How Indonesia’s #1 TV Network Migrated to OTT with 100K+ App Downloads

Published On March 21st, 2024 1192Success Stories
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The streaming services and OTTs market has experienced significant growth in recent years. With the increasing availability of high-speed internet and the proliferation of smart devices, more viewers opt for the convenience of streaming their favorite content. This growing viewership presents a lucrative opportunity for brands to tap into a rapidly expanding market.

Furthermore, it enables media houses to directly engage with audiences, build brand loyalty, and gather valuable insights about viewership. By owning such, brands can explore innovative monetization models such as subscription plans or targeted advertising.

With a deep understanding of the Indonesian market and its wide reach, our client contacted us to build an Entertainment OTT and deliver a delightful streaming experience that resonates with their target audience. That’s how the journey began. Let’s look further!

Before Stepping Into The OTT Space

Almost a decade back, an Indonesian free-to-air television network was introduced, taking over the terrestrial television spot previously held by another large corp. With a primary emphasis on family and young viewers, they offered a diverse range of shows to cater to their entertainment needs.

Whether Indonesian audiences were seeking quality content for the whole family or riveting shows for the younger audience, they continued to deliver entertaining and engaging things throughout these years.

Driven by the surge in demand for convenient entertainment, they decided to launch an OTT platform and collaborated with VPlayed. With a focus on reaching new audiences, captivating youngsters, and building a lasting legacy, our client wanted to redefine the streaming experience. 

Building One Of Indonesia’s Top OTT

Leveraging our expertise, the team at VPlayed crafted a feature-rich platform that streamed HD content to audiences without interruptions or issues. Incorporating state-of-the-art technology, VPlayed ensured the platform’s intuitive interface allowed users to navigate effortlessly, discover new content, and personalize their preferences – with ease.

Watch Anywhere, Anytime:

Integrated multi-device viewing for allowing viewers to access content across the web, mobile apps, tablets, and Android TV. VPlayed provided a flexible streaming experience!

Revenue Model:

Implemented AVOD (Advertising Video On Demand) revenue model for their content to reach a highly engaged audience, thereby maximizing monetization potential.

AES Encryption:

Prioritized security for the OTT by incorporating AES, which ensures all content transmitted through the app is securely protected from unauthorized access or piracy attempts. 

Google Analytics V4 And DM Analytics:

Enabled for enhanced user understanding, improved UX, and assisting them to make data-driven decisions based on preferences and engagement patterns.

Dailymotion VAST Tag Ads:

Imagine you’re watching a video online, and suddenly, an ad appears. VPlayed installed an intuitive system to manage/run these ads as our client opted for AVOD Revenue Model.

Admin Panel Customization:

Provided with extensive admin panel customization options for their team to toggle around the backend system to their specific needs for efficient operations

Other Notable Add-Ons:

Apart from the ones above, we embedded these features for growth: Android TV Sign-In using OTP, JW Player Integration, Design Change in Sign Up and Explore web pages.

Business Impact And Beyond

With VPlayed’s significant customizations and stellar inclusions, our patron revolutionized the streaming industry (after launch) in Indonesia and beyond by enthralling audiences on multiple channels and enticing audiences across diverse streaming options!

4* App Rating 
In Google Playstore
3 Times
Increase In Viewers
Reached Nationally

The ever-evolving entertainment landscape demands innovative strategies to attract a digital audience. In this realm, understanding and utilizing the power of OTT platforms will propel their reach even more. Forging an alliance with VPlayed enabled our client to deliver captivating and compelling content to keep their subscribers entertained, engaged, and always!

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