc.  
  • Upload, organize, and stream videos with the built-in video CMS solution.
  • 4K HD ultra-streaming, supported by CDN, with low latency and adaptive bit rate.
  • Multi DRM encryption and license to protect your video streaming from fraudulence.
  • AES 128-bit cryptographic key security to prevent unauthorized access. 
  • Monetize your premium videos with options like  SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand),  AVOD (Advertising-based video on demand ), TVOD  (Transactional Video on Demand), Pay, pay-per-view,  and donations.
  • Multiply viewer rate and maximize conversion with an engaging 360° video marketing toolkit and potentially earn 10x more.
  • Monitor the channel analytics and analyze video performance with a real-time dashboard.
  • Safeguard your ideas with built-in copy protection that restricts screen recording.
Looking for A Secure platform to Host your Videos?

2. Dailymotion

An Online Video Hosting Site That Houses Multiple Channels


If you are planning to host videos on an official channel that gives you the ability to extend your brand presence, then you can go for Dailymotion. It’s a global video streaming service that provides personalized content from news and entertainment.

It is considered more as a digital space, where any brand, media, public personality, or organization can upload their video content easily. You can get paid for the length of the time each viewer spends on your video. 

Key Highlights of Dailymotion

  • Stores, broadcasts, and shares professional videos and flawlessly distributes them on the web, native mobile, and connected TVs with Chromecast and AirPlay support.
  • You can publish, broadcast, Retail/E-commerce sales videos and can also create your OTT platform with the brand-centric white-label video player.
  • Customize your videos opt to turn on or off the ads, and tailor the player based on your preferences. 
  • Integrate the Dailymotion player into your existing system and perform API training, prepare metadata, encode your video asset library, and conduct quality assurance reviews to ensure a smooth and successful migration.
  • Offers a comprehensive range of services like functional dive, API & SDK overview, and best practice integration. 
  • Insightful data dashboard to track real-time activity over the last 60 minutes and last 24 hours to access user engagement.

3. Vimeo

The Platform That Makes Video Creation Easy-peasy

Vimeo offers a simplified video management solution, by allowing you to make, manage and share brilliant videos.

It is also a secure, centralized, and AI-powered video hub that fastens the video-making and distribution process. Before you decide on going ahead with Vimeo, take a look at the listed features.

Key Highlights Vimeo

  • Perform various tasks with videos, including recording, uploading, cutting, cropping, trimming, and creating GIFs.
  • Struggling with content creation? Our AI-powered script generator and editing tool seamlessly handle the process. It even identifies and smooths out awkward pauses like “ums” for flawless playback.
  • Engage viewers and drive action by adding interactive elements such as polls and CTAs to enhance brand recognition.
  • Simplify video reviews with time-coded notes and frame-by-frame navigation for precise feedback.
  • Enjoy Vimeo’s ad-free player, allowing easy embedding on your website, seamless publication to social media, and control over viewer access permissions.
  • Stream live events in high definition and deliver a captivating viewing experience for your audience.
  • Take control of your own OTT platform and monetize your content to grow your subscribers.
Are you ready to Host & Monetize your Videos with 100+ Features?

4. SproutVideo

The Most Powerful On-demand and Live Streaming Platform


Sproutvideo is a user-friendly and secure video hosting platform tailored for businesses. Whether facilitating safer internal communication or live streaming a product launch, Sproutvideo offers all the essential hosting features necessary for businesses.

Before making a decision, explore their pricing plans. But first, let’s delve into the feature highlights to determine if Sproutvideo meets your requirements.

Key Highlights of SproutVideo

  • Enjoy VOD and live streaming in up to 8K ultra HD video quality, supported by adaptive bitrate streaming and a global CDN 
  • Protect your content with password protection, login credentials, and Single Sign-On, all reinforced by dynamic watermarks.
  • Evaluate video performance by tracking, measuring, and analyzing viewer engagement and overall video performance.
  • Launch and customize your video website with CSS and JavaScript, enhancing it with exotic-themed editing tools to attract more viewers.
  • Run campaigns and drive more traffic with integrated marketing tools, including call-to-action features.
  • Ensure secure video delivery with AES 128 encryption, supported by responsive inline embed codes for seamless integration.
  • Host ad-free video content using a custom player, maintaining a seamless viewing experience for your audience.

5. Wistia

A Video Hosting Platform With Built-in Marketing Tools


Wistia is an exclusive video marketing platform designed to create, host, market, and analyze video content effortlessly. With Wistia, you can access exclusive tools tailored to your needs.

Key Highlights of Wistia

  • Record, edit, and collaborate on videos with your team, streamlining the feedback and editing process in one convenient location.
  • Once your video is ready, manage it efficiently with features such as video hosting, a comprehensive video library, an ad-free player with fast playback, and lightweight SEO-friendly embedding options.
  • Engage your audience with live streaming and webinar hosting capabilities, facilitate lead generation, and create friendly and engaging content to drive your marketing efforts.
  •  Analyze video performance and manage viewer engagement with real-time data, video heatmaps, A/B testing, and strategic insights to optimize your marketing campaigns.
  • Seamlessly integrate Wistia with other marketing platforms such as HubSpot, Adobe Marketo Engage, or Pardot to boost lead generation scores and automate your marketing workflow effectively.

6. Facebook

A Top Video Hosting Site To Stream & Shine


Facebook is a social networking site that allows users to easily connect and share with friends and family, by letting them share photos, videos, posts, video reels, and images with one another.

Facebook also provides a user-friendly platform that supports support group pages, fan pages, and business pages to share information, news, ads, and real-life stories to engage more with the viewers.

In this digital era, people are more into  showcasing their private and social lives online to let their circle of acquaintances like and comment on their online presence and who doesn’t like to show off isn’t it?

Key Highlights of Facebook

  • Host unlimited videos and events, including live streaming, without any restrictions.
  •  Keep viewers engaged with real-time status updates and easy sharing of posts.
  • Communicate securely with an in-built messenger feature for seamless interaction.
  • Post classified video ads within specific categories such as real estate or job listings.
  • Access a photo and video library directly from your user account for easy management of media assets.
  • Utilize paid marketing campaigns, including Pay-per-click on Facebook, to generate leads and expand your business revenue by targeting potential customers.
  • Advertise your business products or services effectively with meta-ads and maximize consumer engagement with a comprehensive business resource hub, catering to businesses of all sizes.
Are you ready to Host & Monetize your Videos with 100+ Features?

7. Uscreen

Elevate Audience Engagement Levels With Screen’s Hosting


Uscreen is a video membership platform, that seamlessly unites content and business. If you are looking for ways to take control of your business goals, brands, and your customers you can do it by hosting your business-related videos in your terms on Uscreen.

It also offers dynamic features like a Netflix-style video library, a safe community space to personally connect with your customers, and direct live streams,  for all your white-labeled apps and website.

Key highlights of Uscreen

  • Build your own mobile and TV apps without the need for coding skills, all within just 30 days.
  • Utilize multi-bitrate adaptive technology to stream directly to your membership across any web or device, including OTT platforms, in full HD.
  • Offer a Netflix-inspired catalog and engage users with a YouTube-inspired experience, ensuring a flawless video viewing experience.
  • Integrate community spaces with your video content to foster interaction and engagement among users.
  • Seamlessly integrate with your favorite tools, access an analytical dashboard for informed decision-making, create landing pages and websites, offer SVOD plans, and utilize automated marketing tools for lead generation, nurturing, and reducing churn.
  • Receive customizable guidance from support experts who will assist you throughout the entire process, from inception to execution.

 8. Brightcove

A Reliable Platform To Captivate Audience Engagements


Brightcove is a streaming technology company, that has won an Emmy award for its engineered streaming technology. Seeking the right solution to build followers, drive brand recognition, create a pipeline, grow revenue, and collaborate with your employees, close your eyes and say yes to Brightcove.

Key highlights of Brightcove

  • Edit videos, add interactivity, modify metadata, and seamlessly integrate with your CMS, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Marketing Automation Platform (MAP), and social platforms for instant video publishing.
  • Track Quality of Experience (QoE) and interactivity analytics to keep audiences engaged. Sync your data with your MAP, CRM, and other marketing and analytics tools for effortless implementation and actionable insights.
  • Leverage live streams by easily converting them into Video on Demand content.
  • Integrate seamlessly across APIs and  SDKs to tailor Brightcove to fit perfectly with your tech stack.
  • Conduct glitch-free live events quickly and easily, ensuring a smooth viewing experience for your audience.
  • Support both live and on-demand ad monetization through strategic integrations. Combine video player and ad data to generate revenue effectively.

9. Vidyard

A Video Hosting Site That Transforms Views To Bucks


Vidyard is an AI-powered video messaging, video hosting, and buyer engagement solution. It empowers users with tools for video marketing, sales enablement, and customer engagement, leveraging AI to enhance various aspects of the business process.

Key highlights of Vidyard

  • Reach maximum customers by sending personalized video messages tailored to their needs and preferences.
  • Utilize personalized digital video rooms to facilitate discussions among sellers, stakeholders, and decision-makers, leading to successful business outcomes.
  • Host and manage all your business-related videos in one centralized location. 
  • Track the success of these videos using powerful analytics and seamlessly integrate them with your marketing efforts.
  • Embrace the power of AI to automate outbound marketing efforts, from crafting personalized emails to executing outreach programs, effectively multiplying lead generation efforts.
  • Has a user-friendly interface with no ads and fast loading times
  • Gives user permission and access controls in the Enterprise Video Platform
  • Helps to build a white-labeled solution with ease
  • Offers detailed analytics for market-based content and improves performance
  • Supports integration to third-party tools and platforms
  • Gives the flexibility to a brand platform that reflects the creator’s identity.

10. Spotlightr

The Budding Platform Elevating Video Experiences Greatly


Spotlightr is an affordable video hosting platform specially designed for online courses to be delivered on WordPress, Kajabi, Thinkific, and much more. The main idea behind Spotlightr is to encrypt your videos against download by using your branding and increase student enrollment.

Key highlights of Spotlightr

  • Enjoy auto-optimized resolutions and 4K support on fast servers for high-quality video streaming.
  • Utilize progress analytics and marketing tools such as email gating, email integration, and pay-per-view options to enhance user engagement and monetization strategies.
  • Protect your content by restricting downloads with advanced HLS encryption, ensuring the security of your videos.
  • Prevent piracy and unauthorized sharing by adding IP watermarks to your videos, enhancing content security.
  • Track student progress effectively with features like quiz results, video completion tracking, and cohort tracking, providing valuable insights for educational purposes.
  • Choose from 20+ video layouts to customize your content and get started quickly, catering to various presentation needs.

Why do you need a Professional Video Hosting Platform?

Let us just imagine that you have built a website for hosting videos and have a super speedy server for reducing the loading time when content is searched. Do you think that your server can capacitate any number of videos?

Well, a single video streaming at 1080p for one hour would eat up 1.5GB of server space. Adding more than one video can end up cluttering your server. Therefore, the only solution is to use a video hosting site.

Other benefits of using a video hosting platform include:

  • Helps maintain a video catalog for later data retrieval
  • Allows viewers to access videos outside your website or channel
  • Lets you host your content across different social media channels at the same time
  • Eases your pain of technical complications
  • Enables audiences to view content in 4k streaming quality

And there are more. So what do you say? Is this the better option? If you feel it is a yes, explore the next section below where we will see the different providers for hosting videos online.


To wrap up our discussion, several best video hosting platforms in the market may help desiring content creators and businesses alike to earn money from their videos. 

However, the challenge lies in choosing the right provider, and the ones on our list are all well-heard of concerning unlimited storage, live streaming capabilities, and embedded code attributes.

But, if you are in search of a single online video platform that does everything – from hosting, distributing, managing, and uploading to streaming with ease, GUDSHO can be your video partner. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a video hosting platform?

A video hosting platform is a site where users can host, manage, distribute, and stream videos online with ease. Some of the video hosting platforms offer monetization options for video creators to draw revenue. The popular video hosting platforms include GUDSHO, Wistia, VPlayed, Vidyward, and Brightcove.

2. Why should you use private video hosting?

The major benefit of using a private video hosting site is to secure your videos and authorize who can access and share them. This way, you can prevent malicious attacks and data theft on your videos. 

3. How do you choose the best video hosting solution provider?

Choosing the right video hosting solution varies with respect to business and creator’s needs. However, check whether factors like content management system, pricing, interaction capabilities, video transcoding and encoding features, intuitive dashboard, and high-end security parameters match with your requirements.  

4. What’s the difference between free and paid video hosting?

Though free video hosting sites don’t charge a penny, they do not support integrations or customizations or have analytics to track user behavior. Plus, they include ads. 

Whereas, paid hosting overcomes all the demerits of free hosting sites and provides different customization options, CMS, an in-built marketing toolkit, and a lot more features to creators.

5. Is it possible to manage all my videos on a hosting platform?

Yes, with online video platforms like GUDSHO, hosting and managing your content is very easy. Because, the platform offers a powerful content management system that lets you create video catalogs and club videos under it for your audience to view in their comfort. 

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